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November 1, 2012

Maria asks…

Can I rent a small 1 bed vacation home in Virginia Beach or Delaware area w/ ocean view x less than $99?

Can I find to rent a small vacation home,studio,loft,apartment or condo with ocean view,1 bed,1 bath,kitchen etc in Virginia Beach or Delaware area for less than $99 per day for 3 days in june to spend the weekend with my husband and two babies?
Where and how can I find a place like that?

Administrator answers:

No I think that it will cost u more than that sorry. Good luck!

Donald asks…

Any hidden Apartments/Lofts for lease in Pasadena, CA?

Are there any apartments or residential spaces for rent above the storefronts in Pasadena? There are dozens of buildings up and down Colorado, but most of the lease signs say “office space.” Am I missing something?

Administrator answers:

Sure. Check craigslist

Mark asks…

Are there any industrial style lofts available to rent/lease in Oklahoma City?

I recently moved to Oklahoma City, and I am looking for an industrial style loft in the area to rent or lease. I want something that I can put SOME work into so that I can make it unique to my style. I’m not looking for anything luxurious. I am familiar with the area and I’m very flexible, as far as location goes. The only one I have checked out is the Garage Loft Apartments. Please let me know if you know of a good way to find lofts OR know of any good places to check out in the area. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

There is a problem with you plan. While there may be available space to make into a loft apartment, there is a liability issue of allowing you to put work into making it suitable for your needs. You are either going to have to be vigilant about checking out the local newspaper to see new possibilities or get bonded to allow you work on other peoples commercial property.

Susan asks…

Santa Monica Real estate?

What are some places around Santa Monica and L.A. that aren’t rich neighborhoods. Kind of like a Ghetto type. A place where one could buy or rent apartments or lofts. I am looking for a kinda crummy place. Dirty neighborhood. Might not be all that safe for women at night if they are alone.
Its for a screen play I am trying to write. I know I would need to get there permission to be in that town so no need for the legal stuff to come up in the answers!
I am just looking for a neighborhood close to anta Monica or L.A. that doesn’t have the best reputation. Please help if you can.

Administrator answers:

Long Beach and the actual City of Los Angeles.

Daniel asks…

Should I convert my loft into a nursery?

My wife and I are expecting our first child. We currently live in a 1 Bedroom w/ loft apartment. I was looking for opinions (accompanied WITH reason) on whether we should move into a 2 bedroom or just stay put and save the 300 dollars a month in rent towards the baby. My main concerns are: will it stay warm enough there for the baby? and how much of a hassle it will be walking up and down the steps every time the baby needs feeding, etc.

Administrator answers:

If you’re worried about the temperature you can always put a space heater or something in there. Walking up and down for feedings could get a little bit obnoxious, but what you really need to ask yourself is if that’s worth $300 to you to avoid. You could keep your baby in your room with you, that would cut out travel for nighttime feedings, a lot of people find it easier for the first couple of months anyways to just keep the baby nearby. When the baby isn’t waking as often in the night then you could move him/her to the loft. Sounds reasonable to me, and it will save you quite a bit of money every month.

Joseph asks…

affordable loft in cincinnati?


I am looking for lofts or apartments like those in Lytle Tower to rent in Cincinnati downtown or close to uni of cincinnati. My price range is upto $700. Can you recommend any?

Administrator answers:

Well, I can not find any loft near University of Cincinnati. But I did find a couple of lofts around downtown Cincinnati.

East 8 Lofts: on 8th Street between Broadway and Sycamore Streets
Well, rental is not published yet. I just know the daily rate is about 75 dollars. These lofts are available for flexible terms, and surely you can get discounted rates if you rent for long term.
Call them for detailed info: 513.621.5638
*Pet-friendly lofts are available as well, but you may need to pay a certain amount of fee.

You can find many other options on the following page. It just lists out various lofts you can find in the city. But no detailed info. You also need to do researches by yourself.


And, I read this page and thought it can be helpful for you to find lofts in downtown Cincinnati. Check it for some useful tips.


Actually, I recommend you to consider apartments. It seems that apartments are much cheaper than lofts in downtown Cincinnati. I knew Garfield Towers apartments and City West apartments; they’re also located in downtown area.

Garfield Towers’ studio is available at $565, and one bed room is around 630-700 USD. Phone number: 1-866-507-9441

The later is about 700 dollars per month (two beds). Their one bed studio is only $600. Call 1-866-5-7-8191 for details.

David asks…

Looking to move to Vancouver BC… HELP!?

Me (Blair) and a close friend (Christian) are looking to move to Vancouver (or surrounding suburbs) to live there since hes going to the notorious film school VFS, and were looking for apartments for rent within a reasonable price range, but for long term living. we plan on staying in Vancouver for a long time whether living together or not, but for now, we have no idea of a good community, street, or anywhere to live! and we dont wanna end up in a bad neighborhood by accident. so if anyone knows of or lives in a nice community with reasonably priced lofts or apartments, could you suggest them in the comments and maybe even throw us a link where we could see what these places look like online!! thank you greatly for your time and effort :)

Administrator answers:

Contact VFS and ask for assistance in finding housing. They likely have a list of apartments that are rented to students. Vancouver is a pretty safe place to live. So are the surrounding communities – Burnaby, Richmond,Delta, White Rock, North and West Vancouver, Surrey, New Westminsters, Port Moody, Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam

Nancy asks…

Vanderbilt, HELP i cant afford to live!?

Moving to nashville for college at vanderbilt with my husband for med school, I am the only one who works as a dental assistant. I am needing a job there and also we need a loft, apartment, or studio to rent cheap… any ideas or know of a place please help….

Administrator answers:

Try and go to nashville. It’s a GREAT resource for house hunting and everything else.

Richard asks…

What is the difference between a townhome, condo, duplex, apartment, and a loft?

Me and my boyfriend are looking for places to rent out and we were wondering if someone could tell us the difference between a townhome, a condo, a duplex, an apartment, and a loft?

Administrator answers:

Townhome- Usually it is 2 or more “homes” connected to each other. They can either be rented or you can own one.
Condo- Same thing as an apartment, but you own it instead of renting it.
Duplex- It is pretty much a house divided into 2 living quarters. Usually you share a car port/garage, and you share a yard. They are rented most of the time.
Apartment- I think you know what this is. Lol.
Loft- To my knowledge is when they convert a building into a living space.

Edit: Well many living spaces, like an apartment building.

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