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Your Questions About Low Rent Housing In Los Angeles

April 24, 2012

Ken asks…

35.00 a month rent low income housing in Los Angeles?

somebody told me in A lady in Los Angeles is paying about 35.00 a month in low income housing is that possible?

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Michael asks…

1 bedroom for rent in los angeles ( low income preferred) utilities include?

i am 19 years old currently working at a doctors office as a Medical Insurance Coder and homeless with a two year old daughrter. i need affordable housing. i drive a 07 car.

Administrator answers:

Please post in the proper category
this is DINING OUT

Jenny asks…

Los Angeles – rent or move to some random city and buy a house someday?

I live in Los Angeles and want to buy a house someday. However, I am torn between staying in Los Angeles and probably renting for the rest of my life (can’t afford to buy a home) or moving to more of a low key city and being able to buy a home. I have friends who live in small cities and are paying as much as I pay for rent to live in a big house. I’m in my mid-20’s and single. I like LA, but I’m wondering what you think: are there other cool places out there that also is a great place to buy/rent a home and raise a family someday or is Los Angeles the place where it’s at and totally worth it. What do you think?

Administrator answers:

I can relate to your dilemma. I too have grown tired of the high cost and little return of living on the west coast and agree with the thinking of relocating to a simpler lifestyle in a midsized city. Been thinking possibly Des Monies,IA or Topeka,KS and other cities of the like. You’re on the right track for sure! :)

Sharon asks…

The fastest solution to buying a house in the los angeles area where my credit score is 580 and is there a fha?

Loan in sight and can the down payment be as low as possible-need even a rent or lease to own.

Administrator answers:

You could qualify for a FHA mortgage loan with the credit score you mentioned. The credit score might require you to come up with a 3%-10% down payment depending on how the rest of your credit is, as well as what your yearly income is as well the monthly amount you would have to pay for other debts on your credit report.

You should contact a local lender that is qualified to do FHA mortgage loans to see if you would be qualified for a FHA mortgage loan.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Paul asks…

Can my adult uncles evict another family member from a house that needs to be sold in Los Angeles?

My uncles all have equal ownership of their mother’s property in Los Angeles, CA. She passed away a year ago, but one of the uncles has lived on the property for over 30 years with his wife and kids. The property and the houses on it need to be sold and the money split between all of the brothers. But the one who has lived on the property doesn’t want to leave. He has a daughter and young grandchildren that have moved in one of the houses as well. There is NO lease and there has never been one, but they now pay extremely low rent, and their own utilities regularly since their mom passed. Before when their mom was alive, they paid her rent from time to time, but didn’t make it a point to pay regularly. Their mother’s will states that the property was to be sold and the money split equally with all the brothers. Can they evict their brother and his wife, daughter and grandchildren so that the property can be sold? There are 5 uncles in all. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Ooops! There was no will. It was a Living Trust. The house didn’t go into probate. :)

Administrator answers:

Well I don’t know for that state but the general rule of thumb is if a person is receiving mail there they are a resident and must be given at least 30 days to move out! If they are putting them out then they need to provide a place for them to stay up to 30 days…Click on the link below it describes things better…

Lisa asks…

How much would you rent out this home with these specs?

This house is located in the Los Angeles CA area.

It cost $330,000.

It’s 1400 square feet, Lot:6000.

It has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.

The neighborhood has low crime.

By giving me an educated guess, how much should you charge for someone to rent your home?

Administrator answers:

Cost is not relevant to rent.

Depending on the exact neighborhood the fair market rent for a small house like that in LA is between 1600-1800 a month.

Nancy asks…

Housing budget for Low Income new graduate?

For a while now, I’ve been searching for housing for next year under the rule of thumb that housing costs should be no more than 33% (1/3) of one’s income.

But how does that percentage change (if at all) if you’re not making very much money? I’m going to be making around $2k a month at my new job, and in Los Angeles even studio apartments are going mostly for $800 and up.

I want to live in someplace safe and at least modestly clean, and I don’t waste money on frivolous things, but I don’t want to lock myself in to too high a rent and go hungry!

Administrator answers:

You might want to consider a roommate to split the rent with. 1/3 is a rule of thumb and you can go a bit over if you can cut back someplace else. But do you have student loans to pay on also?

William asks…

If I rent out a room in my house to a student how much taxes will I pay?

I live in Los angeles. I need some money to buy a new car. I have a low paying job. My friends told me get a roommate from international students. if earn $400 a month from roommate, how much of it I will pay taxes? is it worth it to get a roommate? thanks

Administrator answers:

That 4800 income will be added to your earned income and you will pay taxes according to whatever tax bracket you fall into. 15% makes the tax bill 720 So yes it is worth it.

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