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August 11, 2013

Mark asks…

How do I tell my roomates to move out?

So I have 2 roomates that live with me and another roomate that I want out of my apartment. They are no in the lease or anything.. just me and my best friend are… well they are my friend’s “friends” but even he is tired of them, all they do is smoke pot, one of them got fired because he never went to work… and they are very lazy, they dont clean, wash dishes, they have their bathroom very very disgusting and we live in a luxury apartment. how do i tell them to get out by being nice???

Administrator answers:

This isn’t working and you guys have to move out.

Then give them a deadline.

David asks…

We think luxury trough the pain of others is ok because were all equal and therefore no one makes a difference?

the situation is this.
so you have a rich guy with a hot wife in a big ass mansion. he’s a luxury life he got with the money from his industries in which 10000 workers suffer mentally and physically, just to give that guy all that money. yet we all accept that as being something meh but ok.

i think its because all human beings are like the number one in math,

1= 1 times 10000
i’m too lazy to develop my point but… whatddya think?

Administrator answers:

I think I get your idea, but I’m not sure.

I would say no… It’s not okay. But… We all make decisions. All of those 10000 workers decided to work for the company, when they didn’t have to. There’s always another option – to be or not to be, if you get my meaning. And I see this situation all the time, and have had my own difficulties as a result of it: I go looking for work but can’t find anything decent, because 10000 other people already caved in and said yes to working for slave wages. Or I go looking for a decent apartment and can’t find one because 10000 other people already caved in and said yes to paying $1000/month for one.

And so, the savvy people who find their way into some kind of power come along and take advantage of people’s willingness to be trod on. The situation sucks, but those with a little more power than the others are just taking advantage of what those others are willing to agree to.

Carol asks…

Norway and how much should one be earning to be able to afford a bit of luxury in Norway?

1. What are some of the cities that are an hour drive away from Oslo?
2. If you are earning like 50,000,00 per month, would this be enough to afford you the simple luxuries of daily life there? (outside of Oslo).
3. If a person lives in a cabin in that said city, is he or she considered wealthy? average? poor? How do people outside Oslo live, by the way? Is living in concrete houses also a way of life there?

Administrator answers:

Bærum, Asker, Skien, Larvik, Fredrikstad. The urban build up around Oslo accounts for almost a quarter of the population of Norway.

50,000 Nok a month should allow you to lead an OK standard of life, decent food, car and so on. It does depend on what you consider luxuries though. If you’re after diamonds and Champagne everyday then that might not be enough.

Most houses in Norway are built in wood, there’s lots of it around and you can have some very expensive properties of this type. Even the Hytter so beloved of Norwegians can be millions of Nok. Concrete is generally reserved for the buildings of apartments in blocks.

Thomas asks…

Is going to grad school a luxury nowadays? I know a girl who her dad is paying for her two year masters AND?

the apartment she will be living in. Ugh!

Administrator answers:

Grad school isn’t necessarily a luxury–in most humanities, science and engineering fields you can go for free and get a TA or RA stipend on top of it. Law, med, and business school cost, but those degrees are likely to pay off. The misconceptions many have about full-time grad students–that we’re too lazy for the real world and are funded by wealthy parents–are disheartening. Most grad students work >50 hours a week and live very frugally on $12-20k a year.

I wouldn’t worry too much about this person you know. There will always be people who have it (economically) easy in life, and there’s no point in resenting them for it–that won’t make it any easier on those of us who have to work harder. I’m sure she has other issues, from having a hard time fitting in with students paying their own way or, if she’s in an academic field where grad students are usually funded and she’s not, she may not be that good and has to deal with that. In any case, if you’re considering grad school, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s only for the wealthy. If you’re smart and willing to work, you’ll probably qualify for funding.

Susan asks…

Want to buy a new apartment in Ghaziabad, any idea on discount on original bookings.?

I am interested in Parsvnath Exotica apartments in Ghaziabad. I wonder if I can avail a discount. Please let me know if any other promotional offers on Ghaziabad Apartments. While the Ghaziabad properties are not very strong I think this is good opportunity to ask for discounts. I am interested also in Parsvnath Regalia, Parsvnath Sterling apartments all located on GT Road in Ghaziabad.

Administrator answers:

India, Republic of (Press Release) April 13, 2008 — Parsvnath has launched beautiful and modern apartmets strategically located on GT Road in Ghaziabad. These well planned “Ghaziabad Apartments” will provide superb connectivity to Connaught place which will be just 30 km and also to most other araes in Delhi NCR. This apartment complex boasts abundant green spaces and three tiered security with boundry wall all around the project site. This project is targeted for customer who want to live luxury lifestyle without any hassel. Parsvnath Exotica is consisdered higher end residential complex, an upgrade from nearby Regalia and Sterling.
The apartments range from three to five bedrooms. All five and some of the four bedrooms apartments also feature servant room and bathroom. The sample flat is ready to view and can be arranged by calling following number. Possesion is expected in 2010.The price for 3 bedroom apartments start Rs 5558400, this includes inaugural discount.

George asks…

How can an apartment complex get away with not payin their trash bill?

My folks live in a well known apartment complex and they got a letter stating that there is a trash emergency. All the dumpsters were taken away and we found out that it involved all the complexes owned by this management company, not just this one. I found out today that the bill was not paid for six(6) months. The letter states that we are to keep our trash on our patios and balconies until further notice. No one is listening to that cause that will bring critters and bugs, besides that is a health hazard. Wait til the fire marshal hears about this one. Last time something like this happened it was the water that was shut off for nonpayment and next thing we knew we had to pay the water bill on our own. I think they are gonna try to make us pay the trash bill too. That is not fair to residents. What do you think about this and tell me please if there are any legal issues that can arise from this.

Administrator answers:

Contact your city housing office and report them. Trash pickup is included in your rent, it’s not a luxury provided by the management. What they’re doing isn’t legal.

Joseph asks…

How do I become financially independent on my own?

I feel a strong need to start having something for myself.
I’ve gotten to the point where I no longer want to trust my parents with responsibility with of providing “fringes” for me. As you can tell there was some disagreement , big no argument, but I will open a brand new bank account for the first time in august at college.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m a little saddened by this decision, being that other kids have the luxury of depending on their parents for a lot ( financially, emotionally, etc) but I’ve realized that at 19 I NEED to have my own money. My goal is to raise $ 2,000.50 by the end of my sophomore year at college. That’s a lot for a college student but I need to try. I will have my own job this year. Any idea’s to help me? I eventually want to invest some money in mutual funds and open up my IRA account summer before junior year. Any suggestions?
Is this normal for me…am I just sad or am I somehow subconsciously trying to enforce my independence….I’m a little confused.
Thanks people….

Administrator answers:

It’s a great feeling to do things on your own. My father passed away and after that, I couldn’t count on my mom for anything, so I too went out on my own at 17. I am now 19 and own a brand new truck, have my own apartment and all the while managed to stay in school and work. It makes you stronger, trust me. My only suggestion to you would be to remember that you’re still a kid. Don’t forget to go out and have fun still or else you will miss out on a lot. Try to save a little money in the bank, but be sure to put some aside for entertainment value as well. Best of luck to you :)

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