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Your Questions About Low Rent Housing In Los Angeles

July 31, 2013

Ruth asks…

How do you file for low income housing in Los Angeles? I’m talking about renting a place.?

Don’t make much money. One of us is full time at USC and I’m freelance. I’m pretty sure that complies with low income, but how do I sign up for this? Is there a specific program?

Administrator answers:

Hi… There are 2 different types of low income government rental assistance.

1. Section 8 – Its a voucher program where you choose an apartment that excepts this type of payment and the Section 8 voucher pays all or part of your rent.

2. HUD Housing- Is an apartment community or building that you apply to specifically (meaning you have to apply to the different apartment complexes individually)

This is the site for Section 8 in Los Angeles specifically the page to apply for section 8 . When you go into apply for Section 8 you can ask them for a list of HUD Complexes as well. They will have this or if they dont they will be able to tell you where to go to get it. Not sure but be warned its usually a long waiting list for both.

Now a suggestion… Look into Habitat for Humanity in your area. The Monthly payments end up to be about the same or less and in the end you have a beautiful NEW home to show for it thats all yours.

Good Luck :)

Richard asks…

How much is your rent or mortgage in Los Angeles or adjacent?

I have lived in West Lost Angeles for a few years. I lucked out and got a corner 2/2 with W/D, dishwasher, fireplace, views and parking for $1450 (rent controlled).

I’m debating about buying and I’m curious about where I stand rentwise (is it cheaper).

What do you pay, how long have you lived there, where do you live and what are your amenities?

Administrator answers:

I would hold off buying anything for about another year. Your chances of purchasing a property any where in Los Angeles at this time means no less than a $350K mortgage. At that rate you could be paying in excess of $2000 a month for your mortgage. Add taxes and insurance to that it can blow your budget. I have a rent control apartment where I pay $800.00 a month for a large one bedroom in the Hollywood Hills. Since I figure a mortgage would cost me about $2500 a month, I have been squirreling away the difference to buy a home for about a year now.

I suspect the overheated LA market will start to soften in the next year as interest rates continue to rise and foreclosures go up. THere will be more supply of available houses to buy. Increase in supply usually means lower prices.

Good luck

Joseph asks…

where would a traditional family live in Los Angeles?

My husband is considering a job at the major medical center there. Where would we look to rent a nice house with a pool where our 3 kids could live with other kids in traditional families?

Administrator answers:

Valencia for a number of reasons – it has the best schools, the safest area, at the lowest price. Trade offs: it can be a longer commute than some of the other choices, and it gets warmer here than the beach areas in the summer. Folks up here take pride that “this is not LA/SFV” and it is quite “sterile” / no nightlife. It’s all suited to kids/families. The “Newhall Pass” where 5/405/210 come together is a tough stretch of freeway, though it gets a bit of a bad rap – there are worst interchanges out there. You can take the light rail train “Metrolink” straight into downtown LA, and there are commuter buses that go directly there and to a number of job hubs, as well.

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David asks…

Is Columbus, Ohio the cheapest place in the USA to rent homes?

I recently read that it was. How true is this claim? I am in Los Angeles, CA and it is so expensive here. How cheap is it out there? Are there any downfalls?

Administrator answers:

I’m renting a 3 bedroom house in columbus for $750 a month. If you go to the less desirable parts of town they can be even cheaper. A really nice house would be about $1000 to $1250. So it’s not bad at all. I don’t know about the cheapest in america though.
And to the other guy: unemployment is lower than most parts of the country.

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