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July 22, 2013

Sandy asks…

Are there any 1 bedroom apartment/condos/lofts in l.a for rent under $900?

i will be moving to l.a soon. and i want to get an apartment cheap as possible. so if there’s anything to rent for under $900 please tell me. i don’t mind the location, as long as its not in the valley or in Compton.

Administrator answers:

I helped get a $880 studio in Camarillo.

Maria asks…

Dwarf hamster is a little slow in handing over the rent?

I have provided a wonderful living situation for 14 dwarf hamsters in my loft apartment building similar to this:
All the other hamsters are perfectly fine with handing over the rent, but herve has become a little slow lately. His payments started coming later, and later, and now he hasn’t been sending any at all. Should i cut off his water supply or food supply? or should i just evict him? i need advise. I really have respect for herve because his mother took me in when i was alone, but buisness is buisness. I have no idea what to do and i am turning to you guyz for help. Herve is a well known gang member and has been convicted for numerous murders, and rapes, including the one of 1 year old fluffykins. What do i do?

Administrator answers:

Show him who is boss…

Jenny asks…

Where’s the best place to live in San Antonio?

My boyfriend and I are young, urban professionals looking to move to San Antonio in early 2011. We’re looking to spend about $700-$1000 on rent for either a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, loft, or condo. I’d like to find a safe area with a heartbeat, preferably close to where we can have some fun!

Any suggestions? What are the places to avoid?

Administrator answers:

Avoid the southside. The area immediately north of downtown is good and close to a lot of things and, while further out, anything north of loop 410, east of highway 151 and west of IH-35 would be in a pretty good area and you ought to be able to find something in your price range in those areas.

Try an apartment locator. It is a free service to you and they can help you hone in on some specifics.

Nancy asks…

I have a very poor credit rating. How do I change this?

I am 37 years old, African-American, gainfully employed in D.C., have lived, worked and studied abroad. I have a Bachelor’s in French. I also have 60,000 dollars worth of student loans to pay back, a bad credit card history (years of just being irresponsible, but that’s now over) I would say that I have about 4000 dollars to pay back credit card wise. I have now returned to the United States after having lived in Paris for 4 years and know now that CREDIT DOES MATTER. My goals are to own a loft apartment within the next 4 to 5 years.
I have already sent away for my free credit report. I have 500.00 in savings and pay 1000.00 dollars in rent. My paycheck after taxes gives me 1,034.00 every two weeks. How do I change my situation to achieve my goal? Are there any programs for first home buyers that I could take advantage of? I’m fabulous and broke. I am going to change this. I’m too smart to be financially inept. I need help, please. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Well there are a few means to do this. You can get a fake social security number and….(oh yeah thats illegal). Basically you have to start today by saying that you will pay bills on time. Then you take any extra money you can salvage and pay off the negative debts that you owe. You can do this by negotiating a settlement and making the terms being that their entry will be erased from your credit once you satisfy that debt. Start with the smaller ones and work your way to the larger ones. To obtain positive credit look into getting a secured loan or something like that. I too am an African American and I have just purchased my first home with hard work and changing my mindset. Email me for some more info as i can’t type everything in here. I just got finished writting a step by step credit repair manual. I used these techniques and my score improved 200 points in 2 years. It takes time but sometimes you can have drastic increases in 6 to 7 months.

Sandra asks…

How much is the montly rent prices for 2 and 3 bedroom units at San Marco Villa Apartments in Pittsburg, CA?

A few of my college friends want to move into these apartments and gets some 2 and 3 bedroom units either downstairs or upstairs. They’re staying in a Loft Hotel right now and have all their things in storage while they’re finishing up their last semester of college before they’re graduation! They found these San Marco Villas apartments on and they want to move into them and get some 2 and 3 bedroom units for the exact rent prices a month. I know these apartments have a lot of things like crystal clear HD new swimming pools, fitness gyms, party rooms, loft Celtic dinning, movie theater rooms. cyber cafes, resident lounges, garages, parking lots, outdoor fountains, fire places and chiminies, barbecue areas, storage facilities, tile entryways, gormet island kitchens, garden style oval soaking tubs, full size washers and dryers, and whole lot of breathtaking sweet luxary too! That I do know, but I just don’t how much the rent prices are and how much the rent is each month for 2 and 3 bedroom units. My friends want to move into these luxary village apartments but they just need to know how much the rent prices every month are for 2 and 3 bedroom apartments units so that they can get the business money from their Chase Bank and College that’s all!

So do you know how much the rent is each month for 2 and 3 bedroom units and the morgage
prices for The San Marco Villas Luxary Apartments in Pittsburg, CA? Could you look and find the montly prices for 1 bedroom units, 2 bedroom units, and 3 bedrooms units for these apartments?

The Phone Number and adress is
{877}- 648- 0679
2000 Villa Drive
Pittsburg, CA 94565

So if you can find out the monthly prices and morgage plans for these San Marco Villas Luxary Apartments for my friends to move into that would be very kind of you! Appriciate the help!

Again that’s “San Marco Villas” God bless you!!! – The Star Kid!

Administrator answers:

You can clear all your doubts about San Marco Villa Apartments Renting at

Best of Luck…

Steven asks…

Should I rent this loft? Is it worth the money?

I’m moving out of my parents house next month and I’m thinking of getting an apartment in NY which is also near my university. Its a pretty small loft & it comes completley furnished. I’m 18 years old and I make approx 8k (Bartender/Waitress) a month and the rent for this loft is $2300. Should I rent it or look for a different loft?

Administrator answers:

This was way cheaper last time you asked this question. Guess you should have got it then.

David asks…

Where are the best condos for rent in tucson,az?

I’m looking to rent a condo or flat. I wanted a place at mlk apartments but no luck, i want something similar. A loft style place would be ah-mazing! Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Call a real estate firm.
That is part of their job.
And buying is CHEAPER than renting!!!

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