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Your Questions About Low Rent Housing For Seniors

July 11, 2013

Steven asks…

What can a 72 year old that is living on Social Security do to find a room to rent?

The house I’ve lived in for the last 25 years is being sold and I have to be out by the end of April.
I have no money to move so I’ll just walk away from my stuff. But I need a low rent room to live in.
Thanks for any help.

Administrator answers:

STEP 1) See if there are any city, county, or state services where you are that can help you with housing. If you area legal citizen…. Something should be available to you or even just getting a person to help you sort yourself out. STEP 2) See if you can find a social worker to help you through calling “senior citizen” help lines – the evil propagandists over at of AARP may be able to help with a resource. SOMEONE knows some kind of assistance you can get. Are you a military veteran? Call the VA or even the VFW folks might help you if your not a member but might just join if you faught in Korea or Nam. Even the police are sometimes aware of city services. STEP 3) Walking away from your stuff could be okay, but you might find someone asround your age who is willing torent you a room for a few hundred dollars. If you are somewhat able bodied then you have a much better chance. If you have a drug or alcohol problem, don’t visit your addiction on anyone.
LASTLY) Make sure your bankers, grocery store clerks, and pharmacist know that you are moving and WHERE. Don’t just disappear. Make yourself known to your new service providers. Tell them where you came from and check in with them by name when you come in. This is your new “base” and they will help look after you and get curious if they don’t see you. See if you can get a social worker to check on you in your new place at random times. A lot of seniors are victimized for their check. So go with care, not desperation. P.S. You also may find someone willing to let you stay at a vacant house just to keep an eye on it.

Joseph asks…

Low income housing for a senior citizens?

looking for immediate housing for my aging mother in northern california.santa clara county or alameda county.

Administrator answers:

One suggestion would be to contact your local housing authority. Although funds are tight in these programs funded by Housing and Urban Development monies, cities and larger towns have a program called Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers. If your mom’s household is qualified, she may receive rent assistance. The amount of assistance she would receive would depend on household size and the amount of income that she earns annually.

If she qualifies, but no vouchers are available in your city or town right now due to limited funds, she might be asked if she wants to have he name on the waiting list for a voucher. If she wants assistance from this program, she will definitely want her name on this list.

The other important suggestion I have is to call your local Area Agency on Aging. These agencies are a font of helpful and practical information and resources for seniors and their families and caregivers. They often have resources to help care for people in their homes–they certainly know what is available! You can call toll-free 1-800-677-1116 to find out the Area Agency on Aging serving the counties where you and your mom live. I am confident that you will find helpful and friendly people there who will listen and provide insights and information that would be helpful to you and your mom

Hope this helps. Good luck and best wishes!

Michael asks…

Low income housing for Senior Citizens of social security?

Is there low income housing for senior citizens who live primarily on social security and have no other income? what are the qualification to get into such housing?

Administrator answers:

Every state and county has offices for helping. They are usually in your local courthouse or close by. Call your county’s human resources, and especially the county Housing Authority. Your rent will be based on your income and qualifications are you need to be a senior citizen to get the special low rent rate. The housing authority will show you different places and locations and you can choose what and where you want to live. Do it….it is the best thing I’ve ever done.
Good luck,

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