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August 15, 2013

Richard asks…

Is he a male prostitute or not?

My cousin has a friend who lives in a really nice loft in Los Angeles. Recently I went to a large party there with my girlfriend and we both thought it looked like at least $2000 a month in rent.

Here’s the thing: my cousin says that her friend makes his money as a massage therapist, and he sees his strictly male clientele for these sessions in his apartment. I don’t want to jump to conclusions but doesn’t this kind of in-home business sound just a bit suspicious? My cousin has a history of linking up with attractive guys who are “unavailable” and I don’t want to see her get hurt again. If this was just a regular massage service that he provides wouldn’t he be based in some standard spa instead of doing it at home?

Administrator answers:

The fact that this guy only “does” men sounds a little suspicious. There are lots of guys trading sex for money in Los Angeles (surprise!) as this is a city known for attractive young people servicing older people who may not be all that attractive but have lots of money to dish out for favors.

In Los Angeles there is a well-known phenomenon called Men’s Tantric Massage, which is not Tantra in the pure sense but is an excuse for guys to get together to get off. Some of the regular weekly rags in LA have pages of ads in the back for these kinds of services. I don’t want to jump to conclusions but many of these ads feature a headless shot of a guy with enormous pecs, perfect abs. The way the photo is cropped there is a suggestion of nudity. You have to ask why it is necessary to have a masseur with such a perfect body. And why would he have to be nude to give someone a massage?

Happy ending?

Mark asks…

Getting an apartment without proof of income?

I really would like to move out on my own (i’m 19). I work “under the table” and bring in about 2800-3200 depending on the month. I have just over 5,000 dollars saved. I recently saw an advertisement for these tiny “micro lofts” in Los Angeles that would be perfect for me, and go for 700-900 depending on the unit. How can I move into this complex, or any other for that matter without proof of income?!

what about pre-paid renting? i have heard a little about this. basically you pay a few months in advance… does anyone know anything about this?

Administrator answers:

You can use your income tax returns as proof of income. Otherwise they will not rent to you, you will have to stay at weekly hotels that only accept cash.

Daniel asks…

Question regarding utility payment to apartment never moved to?

Hi, I live in california (los angeles) and have a question regarding a utility payment for a residence i never moved to….

About a year ago when I was relocating to los angeles, a certain down town loft building decided to play smoke and mirrors with me, assuring me my application would get accepted etc. My roommate and I both paid $75 for the app fee, and a week later were told we needed to turn the power and water on before our app could be accepted. A week goes by and the building owner would not return our repeated calls. Finally he leaves me a voice mail stating our credit was not strong enough, and that was that. Wouldnt even answer return calls. I called and took the utilities out of my name, and figured we just got the (far too common around here) application fee burn. Whatever, life goes on. Fast forward a year, and now i have a company (Progressive Financial) calling me 3-4 times a day, threatening to ruin my credit, over a bill from LA water and power. Utillities are pretty cheap here, so im fairly certain the building owner had a fieldday with his few weeks of free power.

Now my question is, does anyone know if i’m truly liable for this bill? I never stepped foot inside the building besides my tour, and never used the utilities in any way shape or form. I’m wondering if there is some kind of protection, or if the building owners are responsible or something. I would have just paid it to rid myself of the issue, but the way they conduct buisness (the loft building) kinda made it a personal issue. Any advice/help is appreciated!

Administrator answers:

First of all… Why would you put the utilities in your name for an apartment that you don’t have a lease for?

Technically, you are responsible (to the utility company) for the bill so I would pay it and then sue the landlord because he essentially “stole” electricity from you.

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