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June 28, 2013

Ken asks…

How can I make my damp basement apartment feel more like?

a cozy autumn-feeling apartment??? After long negotiations, I finally got the owners to let me paint the walls a sage and biege.. i’m pretty sure they won’t let me repaint it anything other than white.. There are two large windows in my bedroom and i have plants sitting in one of them… my two sofas are tan and dark brown pin stripe, very thin… all of my furniture is light colored. Please help?

Administrator answers:

Since you are limited in the amount of decorating you would be able to complete, I would suggest utilizing rich, warm fabrics to create the feeling of comfort and luxury. Since your color palette is earth tones such as beige, brown, sage etc., I would consider adding some rich copper and chocolates. Start by warming your windows with perhaps a copper/bronze irridescent fabric and accent with chocolate tie-backs or valances. Add some throw pillows in these tones and you may want to throw in a little hint of a rich maroon/burgundy and a deep hunter green to break the brown tones.
Add a little light into your room by adding some cream “knick-knacks” and I think you will find yourself in a desirable, cozy space.

Best of luck.

Carol asks…

Who wants to come live with me on the dark side of the moon?

Its just me syd and a few other retards gets kind of boring talking to the same old people
We got luxury crater apartments and 50 story hotels underground

Administrator answers:

Communists? I don’t trust those people.

Lizzie asks…

How do I go about finding an out of town apartment?

I moved out of town once before but I had someone to stay with for the first month so I could find a job and an apartment. But without that luxury, I’m not sure how to find a place to live.

I can’t afford to fly across the country to go apartment hunting and the ones I’ve found online won’t usually contact someone from out of the area.

Any ideas? I know it’s possible and probably easier than I think.

Administrator answers: is a really great place to start. You can search specific areas and rental rates. Put just what you want in an apartment, and they will give you a list. If you end up renting from one of the properties, you get $100.00 back from as a bonus.

BTW, the service is FREE. You don’t pay them, and it does not drive your rent up.

Jenny asks…

how can i put a luxury bathtub in my laundry room?

i live in an apartment. i want to make my laundry room into some kind of relaxing spa like getaway. is there anyway to hook a bathtub (clawfoot) up to the washer hook up without changing any plumbing or piping?

Administrator answers:

This would definitely be thinking outside the box. Its definitely doable. Buying the clawfoot tub and the faucets for it is the easy part. Stores like sell thousdand of clawfoot tubs where individuals want to put down a tub somewhere in the middle of a master bedroom, or bathroom. Light weight acrylic tubs are very cool and inexpensive now. These are the modern version of clawfoot tubs which are more victorian.

Problem is going to be connecting your faucets and your tub drain to the location of the drain for your wash room. I cant really say without seeing the location and heights of the washroom water supply and drain locations. The faucet connectors would be the easy part. You can get away with flexible house connections going from the water suppy to the tub faucets. May not look the best if your dont want to modify the plumbing. Clawfoot tub faucets usually come with a matching set of pipes to connect to the wall or plumbing out of the floor. I am sure something could be customized if you have the know how or someone to help you.

As for the drain this probably the most problematic. The drain on a clawfoot bathtub is going to be floor level. It will need to drain out and into a pipe at the same level or lower. If the drain outlet for your washroom is higher then there is going to be a problem. You will then for sure need a plumber or a design that allows the tub to be higher.

Question for you to think about. Since you are in an apartment. Will the landlord let you make modifications?

Robert asks…

I lost my job and cannot afford my apartment, will I be able to get another apartment?

I lost my job and I have now found another one, but my salary has been cut by $20K. Will I be able to get another apartment if I break my lease?

Administrator answers:

When you apply for a new apartment they are going to ask your income to see if you will be able to pay for their apartment. Why do you need to break the lease and leave where you are? Is it because of the payments are too high?

I would do everything you could to stay where you are. You have a place to live now, if you leave, you may not have that luxury. Do everything you can to stay and find another job.

Mark asks…

Architecture question: usual distance between ceiling and floor of above apartment?

In a high-rise apartment building, what is the usual distance between the ceiling and the floor above? It seems like it should be about 18 inches. Is it true that in some more-expensive condominium buildings that the distance is two feet?

Administrator answers:

Yes. It may fluxuate betwenn 16 and 20 inches. In more expensive it is anywher from 18 to even 26. The luxury suites in cities are typicall as high as it gets, 26

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