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June 3, 2013

Mandy asks…

I have a friend who is in financial trouble and needs advice?

My friend lets just call him Lance lost his job in November and also his license for a year. He recieves food stamps and 900 dollars in unemployment after getting laid off from job. His nice car was repossessed two days ago and to redeem it back he has to come up with 2900 dollars. He lives in a luxury apartment, which he is paying 709 a month and includes all utilities. Lance recently filed his taxes and is getting 3000 dollars back. He Asked me in my opinion, if i was in same position would I redeem vehicle? So it wouldnt mess up my credit or sublease my current apartment for something cheaper and forget about redeeming car, and taking a vacation and saving rest of money to buy car once he get his license back in November? What would you do in situation? Leave feedback

Administrator answers:

If he can’t drive the car then having it sitting round for a year seems a bit pointless. He is also in the position of not knowing when he will find work again so spending money on something that he can’t use seems a little unwise. For the same reason, I wouldn’t be blowing the money on a holiday either

I would sublet the apartment – he can’t afford it and he could manage in something cheaper until he finds work again.

Chris asks…

Would you assume this girl Is middle class?

I know I asked this question but not the straight foward answer. Hey guys today at school this girl got picked up from school and I help out In the office. Her mom was parked infront of the office (International Magnet Studies School) we go to. As she was getting In the car I noticed her mom car was a 2012 C250 mercedes benz all white and the nurse was beside me staring at her too saying “I think shes rich”. As they drive away her mom liscense plate said “Proud to be a nurse”. But sometimes I see her walking to the apartments which are called Luxury apartments everybody labels her as spoiled kid or she has alot of money. But would you label her as middle class? She also has an Iphone5 I saw as she walked by to leave. but idk her that well. But would u label her rich? Or middle class?

Administrator answers:

I would say shes probably loaded but not entirely rich. She has money but that doesn’t mean shes rich because it takes alot of money to be considered rich.

John asks…

What is the interior design style for Samantha’s apartment on Samantha Who?

I am in love with her apartment and would like to re-do my own place like the one on the show. However, I need some help doing it. I want to know what you would call her apartment taste? Hope I’m making sense. I know they make books about how to decorate, but I want to be more specific in my research. Any help is appreciated!

Administrator answers:

Modern/Contemporary Luxury.

Mary asks…

What apartments or condos are close to Boston’s Chinatown?

I’m doing research for a novel that takes place in Boston, and in the city’s Chinatown specifically. Could someone tell me what apartments or condos are close to Chinatown, maybe within walking distance in that city? And also if they have parking spaces? I’ve made several searches on google and can’t seem to find anything.

Administrator answers:

That part of Boston is very small and surrounded by other small districts. All of them have a variety of apartments and condos. What price range? If it’s luxury, then the brand-new units at 1-3 Avery (Ritz Carleton) are beautiful. (Anything in that price range comes with parking.) Much of the housing in Chinatown itself is cramped apartments above the shops and restaurants, but there’s a couple of new rehabbed loft buildings on Beach Street with lots of units (42 Beach, Lofts Avana). There’s a couple of really lovely buildings on Tremont with views of the Common. Really depends on the income level/hipness.

Look in the Real Estate section of You can search by neighborhood. Choose Chinatown, Leather District (hip), Financial District, Downtown, or Theater District. Those are the neighborhoods around Chinatown. Everything is walkable and there are no single family homes. It’s all mid to high rises.

Give more info and we can narrow it down for you.

Ken asks…

What do you call the people who show apartments to people?

and what kind of other work do they do? what kind of courses and eucational background would you have to have under your belt?

p.s. how much money do they make on average for say, luxury apts.

Administrator answers:

In Austin and other areas of Texas there are companies that specialize in helping people find apartments to rent.

They are required to be licensed real estate agents, and generally referred to as “Locators” (when they ONLY do leasing). Some REALTORS also do this, as well as help people find houses, condos, etc available for rent and work with buyers and sellers.

Most apartment complexes have staff members who help lease apartments within their complex, but Locators can help you find apartments in all complexes that will pay a fee to Locators.

There is usually no charge to you for using a Locator, but you will only be shown properties that will pay the Locator fee.

You have to have taken the required real estate courses and passed the state exam to become a licensed real estate agent.

The fee paid is usually a % of the monthly rental amount. It depends on what the apartment complex or the owner/listing agent is offering. Some apartment complexes offer 25% of 1 month’s rent. Others will offer 125% of one month’s rent. Just depends.

Note: The fee is earned only when the tenant moves in. It usually takes at least 30 days for the fee to be paid to the Locator’s broker, then the broker pays the Locator according to the “split” agreement between the broker and the Locator. It can take 90 days or more for some apartments to pay the Locator fee.

Linda asks…

What is the average cost of an apartment in Boston, Mass?

Per year, or month.
What is the quality of the apartment you’re thinking of?
How many rooms? Bathroom?

Administrator answers:

According to, “The average rent for luxury two-bedroom apartment rentals is $1,900, and the average price for one-bedroom apartments in older buildings is around $1,000″ More info here:

Sandra asks…

How can i put a luxury bathtub in my laundry room?

i live in an apartment. i want to make my laundry room into some kind of relaxing spa like getaway. is there anyway to hook a bathtub (clawfoot) up to the washer hook up without changing any plumbing or piping?

Administrator answers:

If you are not on the first floor, it’s likely that the floor won’t be able to support the weight of a tub that size. Remember that you have the weight of the tub + you + the weight of the water. A standard tub holds 55 gallons so the water would weigh 385 pounds by itself. The kind of tub you are talking about is very heavy – often weighing a few hunderd pounds empty. I wouldn’t do this because you might end up downstairs the hard way.

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