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May 28, 2013

Ruth asks…

How much does a condominium apartment or landed property in Bangkok cost?

It need not be in the most central areas. Generally speaking, it can be in a peaceful and nice residential area near the train station.

If a foreigner buys the apartment, does he qualify to become a permanent resident or even resident of Thailand? Or does he need to have a business or work visa in Thailand?

Administrator answers:

You can buy a very basic studio condo for as little as 300,000 THB, or about $9,000 US, it won’t be much, not in the greatest neighborhood, but are available even in central Bangkok. A very nice studio condo in a good neighborhood will cost in the 1.5 million THB range, with one and two bedroom condos in a desirable area starting around 3-5 million baht and you can easily spend as much as 35,000,000 THB for a luxury condo or large home, outside central Bangkok the prices can be dramatically lower. Owning property has no bearing on visas or on you having any rights regarding residency, unless you’re a developer for example, who can provide employment to Thai Nationals in large numbers. In general you can legally freehold a condo, but if you want to own land you normally must enter into a lease agreement which really isn’t that complicated if you have good legal guidance. This website provides good information and from my experience is a good company for legal advice, you might also want to check for visa requirements and rules, good luck:

Sandra asks…

Do college students have the luxury of caring for pets?

One of my roommates has a Yorkshire Terrier that I absolutely adore, much to the point where after she moved out, I considered buying a pet myself. Yet, between going to school full-time and pulling a part-time job on the side to pay bills, do I really have the luxury of being able to take in a pet and care for it and raise it?

Administrator answers:

It depends on the person-
I just graduated an adult high school program (even though I’m only 19) as a full-time student and had to work a full-time job as a housekeeper (while a full-time student) to afford my apartment, bills, food, etc…I haven’t lived with my parents since I was 14 so I’m used to taking care of my self and my life…I own a 9 year old chow mix, an 11-month old kitten with anxiety problems, two hamsters, and 3 large fresh water fish tanks…my pets have more money spent on them than I spend on my rent…I only eat one meal a day and I only sleep about 3 or 4 hours a night…I have state insurance yet I haven’t been to the doctor in three years BUT all of my pets (my cat, dog, and both hamsters) have check-ups every six months…the cat and the dog are each insured in case something happens that I can’t afford on my own; I have a two bedroom apartment so that the cat and the dog can each have their own space, I afford a lot of things for them that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to buy having dog walking jobs, babysitting pets while owners are on vacation, I get paid to train my neighbor’s dog; basically little jobs on the side of my full-time job—I make it work because that’s how bad I want it; you have to really want it in order to make it work…I’m applying for college to become a vet tech, and while I’m in school I probably won’t have the time or the money for all of my pets, so I’ve been calling on the help of my friends to take the dog (and maybe the cat) in for awhile; my best friend says she’ll be able to watch the dog on the weekdays while I’m in school (because I trained her cat for her and because I pay for her hamster’s vet care when she can’t) so really, you can have a dog, but are you willing to lose sleep in order to give your dog the one-on-one time he needs everyday to play and go for a walk and train him? Are you willing to sacrifice all of your extra cash to afford food, toys, the vet? For students who support themselves, like us, having a pet is a tough choice that must be thought through very carefully: you have to be willing to give up all your free time and your free cash to do what is in the best interest of the animal-if you can’t do that then don’t get a pet…if you decide you can sacrifice for an animal then consider the options: you don’t have to get a big animal like a dog or a cat, that requires as much attention as a baby, you can get all sorts of pets!
Fish tanks, Tree frogs, Hermit crabs, Gerbils, Rabbits…
Do your research, if you’re determined then yes, the right pet is out there for you…if not then do yourself and the animal a favor, don’t get pet you haven’t researched or can’t handle
here’s a link to “5 steps to choosing the right pet”
read the directions and be honest with yourself:

then after you have chosen a pet you might want, research it a little to be sure, here’s a link to a wide variety of pet care sheets (to keep you open mined, scroll through the page and see the complete list of many animals, some of which might be right for you) if you see something you think you might like, click on it and read about it’s life span, diet, habitat requirements, general care information:

good luck and have fun!

Charles asks…

If I am going to rent an apartment with 2 others, how much more should I pay to get the master bedroom?

The master bedroom has its own bathroom. We would split the rent three ways, but I am willing to pay more for my own bathroom. How much would be fair to pay for that luxury?

Administrator answers:

It depends on who signed for the lease on the apartment. If you are the sole leaser you can divide the rent three ways. If all of you are responsible for the rent then you should pay 10% more. Be careful. If there is a lease, you should all sign the lease agreement.

Maria asks…

I need help making a budget for renting an apartment in madrid for a year?

I was thinking under £10,000 a year as I’m not fussy about luxury and all that stuff.
I’ll be a 16 year old student in madrid, and really I would just need a place to stay. Also could you refer me to some motel or hotel websites that are situated in madrid ‘cos it would be a real help!

Administrator answers:

For the most part, at age 16, you can’t live on your own in Madrid, or anywhere else in Spain.

You must be 18 to sign the contracts.

You can’t live in a hotel or motel. You would need an apartment…search for LONG TERM.

And you’ll need an adult to sign everything and be responsible for you…I’m pretty sure most students your age are required to live with a family or in a dormitory situation.

James asks…

Should the Milwaukee County Zoo build apartments?

What a pleasure it would be to have guests over and take them on a tour of our beautiful zoo. Of all the benefits of this idea, the first one is how metropolitan Milwaukee has become. Luxury apartments on the site, which is 200 acres, would make our local celebrities more famous. The novelty of the idea would bring in tourists from Chicago and everywhere. Milwaukee is already a very metropolitan city with our first-rate festivals.

Administrator answers:

So you want to build zoo apartments? Would the lemurs live there? Would they all have their own water bowl and fruit chute inside?

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