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December 31, 2012

David asks…

What degree would most benefit the advance of a property manager career?

I am currently a leasing manager for a 230 luxury apartment property with rents exceeding 2000 per month. I love what job and the real estate/sales field. I would love to advance my career to the next level. What would you suggest?

Administrator answers:

Matt what do you see as the next level? What is it that you love about real estate and sales? What back ground do you have already? Have you taken any college courses? If you answer this it will be easier to help.

There are so many aspects. Could be law, there is something called property law but that is a 4 year undergraduate degree and then law school.

Could be accounting to help you deal with the money side.

If you hope to buy up properties and make an income on them, I would try to get some construction, heating and air, electricity, plumbing under your belt. Lots of 2 year colleges have courses in this, as well as property management. (always having to deal with repair issues)

Can get an appraisers certificate, make good money, on your time.

Can get a good course on property at ed2go for only about 79 $ lasts 6 weeks, gives you a good intro and you get to talk to BIG time authorities in the field.

Charles asks…

Need a luxury holiday apartment in Shanghai?

SOS!Well, next month i will travel to Shanghai, and i want to rent a luxury holiday apartment there,those who has traveled to Shanghai, pls give me some suggestions!Thx!

Administrator answers:

Try Aquaspace Shanghai,one of my friends has lived there! He tells me that apartments they provide are really very good!

Sharon asks…

Help! What can I do about the atheists driving down the price of real estate in my neighborhood?

I own a luxury apartment building in which I only rent to good Christian families. However, there have been more and more atheists moving into the community and the price of real estate has dropped dramatically recently. The problem is that these atheists make it well known that they are atheists, including protesting the use of religious decorations in public buildings for holidays like christmas and easter. What can be done about this?

Administrator answers:

Set a really High Price on your place and tell them the neighborhood is full of scientific things, most atheists are not real bright they will Buy into anything to get close to anything called science .

Michael asks…

What is the best neighborhood in Queens NY for a Stony Brook commuter student.?

Looking for something thats on the LIRR but not a very long commute. Also looking for decent or semi luxury apartment in a safe neighborhood.

Administrator answers:

If you’re going to school that far east, then why move to Queens? Stony Brook is a very long commute from anywhere in Queens! The shortest ride via the LIRR would be about 2 hours each way (4 hours a day round trip). Forest Hills would probably be your best option if you really want to stay in Queens. The neighborhood is very nice, with lots of shopping & restaurants and it’s safe. A semi-luxury one bedroom apartment is about $1500/month plus utilities. You honestly should consider living on Long Island. It would be cheaper and much closer.

Laura asks…

how to clean a plastic tub back to sparkly white?

I moved into this luxury apartment and it has a white plastic tub and i cant get the dark color out of the bottom. Any suggetions?

Administrator answers:

Plastic is porous and holds stains. Consider a resurfacing & then cleaning with non abrasive products. Your homeowner’s insurance should cover expense (or a portion of it).

Jenny asks…

How much Malaysian Ringgit is required for comfortable living for 4 people in Kula lumpur?

For International School, Food, Transport, Luxury Apartment, Telephone/Mobile/Broadband and other entertainment expenses per month?

Administrator answers:

RM7,500 upward.

Sandy asks…

How to make a building/home/appartement smart?

My question is open and aims to generating ideas in this area of how to make large/tower buildings with large number of tenants equipped with technology. New form of utilities has emerged, like internet, video on demand, Telephone over IP, smart elevators. There are also new technologies available that could be used to equip luxury apartments with fantasy electronics. This new form of utilities and equipment need to be planned, designed, blue printed, implemented, operated, managed and maintained. Any ideas ?

Administrator answers:

Human touch. That’s what makes buildings alive. Technologies can only suppliment to the better lives. A good idea for a luxury apartment would be to have a 24/7 call center – where they cud get replies from another human being.

Ken asks…

How do you get a sugar daddy?

I want a sugar daddy to pay for me to go to college, a luxury apartment, a car, clothes jewelry, make up, and shoes, lost of shoes! How do I get someone to pay for all of that for me?

Administrator answers:

Email me.

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