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July 24, 2013

Donald asks…

How much do you have to earn to scrape by in Austin, Texas? How much to live comfortably?

Hello. I’m looking at taking a job in Austin, Texas, but I’m having a hard time deciding if the salary is enough or not. I hear from one study that says Austin is one of the best cities in the country for value, and I’ve talked to several people who said it was cheap for a city, but then I’m getting conflicting information from other people who say it’s really expensive, and you can barely scrape by on $60,000. I’m single, don’t go out much, and only need an apartment–can anyone tell me what you need to earn to get by in Austin? How much to live comfortably? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

One of the quickest ways to determine cost of living there is to visit Apartment Guide on line, or For Rent Magazine (there are other smaller sites, but these are National ones and they are the primary advertising spots for management companies that are leasing apartments. There are listings according to the area of the city that you are interested in living and it gives a lot of information about the size of apartment and the amenities that you get for your buck. There are very good buys there as well as what you get for your money, and there are extravagant ones that are very expensive. My 35 year old son is preparing to buy a home this summer, lives in the NW area of the city. My younger son lives South of Austin in a suburban area and will move West of the City soon. I lived there 8 years and was a property manager on several properties there, so know a lot about how to find a place to live. The first consideration is where would you work. Anyplace is not a bargain if it delivers a huge long commute for you every day. You either get to hate your job for being so far from home, or hate your home for being so far from work. That I would think is the first consideration. After that, make a list of the things that you think are important to find in the place you live. Do you want a large apartment, how about a view, 1st, 2nd, 3rd floor? What appliances do you want to be there. Do you want washer dryer connections or do you need the W/D to be in the apartment already (there are services that provide these appliances to rent also if not included in your apartment). What about high speed internet connections, paid cable or other utilities – do you want a fitness center or gym on site (many have these), some will also provide you with a gym membership in another location as part of your lease package. Covered parking? Recreation centers, pools (almost everywhere), tennis courts, golf??? There are lots of things to consider. You pay for what you get. If you are not a tennis player obviously tennis courts that are there for you are just something that you would pay for that would be of no value to you. The two magazines that I recommended have listings that tell about all these amenities. You can compare different areas pricewise, as well as comparing different complexes within the area you like.
My son and his wife have a one bedroom (large) in the NW part of the city. It is about 8 years old and was built as a luxury apartment complex so it is very attractive and in an easily accessible place. They have every amenity that you could ever want and they use them. They are young professionals, enjoy their home and want it to be pleasant space. I believe they pay about $700 a month in the Mopac/183 area. They have paid more and less in different areas. Depending upon whether you come from San Francisco, NY, Chicago or small town America you will find these rents high or reasonable. There are lots to choose from and you can find something that just suits you. I found that Austin rents generally were not so high compared to out of state cities of comparable growth. I think the job opportunities are good, pay well there, and that a single person has a wonderful opportunity for a great quality of life there. I supported a family on considerably less than the $60,000 you mentioned. A single person can live comfortably on a lot less than that. Also, utilities are mostly owned (excluding gas) by the city and are inexpensive as compared to other places. There is no tax on groceries, no state income tax and no tax on pharmaceuticals. I hope that some of this information is helpful to you and that if you move to Austin you will find it as great a place to live as I did. Easy to make friends, plenty of places to go and things to do. Good luck.

Donna asks…

Why are Sharon and Emily sleeping in the hotel on Y&R? But not luxury apartment?

There are apartments that have gym, restaurant, bar, club room (with tv, sofas and lobby), nice pool area, small movie theatre, grill outside with sitting areas, kid playroom and outside swing, tennis, walkway for people to go shopping…

So I don’t understand why Y&R need a HOTEL to get everybody to socialize.

Why not use the luxury apartment? I found so many of them in
So I don’t understand.

Administrator answers:

Sharon is now living at the ranch with most of the Newmans but I understand your question. Everyone in Genoa City without a real home lives at the “club”. All I can say is they must have some great room service! I realize if everyone had their own home there would be too many and just realized the other day that Kevin and Jana live in the same building as Michael & Lauren. Mostly they all live at the club,the Newman ranch, or the Chancellor mansion. I guess someone in Genoa City needs to build some condos, so everyone can have a little space of their own.

Linda asks…

How is segregation racist?

Do you think many liberals (or mainstream right-wingers for that matter) realize how dumb it is to say that segregation is racist? And does it ever occur for them to think why they think it’s racist against blacks or non-whites in particular?

Segregation is equality. Women and men are not unequal for using different bathrooms; they are both “discriminated” against just the same. So why are liberals and their voting population so afraid of segregation? Why are blacks never thankful for the fact that they were given their own schools, restaurants or drinking fountains? How many liberals realize that these regulations, like separate drinking fountains, protected whites from contagious diseases like syphilis which blacks are 20 times more likely to carry?

Is it the same reason why a child starts crying if there are no adults around but adults don’t start crying if there are no children to protect them? The answer is “Yes!”

Blacks and non-whites start crying without whites (whether in Finland, USA, Canada or Germany) because they realize that their luxury apartments, free education, non-corrupt and effective police force, bonbons, running water, ability to date whites, electricity, government, written languages, cell phones, computers, sewer systems, power plants, surgery, medicines, drugs, pest control, vaccines, cars, public transport, roads, heating, jobs and quality food are going to go away!
And they have a good reason to be scared and start crying because whites created, maintain and freely share those things just like parents take care of their children.

So they came up with the invention of calling it “racist”. Whites are not their mum and dad so they had to invent something to keep whites giving their stuff to them. Just like kids, they have far lower IQ’s and far less impulse control and they cannot create those things themselves. Just like children, they will throw temper tantrums and even make hateful retorts.

Only segregation is equality because only then whites are not forced to play mum and dad to eternal children. Whites give non-whites many things ranging from beauty and nuclear plants to movies and veterinary medicine.

Unless whites want to see increased abortion statistics, unemployment statistics, homicide statistics, welfare statistics, contagious disease statistics, scholastic failure statistics, affirmative action, billions of dollars spent on political correctness and a general increase in ugliness and unrest, they better segregate.
Why don’t whites start crying when non-whites are not around? Is it because whites are self-sufficient?

I can just imagine whites saying;
“Oh my God! The african immigrants are not coming in masses anymore. How are we going to maintain our supply of AIDS?”
“Oh lord! The illegal mexicans are not invading us anymore. Does this mean we won’t have to deal with our hospitals being flooded and blocked by welfare scammers while our taxpayers die from their complications outside?”
“Jesus! Now that we stopped invading the muslim countries, we are no longer inviting the muslim countries. How can we ensure that honour killings will still be maintained to diversify the american community?”

That problem is easily solved by maintaining a “White America” policy which prevents non-whites from entering. The ones who are already in can be forced out or, more gently, paid to leave as Japan does with its non-japanese guest workers.
The few remaining mixed ones will be diluted out in time by banning interracial marriage and by allowing only european immigration.

Administrator answers:

I hope to god you are trolling.

If you are not trolling, I hope that you have some kind of sperm problem so that you are not capable of reproducing.

All racism aside, there is another problem with segregation.

My father is from Spain and my mother is from Colombia. That would make me mixed because my father is white and mother is a mestiza. Where do mixed kids go in segregated schools?

Lizzie asks…

What city would you write on your resume for a company in which you work from home?

I have two unpaid positions that I do for experience while I’m at school. They’re writing positions in which I work from the luxury of my apartment. On my resume, when I have to list the city for the company I work for, what would I put down? They’re both online jobs. The handful of staff (scattered across the U.S.) work from home and upload content to the site. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

You would put the headquarters of the company. That may lead to some questions when a prospective employer sees your location and a current employer’s location being so far apart. You would want to put (telecommute) or something like that after your job title.

Mandy asks…

What exactly are security deposits for apartments?

Also, is one able to pay a security deposit to reserve an apartment spot until one obtains money to begin paying rent?

Administrator answers:

Security deposit: A lump sum (usually 1-2 months worth of rent) you pay before moving in to protect the landlord’s investment. The landlord has no idea if you’re going to trash his place during your tenancy, so the deposit helps to offset that and relieve the landlord’s expenses. This is no way limits the amount of responsibility the tenant has; if the tenant creates more damage than the amount of the deposit, the landlord can sue for the difference (ie if you pay $1000 deposit but create $5000 in damages, the landlord can sue for $4000). On the other hand, if you create less damage than the amount of the deposit (or, preferably, none at all), then the difference is refunded to you (ie if you pay $1000 deposit but only create $500 in damages, $500 is refunded back to you after move-out).

Some landlord also charge an extra fee or deposit for luxuries such as having a pet or smoking. Some states declare that it is illegal to term a deposit of any kind as “non-refundable,” but it is common to pay large fees for these priveleges, as well as much smaller monthly fees on top of rent (ie if you have one dog, the landlord may charge a $200 cleaning fee/deposit, plus $50/month extra on top of rent. The $200 is almost certainly not refunded, as pets create substantial damage the second they are brough into a unit).

Holding deposit: A lump sum (usually a couple of hundred dollars) you pay without signing a lease to hold a unit until it is ready to rent. This means the landlord takes it off the market for you and holds it until you are both ready to sign a lease. The deposit is usually deducted from a security deposit or first month’s rent once the lease is signed. These are NEVER refundable, so make sure you do not pay one unless you are 100% certain you want the unit in question. Also, if you are paying a security deposit instead of a holding deposit, make sure the check, receipt, etc. Specifically states such.

Hope this was clear. Let me know if you need further clarification.

Robert asks…

How to protect myself when putting money down on pre-lease for unbuilt apartment?

I am considering pre-leasing apartments at a complex not yet finished (complex or any units). I was told they could not guarantee me a walk through or make my money down/lease dependent on this. the explanations was that they are working to finish the leased unit first, thus when ready tenants are allowed to move in as they wish- meaning finished units may be occupied same day they are finished. There are no plans for a model. I was shown samples of flooring, countertops, bathroom tile and have a floor plan and community layout. There are also amenities planned- some were “for sure” and some I was told were optional (which I’m okay if they don’t come to fruition).

I was told if I apply, met criteria, put money down (deposit, HIGH admin fee, and app fee- only part of the total is refundable), then I would be signing something (not sure if lease at that time or other contract), and picking out/reserving a specific unit in a specific building.

My concerns are about a “bait and switch” or if promised “for sure” things that led me to sign with them (like gated community or new appliances or pool) don’t come through in an appropriate time frame. Also what if construction is delayed more than is reasonable (already delayed by a month- would think more than another month or so is suspicious)? I’d wait to lease until they were done if I didn’t need out of my current place soon and wasn’t worried the plan/features I want would be unavailable.

What do I need to do to protect myself and ensure as much legal or financial recourse as possible in the horrible chance I would need it?

Any info is appreciated!
P.s. for what it’s worth I live in Texas
The complex is being built- first phase of buildings are being worked on but not done. Estimates are completed for move in about 3 months- which is actually a great time frame for me. Long-term affordable quality renting in our city is hard because places go quickly (more demand than supply due to military and oil worker boom), its a big vacation rental location(aka short term of price gouging on long term), and working class town means most are sub-quality of unsafe for the price. also it has got a view of the city bay and is in a safe part of town close to a major university- so yes it’s a desireable area. These are planned to be luxury apartments and a “concierge style complex”.

Property is managed privately so no company to check into but they have another complex in town I really really like and would rent there if I wasn’t concerned about safety of location.

Administrator answers:

Why would you lease an apartment that is not even built yet? Maybe if it was a purchase of a luxury condo in a very desirable area, but this is just to rent an apartment? Sounds like a bad idea all around. Wait until the entire complex is completed, then apply to rent there if you still want to.

Ken asks…

What are some price ranges on apartments in hawaii?

I am permanently moving to Honolulu for school, and I was thinking of a one bedroom apartment, but is there cheapers alternatives, and what is the pricing on one bedrooms?

Administrator answers:

You can get an efficiency for about $800. A contel/condtel (hotel room that has a kitchenette) for around $700, but your best bet is roommates. My neighbors are college students they live in a 3 bed room, 2 bath condo for $3200 monthly(guessing on their rent), which is a “luxury” high-rise.

Good Luck with the apartment and school hunt!

Mark asks…

Anyone know of any hotel apartments in Michigan?

Not an apartment or a hotel, but a hotel apartment. It’s an apartment that has hotel like services and you can live in them if you choose or stay for long periods of time.
Umm, could you like specify the names of them instead of just answering yes?

Administrator answers:

I know exactly the kind of place you are talking about. Apartment hotels provide luxury apartment style living accommodation (lounge, kitchen and multiple bedrooms) however you enjoy all of the facilities of a top hotel too. Examples below (including one in Michigan for you)

Hope this is useful

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