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Your Questions About Low Rent Housing In Los Angeles

September 16, 2012

Michael asks…

Landlord Harassment in Los Angeles?

My landlord just told me that I cannot have a guest to my house. She threat to throws me out and forfeit my deposit if she sees him in the house again. Does she have a rights to do that? She keeps mentioning that the rent she is charging me is way too low and she keeps harassing me for rent by knocking on my doors on the day before the rent is due and making remarks and accusing me of doing damages to the property or building shelves in the house without getting her consent. I am pretty sure she does all this thing to try to make me to leave so she can get more rent. How do I deal with this situation? I am very stressed out cause she lives right next to me and it is getting worse. I wouldn’t mind moving out but I just don’t feel right to let her do what she is doing without consequences.

Administrator answers:

First of all, check to see if the house is under any kind of rent control regulation and if so, you should abide by all rules and conditions and let the landlord know that you are entitled to full privacy rights granted to tenants by the Housing Authority. And if she persists in harassing you, you can file a formal complaint with the Housing Authority.

Good luck!

Chris asks…

Do you think this rent increase is too much or average/ok?

It’s a very nice house worth $1.2 mil. in Los Angeles. Was rented out too cheap for $3600/month. After 1st year landlord increased rent to $4,000 and after a little over another year increasing to $4,400 saying their property taxes/mortgage payments have gone up, can’t help it. (it us not under rent control so legally the amount is ok). Do you think the landlord should lower the amount?

Administrator answers:

If there are people who will rent it at that price, no, they shouldn’t lower it. If they can’t find someone to pay that much, then they should lower the price. As long as there’s no rent control, they want to charge what the market will bear.

Paul asks…

Where can I find a low cost lawyer for child support case?

My ex and I have been separated for about 2 yrs. He get his kids on the week ends and 2 hours during the week. He suppose to go half with me on everything (which is unfair) because the kids are in my care all the time and he cant be there because he works long hours and I understand that I am all for him working but when I need his help he says “I cant pay you for being a mom or you wanted these kids now deal with it” Now he suppose to buy diapers for my daughter every 2 weeks and he is always late and always say dont you have some already. Its very hard and frustrating but I have little money and he has a really good lawyer for our child support case, I fear he will get off and I will be stuck with taking care of expenses for my kids alone. They live with me, I think he should help, am I right? My rent is low and I dont need money for food but they still wear clothes, use things in the house, I have car expenses, gas, utilities and I take them to school every day, I even pay the baby sitter for gas and he pays half the child care but dont pay her for picking up the kids I do! I want to do the right thing but he scares me with this lawyer he pays so much for and I have no lawyer, need a low cost lawyer for los angeles pls help.

Administrator answers:

Look on line, if all else fails just talk to a lawyer for advice. You don’t need a lawyer. The child support division does a spreadsheet on how much money you should recieve. They are always fair. Look into it broswe the internet and make connections with people in the court. Anyone can get an attorney don’t be affraid of the. The judge will rule in your favor once he see’s your side.

Ken asks…

how do i buy rental property?

i want to buy a house or condo than rent it out
in los angeles area house prices are really low HELP

Administrator answers:

How do you buy a rental property? You get a buyer’s agent, you make an offer, you sign the documents, you then own the rental property.

If you need a mortgage, then you need to start shopping rates and get pre-approved.

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