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December 4, 2012

Robert asks…

what are the luxury apartments in Taipei?

Do you have a website for Fubon Villas

Administrator answers:

I don’t know any Fubon villas, I know one of the best suburbs in Taipei is the TianMu district, there are lots of Japase expats living there.

Charles asks…

Luxury Apartments 768 w jackson?

Luxury Apartments 768 W Jackson

Administrator answers:

And your question is?

Steven asks…

Luxury apartments next to GWU?

I’m attending George Washington Uni in Aug and I’m looking for a luxury 1 bedroom apartment next to a metro stop (blue/orange) closest to GWU, but not in DC.

Any suggestions

Administrator answers:

You haven’t gotten any answers yet because you posted this question in the wrong section.

Try again.

Maria asks…

So, when USC is found guilty of paying their players, allowing them to live in luxury apartments, what happens?

Administrator answers:

I hope the NCAA will cancel all of USCs sports programs

Helen asks…

Any ready to live luxury Apartments in Kochi, Kerala?

Administrator answers:

Yes definitely. Nowadays investment in real estate industry in Kerala is highly profitable. I will help you in getting luxury ready to occupy apartments in Kochi. Olive Builder offers luxury apartments in main areas of Kochi like Kakkanad, Infopark, Kaloor etc

Linda asks…

I want to find a luxury apartment complex in Dallas or near cities?

I live in Dallas Tx.I want to move to apartment.I am looking for a luxury,beautiful apartment which has large pool and Palm trees(Palm trees around the apartment is very interesting to me and my apartment must have it)
Where can I find Them?

Thank you

Where can I find them?

Administrator answers:

If you go to and type ‘Dallas, TX’ in the ‘Where’ box, you’ll get all the available apartment listings there. To specify other features, type key words into the ‘What’ box, such as ‘pool’ and ‘palm trees.’ I hope this helps!

Donald asks…

I am interested in the “luxury” apartments in Medford (near Wellington Station).?

Any inputs as to the safety of the area or general living experience?
Medford, MA. Can you suggest some more appropriate local sites?

Administrator answers:

You need to find a local site to ask these questions. Y!A is an *international* forum, and chances are that 99.9 percent of the people reading your question won’t even have a clue what state Medford is in.

Me, I’m just trying to wrap my brain around the word “luxury” in connection with “Medford”. Times must have really changed since I was in school.

Donna asks…

I work for a broker at a real office and I want to develop a site specializing in no fee luxury apartments.?

I want to start a website specializing in the no fee luxury apartment buildings. I currently work for a broker and I do not want to have conflicting interests but I feel as thought with my network I could bring in a better percentage of buyers/ renters through advertising my own website for just no fee luxury apartments. Can I safely do this with out being fired by my broker? As Long as he gets the percentage from every sale or rental and it’s paid to him directly I would be okay right?

Administrator answers:

Not right. You work under your principal brokers umbrella, not the other way around. You could find yourself in big trouble by going around your principal on this, and without a job.

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