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July 17, 2013

Lisa asks…

What is the difference bewteen a luxury apartment and a condo?

Administrator answers:

The difference between any type of apartment or condo is that you rent the apartment, usually under a lease agreement; you purchase the condo to own (you’ll have a mortgage on it just like buying a house).

Joseph asks…

Does a three level high rise suite exist?


I saw the show called Frasier andthe character named Niles Crane lives in a high rise that has three levels. it is a luxury apartment. does such a suite exist with three levels and that it’s luxury and high rise?


Administrator answers:

They most certainly do exist.

Susan asks…

What did my landlord mean by this?

I have a feeling my boyfriend is doing something behind my back i moved in with him a few months ago to his really nice luxury apartment. All of a sudden he is telling me he has 28 days to look for another place to live because his lease is up. When i checked his voicemail the landlord left a message saying he wanted to know if he reached his decision already, if he was going the legal route or finding another place to live. What could the landlord be talking about when he says going the legal route?

Administrator answers:

He *could* mean any one of a hundred different things. What he *probably* means is that your boyfriend is being evicted.

I’d seriously consider moving into a new place by yourself. If your “boyfriend” is keeping serious stuff like this from you and lying about it, you have no reason to consider making him part of your future.

Helen asks…

Neighbours are always moving furniture? Should I be suspicous?

We moved into a luxury apartment (me and mum) in January, every since the people above us are ALWAYS moving furniture. I can’t distinguish what type, it sounds like tables – but that could be the feet of lounges.
It is so frustrating, you think it’s a terrorist act or something.
But, it’s at all FREAKING hours, like now (4 in the afternoon) and at like 5 in the morning.
Any experiences you have? Should I be suspicous?

Administrator answers:

Buy a high caliber rifle and fire a round through your ceiling into their apartment every time they move fur nature. They’ll figure it out. They’re probably terrorists or drug manufacturers, so they won’t call the police.

George asks…

What to do in Brooklyn; nice houses/apartments; nice Universities?

Im 17 and im planning to move to a city after high school(I got alot of choices of cities I like to live) I am thinking about Brooklyn as one of my choices to take my 4 year college, live and do fun activities(besides Brooklyn bridge) but i want to know how life is in Brooklyn good and/or bad(its economy, the stock prices, houses/apartments, clubs and pubs, job opportunities and its people; leave out crime rate as i already know about it)

Administrator answers:

I would say it varies by neighborhood. The neighborhoods closest to manhattan are understandably more expensive and have lots of new luxury condos/lofts, etc. I wouldn’t say that Brooklyn has loads of fun activities, as it is really more of a residential neighborhood, but the neighborhoods near manhattan that have a lot of young 20-something have a lot of clubs, especially Williamsburg and Brooklyn Heights/DUMBO. Life in Brooklyn is still pretty good though, its quieter than Manhattan, a lot of diversity…I really can’t think of any good colleges in Brooklyn (there might be some though) but I’m sure you could live there and simply commute to another borough. I think NYU is pretty close?

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