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Your Questions About Loft Apartments Philadelphia

February 12, 2013

Mark asks…

im looking to move out of my parents and i want an appartment in Philadelphia. do i need a real estate agent?

i know it’s a big city so that means there are alot of choices and i wanna be able to get the most for my money but i dont know if agents show apartments. i live about 10 minutes from philly but still dont know much about it let alone what kinds of appartments or lofts or whatever there are to pick from. so do real estate agents handle appartment seekers? should i get one? who should i talk to about finding the most for my money?

Administrator answers:

You can check with several realestate offices and see who handles that and most importantly who pays the agent. If the landlord pays then by all means use one. If you have to pay then you have to put a value on their worth since you don’t know thetown.

John asks…

Should we increase our rent by $3600 to live in a sweet loft?

My partner and I are looking for a new apartment. We found an amazing loft with everything we could ever want or imagine. The only concern is: if we move there and don’t take a 3rd roommate, our yearly rent expenses will increase by $3600 each. IF we have a roommate, our expenses will only increase by $1800 each/year.
This is the place:
Should we go for it? What are the pros and cons of making this move?

Administrator answers:

Let me get this straight.
You’re asking us how to manage your finances, having absolutely no knowledge of your situation at all.
And who are we?
The least informed, with no goals in life, other than to hang around y/a pretending to know something.

That said, is there any kind of rent control?
If so, then over time, assuming that average rents go up more than r/c allows, it’ll be a better deal.
On the other hand, while renting is a good idea today, within a year or two, you’ll likely have the best opportunity to buy a house in the next couple decades.
Prices are likely to continue to decline, but then eventually start to rise.
That’s when you want to buy.
And you might consider saving enough so you’ll be able to do that.

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