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June 11, 2012

Steven asks…

Taylor lofts apartments chicago, does clear internet service work? How well if yes?

Administrator answers:

You are going to have to ask someone who lives there to get a valid answer to your question

Richard asks…

Where is a good place to find a loft or apartment in or near Chicago?

Preferably in or south of Chicago. SE is ok too.

Administrator answers:

Check online there’s a lot of stuff there. Websites such as or are great for finding things for sale. is great for finding apartments.
But the best site online is probably google, go to google maps and hover over “more” and check the bottom one, here you can see where on the map homes for sale or rent are and you can specify how many beds or baths or the price.

But the best way is to look in the tribune and sun-times, and to drive around neighborhoods that you like and write down numbers on for rent or for sale signs

Charles asks…

Looking to Rent a live-in loft apartment (Long term) in Chicago. Who can you suggest?

North Side, Wrigleyville area, Ravenswood, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square area.

Administrator answers:

Go to and look at the housing ads for what is available and you can also post an ad for free as to what you are looking for and what areas you are looking for. Best Wishes.

Ruth asks…

Where is the best place to advertise a condo/loft for rent in the South Loop, Chicago?

I’m looking to rent my 2BD/2BA loft in the South Loop, Chicago, and want advice on the best places to advertise. Of course, I’m using Craig’s list, but I’m wondering what has performed well for landlords in this area in the past (i.e. the Tribune, Suntimes,, etc.?)

Administrator answers:

I’d put in in the Trib as well as the Daily Herald (Burbs paper).

The MLSNI (Multiple Listing Service of Northern Illinois) also has a rental search. That said, if you know a Realtor, ask if he/she can put it in there. They could more than likely do that for a very minimal fee.

Good Luck!

Laura asks…

Where can i live with a maximum rent of $1300 a month in Chicago?

I’m looking to move to Chicago from northern California. I’m a Java Developer computer techie so money probably will not be an issue. I want a one or two bedroom loft/apartment/condo in a safe and nice neighborhood. I prefer living in a high rise building. Is this possible to do?

Administrator answers:

Check you’ll see exactly what you can get, you can filter it by codo or high rise or whatever you want

Daniel asks…

I’m Looking for a New Apartment/Condo in Chicago?

Well, it’s not really for me, but for my grandparent. Let me give you as much detail as necessary.
1. My grandparent is a senior
-Although my grandparent is not “old, old” my grandparent is in his/her mid seventies. He/she has no disabilities, and can move around quite well on his/her own. Small staircases are not an issue. And senior discounts etc. would be appreciated.
2. My grandparent wants to rent
-My grandparent would like to rent/lease an apartment/loft for no more than $1500 monthly. My grandparent does not have a large cash income and is receiving a pension every month.
3. My grandparent would like at least 1+ bed, 1+bath
-My grandparent would like if the bedroom was separated by walls from the rest of the loft/apartment, so he/she could add another bed if necessary to accommodate another person.
4. The apartment/loft does not have to be huge
-My grandparent will take whatever he/she can get for less than $1500 a month, however it has to be able to accommodate two people, no more.
5. My grandparent would like hardwood flooring
-It is not a must-have. But it would be nice since my grandparent enjoys painting and doing other art’s and craft hobbies. Hardwood floors are easier to clean than carpet, less expensive, and would not look as bad.
6. The apartment/loft should accommodate cats
-My grandparent loves cats and does not have the space to accommodate cats in his/her apartment at the moment, however he/she would like to adopt a cat when he/she moves.
7. The apartment/loft does not have to be in Chicago‘s heart
-The loft/apartment does not have to be in the heart of the city. The lakefront is obviously too expensive, however it does not have to be located in a very scenic area. However he/she does like walking, and a decently decorated or scenic place would be nice. Somewhere where there is sidewalk, or a park pathway.
8. The neighborhood must be nice
-My grandparent is (obviously) older. It would not be good if he/she was living and a poor neighborhood/area.
9. Location to Food & Necessity Stores
-My grandparent would like to be located somewhere where there is at least a grocery store just a few miles (10 or less) away driving. Any added bonuses i.e; pet stores, restaurants, parks & recreation, and convenience stores would be an added bonus.
Thank You! If need be and it is too hard to locate all of these necessities in one place (which it most likely will be) please tend to these first.
#2. Cost.
Reason: The Price Range: Less than $1500 A Month
My grandparent only wants to RENT/LEASE.
#5 Hardwood Flooring
Reasons: Possible pets, painting creates messes
#8 Nice Neighborhood
Please no “ghettos” or high crime rate areas. My grandparent is older, and would not be able to defend his/her self if the time came up. He/she would like to stay downtown-ish.
#3 Must have at least 1 bed and 1 bath
Two bed one bath would be nice, but no more than two bed, and the rooms must be separated, not one continuous space where the bedroom meshes with the kitchen/living area.
#4 Not Too Big, Not Too Small
Please no overly huge apartments/lofts. On the other side of the coin it must accommodate at two people maximum, even if it means having two twin sized beds in one bedroom. It can be arranged, but it must accommodate two people maximum in-case he/she has company.

*Please do not answer if you don’t live or are familiar with Downtown Chicago*
Thank You For Your Help!

Administrator answers:

Here is a list of 1,000+ one bedroom rentals under $1500 per month in Chicago, using Cazoodle Apartment Search

Robert asks…

I’m a 24 year old single college graduate moving to Chicago. Any apartment suggestions?

I’m looking for a nice 1 bedroom studio/apartment/loft near public transportation and within walking distance to bars, restaurants, anything exciting. I’m hoping to find more of a young singles atmosphere that could be close to a college, but must be a safe place to live. Any suggestions??? Thanks so much for the help!

Administrator answers:

Check here:

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