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February 21, 2013

Daniel asks…

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in los angeles?

I wanna rent an apartment in los angeles and was wondering how much it costs. Also, how much does one room cost?

Administrator answers:

Honestly, it depends on what area you want to live in.
West L.A. Is like, the nicest, and also (generally) the most expensive. If you want like a normal, one bedroom in a middle class neighborhood about 1200, approximately. If you want like a luxury apartment in a really high end area, add like, 3000 dollars to that. ^_^

George asks…

What is the most important luxury to you in your life?

Luxury as in anything other than a house, clothes, food, and for this sake friends/family and job.

Administrator answers:

My phone, it sounds really sad to say my phone is really important to me but here is my reasoning; my neighbors have a surround sound system and like to play rap way to loud. I don’t care for rap that much and I’ve already asked them to turn it down (on many occasions). In order to keep my sanity and not cause destruction, I listen to The Beetles from my phone :) I live in an apartment by the way.

Joseph asks…

Can I break my lease if my apartment is infested with scorpions??

They have sprayed several times but nothing works. I have found 6 this week and have gotten stung once.
They are luxury apartments owned by mark taylor in az

Administrator answers:

I would call an attorney or a legal aid center in your state since each state has different laws. However, I know in Louisiana/Florida/Georgia that your lease has already been broken by your landlord for failing to provide you a safe environment.

I would first send a certified letter (paper trail is extremely important here) specifically detailing the problem, the duration, what effects they have had on you, copies of you medical bills and maybe something from your doc stating scorpion bite, take pictures of the scorpions in your apartment. Make sure that you send that out with return receipt.

Once you have collected as much documentation of the problem at that point I would pursue legal advise.

Linda asks…

Best Luxury Real Estate agents in the United Kingdom?

I was wondering which is the best online way of looking at luxury real estates all over the UK. I looked at Harrods and they are really good but I was wondering if there are some better crafted houses designed by other agents. I am planning to buy a luxury home/apartment. Our budget is £1,000,000 to £3,000,000

Administrator answers:

Estate Agents here not real estate.

Knight Frank & Rutley.
Both sell expensive properties
BUT all Agents big or small advertise on Rightmove. Just type in your area and price.

Estate Agents do not design houses, they sell them.

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