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August 7, 2013

Robert asks…

How do I break my lease on my new Apartment>?

I live in Houston, TX in a new luxury apt. that isn’t a so luxurous to me. I have lived here since Sept. 27, 2008. They are not giving me the security I am paying for such as gating with remote, so many things are what I would say not even up to code such as trash dumpsters and elec, I have had fire ants and other bugs since day one and they won’t get rid of em even though the lil one and me have allergic reactions to their bites, and just this morning I am woke up for the upt time by the neighbors at 5 am who let their alarm clock keep going off for at least 2 hours. Here it is almost 3 and it may still be going off. To give ya an idea we pay over twice the rent for stuff that we are not receiving here. On top of that they are now charging us for their est. hurricane elec bill and nothing we can do about it but pay it. Tried to argue it with our reliant and they sent us the bill twice to make up for what the est. was.

Administrator answers:

If your contracted to pay for an anything then you have to pay. The way out is if you feel the ”other side” aren’t fulfilling their side of the deal. For instance if they don’t keep up wih maintenance or repairs. If that can be proved then you can say that they have broken the contract ! EASY !

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