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June 22, 2013

Mandy asks…

Illigal Aliens in the USA?


I am writing in order to seek some assistance and information regarding my legal rights as an AMERICAN CITIZEN. I live in Los Angeles, California, and I receive social security. I rent a part of a house where I currently reside. My landlady owns and lives in the main part of the house, and I have lived at this residence since October, 1999.

When I was approved to move in to the current unit I rent, the owner did NOT require or present me with a rental agreement, and collecting the rent was verbalized as to it having to be paid on the 1st of each month, and nothing was ever written or noted on paper as a rental contract perse. Since I have lived here, I have observed that the owners have rented to illegal aliens and this has continued for most of the time I have lived at this address. It is also noted that in the past and resent date, the landlord continues to house illegal aliens. Recently, I approached my landlord about having the family of 3, (which are NOT related to her) and my displeasure about having them living rent free with her for the last 3 years. The people in question receive pay of over $1,500 per month, and one of the persons is currently involved in a case where he is receiving therapy, as he has and is still possibly collecting disability monies due from a slip and fall he encountered with a previous employer.

I have seen this person who lives rent free with my landlady perform and do labor work inside her residence like painting, moving heavy furniture, removing cabinetry, sanding the cabinets, reinstalling the kitchen cabinets, shampooing the rugs, washing cars, and all around laborious work for my landlady and all of the work he has performed while allegedly disabled from a fall has received monies from my landlady/owner in the form of cash so he would avoid and not encounter fraudulent problems that could arise with the Workers Comp/Disability/Authorities. It is my opinion that these people live very nicely and comfortably by receiving a salary each month, and living rent free. However, my rent continues to be raised each year, and these people live free! I am an AMERICAN citizen, and I would like to know what my rights are as a citizen where this is concerned. Why should illegal aliens live rent free and who are nothing more than opportunist who seek the ability to take advantage of a senior citizen and live rent free! I have paid my rent and have since the last 10 years that I have lived here and the last 5 years on a low fixed income from Social Security Disability.

The landlord is very aware that she is breaking laws concerning the housing of illegal aliens, and paying them cash, avoiding taxes and not reporting income she has received from renting to illegal persons, and currently allowing persons who are NOT related to her, and who ARE illegal aliens that live with her rent FREE! This is very disturbing to me to say the least as I barely get by with the monies I receive each month, and here these illegal aliens live rent free! How is that for the good old USA of AMERICA?! Do I have the right to sue my landlady for monetary damages for her showing preferential and favoritism to illegal aliens who are NOT related to her? I NEED HELP from a professional, so would someone please direct me as to where I can get answers and please let me know what options (if any) I may have as a renter and as an AMERICAN citizen.

This is total INJUSTICE!

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Administrator answers:

I live in Los Angeles between Hollywood and Sunset Blvd. All I see with certainty with respect to injustice, is your vicious, jealous and racist whinings. You certainly do not know if they are receiving money from State Disability. If you have any evidence beyond your bigotted “hunch” you are encouraged to telephone or write the State Disability HQ or Department of Workers Compensation. Both have Fraud Units interested in investigating system abuses. You are further free to contact the Immigration and Naturalization Department if you have reason beyond color of skin to believe these individuals are improperly within this Country without a visa or as legal permanent residents with expired status. Of course you might ask if your minding their business indicates having too much time on your hands. You could contribute time to volunteer to less fortunate seniors, hospitalized patients or members of churches or temples.

Injustice is good fortune to anyone you do not like. Be bigger than you appear. Complain all you want an if you have evidence that supports your claims, you have a duty and responsibility to properly report it. In the meantime, you seem only to be driving yourself crazy. Enjoy your latter years and find a hobby that is rewarding and makes your life better.

Have a good life!

Steven asks…

what to do about living situation?

i’m 35 yr old and live in a one bedroom apt. it’s a decent size. my grandmother is 73 yrs old and she lives in a 2 bedroom walk up. she lives on the 6th floor of her building. she will have to move out at some point because she can not continue walking up all those steps. if she moves to a lower floor in her building they will charge her more rent that she can’t afford. i have sent out applications for Senior housing and the waiting is 4 to 5 yrs at best. what other options does she have? if i move her in with me she will have to put most of her things in storage and i’m sure she doesn’t want to do that. she has 40 plus yrs worth of stuff.

Administrator answers:

Have you discussed this with her?
Consider that those on Senior housing waiting list will leave the list before getting the housing (death, other arrangements made, etc.)
Don’t assume that she won’t downsize her stuff; she may not want to do so, but if her physical/financial situation disallows her to keep it, she will have to face that option.

Chris asks…

Should I go to Senior Week?

Alright, check it. I live in Baltimore, Maryland. I’m a senior in high school. Around where I live, 1st week in June after graduating, everyone packs up their stuff and heads down to the beach. I’ve never been there before. Ocean City, Maryland.

Ocean City is apparently huge. There’s streets from 1st all the way down to 151st street. A group of you and your buds rent a house in Ocean City for a week and bring a lot of money for eats and such.

Senior Week is basically a huge party with tons of teenagers far away from their parents. People apparently come from all over the Mid-Atlantic.

Senior Week is a free-for-all. Everything goes. People blaze up in their cars, blaze up on the beach, blaze up on the sidewalks, blaze up in their houses, get drunk, have extremely wiiiiiiiiiiilllllld parties, have tons of sex, etc. Basically every immoral or hedonistic act you will have wanted to commit is there. Weed is in fresh supply and drinks are plentiful.

I have heard stories of people getting stuff stolen from their houses, I’ve heard people getting shot, stabbed on the lower streets, people going to Ocean City to just fight.

A lot of cops spend a lot of their time in the lower streets and they bust a lot of people and snatch weed and drinks.

I’m not really in the partying scene. I am afraid if I go I’ll feel realllllly out of place in Ocean City. I rarely go to the beach, haven’t gone in over 8 years. I’m also a VERY socially awkward person.

This one person I know invited me to stay in his condo. However, I have always wanted to try weed, but he’s not into that so I don’t think I’ll be trying it. There are certain people he’s gonna be staying with that I like, yet I’m gonna miss alot of my other friends.
This other person invited me to his house in Ocean City in the Upper Streets. He likes to party alot and I again I’ll feel out of place there, but I’ll get to try weed for sure in his place. Besides, I’ll get to meet some girls too, which I never ever get to do. It will be like the social life I never had, but condensed into a week’s time period…

There’s also a certain combination of friends there that I really like with him, but I’ll be thinking about other people I’m not with.
It’s sort of like a Catch-22, no two conditions are met. I’m stuck between two extremes Then again, I could just not go at all and wonder how everyone’s doing in Ocean City. I would hate that feeling.

Should I go at all, and if, who should I stay with?
My only rationale to go is: You only live once?

Administrator answers:

You’re right, you only live once, go for it. I wish my school had something like that. We get an all night senior party, prom, a BBQ and other stuff but that’s it. I’m socially awkward too unless I have a group to be with so stick with your close friends, stay out of trouble and have fun! This is you’re senior year, enjoy it!

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