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October 20, 2012

Joseph asks…

is it mandatory to include smoke detection systems in high rise luxury apartments?

The Apartments are all privately owned but have a management company

Administrator answers:

In the US smoke detectors are required, how many depends on when the apartment was last remodeled. Present code is all bedroom as the common hallway.

Fire and CO detectors are not required unless it is new construction (never the CO).

In new construction requires a fire system with sprinklers that go off at a certain temp, as well as a fire alarm that sets off in the entire building, inside and out.

Ruth asks…

Is Vat and Service Tax applicable on Luxury Apartments?

i want to know whether VAT and service tax is applicable on luxury apartments or not?? and if yes than wht is the percentage …. and if possible let me know the notification…please
Is it applicable in maharashtra

Administrator answers:

VAT of which state?

Maria asks…

London Luxury Apartments business for Corporate Clients?

one of my project is renting out Luxury apartments, I was wondering what is the best medium to market it to bigger companies travelling to London.

How do I market it at a very low cost, also does anybody know about project management software? which will help me keep track of all things at once.

thanks for you time


Administrator answers:

The least expensive is to advertise on
You can do so free and include photos

Thomas asks…

greenwich village along hudson river luxury apartments?

im doing a research on greenwich village in new york… along west street hudson river. is it a place for big luxury apartments like
3-bdroom units? let me know what you think. thank you

Administrator answers:

Anything along the Hudson River including Hoboken on the jersey side–is big bucks—the better the view the more its worth.

Richard asks…

Are luxury serviced apartments worth it?

I’m looking for accommodation for a long weekend in Edinburgh and have seen a the site for 16 Waterloo Place which looks great –
I’ve never stayed in serviced apartments before (I had never even heard of them up until this point) and wondered if anyone had ever stayed in this place and if it’s as good a deal as it sounds.
Any comments welcome (I’m traveling up in early April so need to book quite soon).

Administrator answers:

It just opened last week so you will be very lucky if anyone has stayed there yet. I have generally had bad reports about dirty sheets, no towels, broken equipment, etc. In the existing apartments in Edinburgh. But as this is brand new, you may not face these problems. Have a look at customer’s comments for existing serviced apartments in Edinburgh.

David asks…

The names of the top luxury apartments in Junction City, Kansas or surrounding areas?

Administrator answers:

Good luck. Most rental housing in JC is built for soldier at Fort Riley. Manhattan, on the other side of Fort Riley, probably has better quality housing as a rule, but again, most is marketed to students at Kansas State.

Before anyone from JC gets mad at me, I’m not saying all housing in JC is bad. I’ve seen some beautiful old homes there, and there are some horrible rentals in Manhattan, but I still think the general quality is better in Manhattan.

Laura asks…

Can u give me websites of luxury apartments,condos, & towns house in Los Angeles.?

Can u give me websites of luxury apartments,condos, & towns house in Los Angeles. Or areas in LA they are in. Or names of them.
Price DOESN’T matter. :)


Administrator answers:


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