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January 6, 2013

Laura asks…

How many rooms would your dream home have? Any special themes?

I’m pretty modest. Owning a luxury apartment will be good enough for me. But in a custom built home, I’ll reserve one spacious room as a “Chill Lounge.” I will paint it blue, have lava lamps,sophisticated furniture, surround sound system, candles and several windows just to name a few things.

Administrator answers:

My dream home will b a small villa with a big garden and a swimming pool.the interiors will be pristine white with modern furnitures and tints of blue mainly aqua to add colour.

Steven asks…

What is a fair value of a Roche Bobois $3115 dollar high end furniture?

How much can I deduct from a tenant for a high end glass art Roche Bobois table?
The rental apartment is a luxury apartment at the Ritz Carlton and the furniture also was listed as luxury and designer furniture. The tenant knew it. Table’s glass scupture base is broken and it is not fixable.
How much can I deduct fom the tenant’s security deposit.
This is not Bob;s furniture, it keeps the value. not as much as antiques but still it has some value.

Administrator answers:

That’s a high end complicated question, you will need to have the furniture valued by a professional, maybe it won’t cost you anything if you contact the seller and tell them about the damage and how old it is, they could give you fair estimate over the phone, and you could adjust the tenants security deposit accordingly.

Charles asks…

What is the fair value of a $3115 high end furniture Roche Bobois glass art table which can not be fixed.?

The tenant knew that the apartment was furnished with high end designer furniture, the apartment itself is a luxury apartment at the Ritz. The tablke is not out of style and is at Roche Bobois store for $3115 for retail. How much should I deduct?

Administrator answers:

Cannot be fixed then the tenant pays 3115 or what ever a new one costs

George asks…

What job should have a person in the USA in order to be able to afford expensive things?

I would like not to take into consideration job as singer,actor or anything like this….I want job more “normal”…..for example :doctor….and when I said “expensive things” I wanted to say a luxury apartment,many clothes,a good car and you know etc etc etc…Thanx4 ur answers.
Oh thanx a loooooot for your answer Jake B:D…

Administrator answers:

The first guy is being silly… In the market real estate is suicide.

So… A lawyer from a top 10 school will start out making over $100,000 a year. A girl that I went to high school with just finished law school at the University of Michigan and took a job at a firm in NYC making a base salary of $160,000 with an annual bonus of $35,000 or above. If you get an MBA from a top 10 school you will also start with a salary in the $100K range. The typical MBA’s salary doubles after 5 years and bonuses generally match your salary.

Commercial pilots are in the top 2% of wage earners in this country, as are doctors of every specialty.

Best of luck.

Donald asks…

I am temporarily living in an apartment until my house is built, probably for 10 more months.?

The place that I am living at was listed as “luxury apartments“. There is a lock on the main door, but somehow solicitors are getting in the building. I have gone to the leasing office twice to complain, and I have also called the police. The leasing office does nothing, they just say they’ll handle it. What recourse do I have?

Administrator answers:

As landlords or managers the only thing we can do is to watch from time to time who is coming in and who is letting him in. You see the word SECURITY has a strong meaning that I don’t use in any of my conversations. What you are doing is the best, call the office, call the police but, I will suggest to mail a certified letter return receipt to the leasing office. Read your lease, see if it mentions anything about it, if not just keep calling the police and the leasing office.

Donna asks…

Mortgage question! I own a paid off 5 bedroom 3 bath house and would like to buy another. Whats my best bet?

I own a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home. Free and Clear. I rent it out for a bout 1000 a month. I have 4k for a down payment and would like about 70k for a home to live in. I have about a 580-600 credit score with NO Negatives on my record for the last few years. I don’t have a steady job as I just quit my property management position to work part time as a waiter, and full time as a real estate agent. Anybody think Ive got a shot at a mortgage? Im paying 650 a month now for a luxury apartment and havent missed a payment in the 2 years Ive been living here.

Administrator answers:

Why is your credit score so low? – you’re a real estate agent – why are you asking us about the possibility of getting a mortgage?

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