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January 3, 2013

Ruth asks…

Best neighborhoods around Los Angeles?

i’m moving to los angeles this year and i’ve found a couple of apartments i’m interested in but i’m not sure how safe the areas are. i need to stay around universal city so i was looking at l’estanica and the city view lofts. does anyone know what kind of people live around there and if it’s safe? i’m only 23 and i’ll be living by myself so i need some advice on the best neighborhoods. oh also, i was looking at the archstone apartments in studio city and parc pointe in burbank.

oh one more thing, i live in ohio and i was just wondering if the mexicans that live there are really as bad as people say they are. i don’t want to offend anybody. i just know how people can warp the truth to make things sound worse than they really are.

Administrator answers:

Universal City and neighboring Burbank and Studio City are two nice communities (though expensive). Latinos are just like any other ethnic group (including Whites), you have some good ones and some bad ones, but most people in L.A. Are hard working individuals. Below are a couple of links you may find useful.

Good Luck

Thomas asks…

What’s a good website to look up houses (to buy) on?

I’m moving to Los Angeles, CA.
I looked at their apartments/lofts..their cheap and nice…..but face it…who wants one?
I’d rather have a house.
And the cost doesn’t matter to me….so yeah. is stupid…

Administrator answers:

If you are moving to california then Orange County is the place to live, very very nice, here is the realtor I used she is awesome and will take care of your needs!

Carol asks…

Can a building inspector deem something a firehazard even if it is not in direct violation of firecode?

I rent an apartment with a loft in Los Angeles. I have lit the loft with Christmas mini-lights strung up on the wall, and I have placed a curtain in the doorway of the loft. The building inspector has deemed both these traits as fire hazards. I have searched the firecode for LA and found nothing pertaining to non-combustible curtains nor decorative lights. Does anyone know if such a code exists? Does the inspector have the authority to deem something a firehazard even if it is not in direct violation of code?

Administrator answers:

Take pictures and visit the dept where he works and
ask to speak to his supervisor. They do miss but not often.

[and he may have had a bad hair day]

why was he out there anyway??? Visiting your loft

Ken asks…

Are the lofts in TV shows real?

Eg. New Girl and iCarly,
I would really love to live in one of those types of lofts in Los Angeles, because right now, my apartment in LA, is way to small and cramped, but now that I have more money, I’m looking for those types of lofts, are there many in Los Angeles?

Administrator answers:

I’m sure some lofts a bit similar to those do exist, but the ones you mentioned are just sets. The majority of shows film at various sets, I’ve only known of a few that actually film in real houses/apartments.

Daniel asks…

whats the diffrence between?

whats the diffrence between a studio and loft apartments and does anyone on a apartment place in a good location in los angeles that close to everything its in walking distance.

Administrator answers:

Not in LA, but generally a studio is a one room apartment. A loft can mean many things, so you might want to ask them a lot of questions before bothering to go see the place. Good Luck!!

Richard asks…

best downtown los angeles living? Best place for the best prince.?

I am looking for a one or two bedroom apartment for no higher then 1800 a month or a studio for 900 a month. I have been looking at the met lofts, packard lofts, gas company lofts, city lights on fig, the glo and the medici.
can anyone tell me the best place for the best prince. I cant go over 900 a month (sharred making a total of 1800 or 900 alone, a studio or something)

Please help. Thank yoU!

p.s. the glo seems to have the lowest prices online. I am also interested in 1010 wilshire gas co company because its next to FIDM

Administrator answers:

Ok, are you trying to look for homes or are you finding the perfect parking spot?

Sandy asks…

Any good apartments in Studio City?

I am moving to Los Angeles After this summer and I have been looking for places to live. I preferably want to live in Studio City for the fact that it’s closer to the job I got and it’s also close to my school. I have a car so traveling wouldn’t be a problem. I would want to be anywhere around Universal Studios, CBS studios area but not too much further west or north. I have looked at most of the apartments and all i see are bad reviews. The only one I see that is good is Windsor Lofts at Universal City which is a bit out of my price range. I am able to spend around $1700 a month for housing, transportation, and food. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Administrator answers:

I just moved into a place myself in Toluca Lake (right by Universal), and a rule of thumb is that rooms are about $600-800 a month, 1 bedrooms are about $1000-1200 a month, and 2 bedrooms are about $1500-1800 a month. That’s for something in a good neighborhood with a nice interior. Anything less than that and you might be in a bad neighborhood. People usually use Craig’s List, followed by Westside Rentals, to find a place around here. But when I think about it I found my favorite places I’ve lived by either knowing someone that lived in the building already, or driving around in the neighborhood. Try to stay south of Oxnard Boulevard.

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