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Your Questions About Luxury Apartments Houston

May 19, 2012

Carol asks…

luxury apartments in houston?

What are some best apartments in the houston area?
something along the lines of metropole (
i dont mean to endorse anyone, but just so you get an idea what im looking for.

mid-rise or high-rise would be a plus.

Administrator answers:

3000 Sage in the Galleria area
Gables Augusta (also in the Galleria area)
The Lofts at the Ballpark (midtown)
Jackson Hill (Memorial/Heights)
3333 Allen Parkway (near downtown)

Daniel asks…

How much is rent for a one bedroom semi-luxury apartment in Houston?

Administrator answers:

$1000 – $2500 per month – depends on where you want to live in Houston.

Thomas asks…

Are luxury apartment homes only for lease or can you buy to own? Houston, TX?

Are luxury apartment homes only for lease or can you buy to own?

Administrator answers:

In New York City you can buy an apt. Costing 45 million. And up

Maria asks…

Nice Apartment or Small House in Houston?

I’m looking to move soon, my apartments suck and after Ike (Im in Galveston Co are even worse). I want to get either a small house, or a nice apartment, does anyone know of any nice luxury apartments in the Houston area? Or a small house that’s in a good neighborhood without outrageous taxes?
preferabally with a Gym nearby, most of my free time is spent working out.

Administrator answers:

Do you want to rent or buy? I use a lot. If u rent, i used to live in a Camden apartment, it’s nice. It’s gated with gym, several pools. They have apartments all over Houston. I think website is

Michael asks…

Why does my rent keep going up?

I live in the outskirts of Houston TX, in a luxury apartment complex. This now my 3rd renewal and rent is to be an additional $25 a month. Same as the year before. Its increased $50 in 2 years. I understand if property value goes up, but in other places that I have lived, never had an increase. Is this a judgment call by the Management Company? I mean they are all ready making a killing on all the residents here with the amount everyone is paying?

Thanks for your opinions.

Administrator answers:

There are 2 reasons why rent goes up.
1. Landlords’ expenses go up, mostly taxes and insurance.
2. Greed. Landlords are landlords to make a profit.

It has nothing to do with property values. Many landlords don’t raise rents because it encourages long term tenants. Some squeeze all they can. Most are somewhere in between.

Mark asks…

Security deposit charges in Houston?

I rented from this “luxury” complex in Houston, TX for 2 years, under 2 lease contracts. I first had a 12 month lease, then renewed it for 6 months, then went month to month for 3 months, (dates: 4/07-4/08, 5/08-10/08, 11/08-1/09).

According to the original lease I signed, my security deposit was $210. When I renewed/signed the 2nd lease it listed a security deposit of $175. I have not received any money for the first security deposit.

When I moved out I had to pay for the month of Feb, since they require 60 day notice, not 30. And, I am very good about cleaning my apartment, so I made sure to take photos of the bathroom, etc, to be sure that I would not get charged any money for damages.

I just received an itemized list. Turns out I’m still being charged for repainting/cleaning per an addendum that I never signed, the cost of replacing blinds for 1 window, the final water/sewage bill, and 1 day of rent (Feb 1, 09).

Unfortunately, I moved about 2000 miles away to NY. How do I get my money back? And, aren’t I still due my original security deposit of $210?!
Actually, I didn’t really notice the change in the security deposits until recently. To me, its like 2 separate contracts.

The paint charge is specifically referred to as a charge “per cleaning addendum”, not a damage charge. The addendum must be something they made up between the time I moved out and now.

The blinds are simply some type of replacement, with no specific description about damage (which they weren’t).
Also, I never received a signed copy of the 2nd lease.
Thanks. I talked to the assistant manager today. He claims that the “addendum” is not really an addendum, but something that’s included in their “rules and community policies”. He makes the claim that I did sign the rules and community properties document – though I have no copy of this document. Further, the statement he sent me itself refers to a “cleaning addendum”, which is not referred to anywhere on the lease. As an example, I do have an “early termination of lease” addendum, which is a separate page of the 2nd lease.

I’m not sure why I did not receive a copy of the additional rules and policies. It states in their lease, “Our rules and community policies, if any, will be attached to the Lease Contract and given to you at signing….The items checked below (12 other pages) are attached to this Lease Contract and are binding even if not initialed or signed.” I only have the 6 page lease. No extra attachments.

Administrator answers:

I would have questioned the discrepancy at the time.

They cannot charge you for painting unless, you did something to cause it to be painted. Other wise that is general wear and tear and it is ILLEGAL for them to charge you for that.

The blinds they can charge you for but the $175 they still have should be plenty for that. You should not owe them any money.

They legally need to provide you with an accounting with receipts proving what all the $210 was used for, including what ever made it drop to $175.

I would take them to court. Most of what they are doing is illegal.

EDIT: They cannot reference some addendum if you never singed it. Since you never singed it, it is not in effect and will not stand up in court.

John asks…

If you worked at a apt. complex, would you live onsite at that commuinty?

Im a leasing agent and I work at a nice apartment complex that has alot of luxury amenties and detailing to the apartment. I just don’t know if I should live onsite. We have 30 communties in Houston but I want to live at either mine I work at or another thats is only 5 mins away. The other one is a nice small apt complex that is a nice Spanish Theme and $53 cheaper. But the insdie of the one I work at is very nice and a little bit larger.. I just don’t know if I could live in and work in the same location. Thanks in advance for your feedback and thoughs.
My Commuinty I work at:

360 Units
The Whole Apartment is Upgraded
Nice Landscaping
$53 More
737 sq.

The Other:
120 Units
Older Appliances
5 mins from work
Less expensive

Administrator answers:

I would live on site. Just calculate all the time you would save everyday driving. Figure out how much your time is worth and what the savings are.

Richard asks…

Plan on Moving From Louisville, Ky to Austin Texas and I Have Plenty of Questions!?

My fiance and I plan on moving to Austin Texas then moving to Houston because i read online once both our majors make six figures in texas. Does anyone have any information on starting salaries for Architectural Engineers and Computer Engineers in Austin or Houston, well Texas Period? I Lost the link to the site i saw that on so i’m asking again.

Also we plan on both finishing our education at the university of texas and want to live off campus and want some guidence on a good apartment in a decent area. Not too far from the school (meaning gas is high) , good quality living at a good price, some if not all paid utilities, maybe a pool, and not out of date, maybe even a good site to find a apartment cause all i see is luxury straight to crap. Condo, apatments, townhomes, homes…the jobs we will have lined up will pay us individually 200-300 a week after tax. so combined 1600-2400 a month. specific apartment names, etc please

Also how is the community of austin is it mixed?

We are both african american but i enjoy friends and peers of different ethnicities.
Also we have Gay and Lesbian friends who will visit us often from kentucky is the city homosexual friendly?

How is the shopping?

If this info helps our ages are, 19 and 21 currently. we love music of all kinds mainly r&b, some hip hop, alternative rock, rock, pop, and country, does the music capital cater to this or just on genre?

thanks for sticking with me i know i had questions all over the place.
Thanks texas and travelers alike.

Administrator answers:

The University of Texas has an extensive shuttle bus system throughout the city. There would likely be something about that on the UT Internet site or else through the City of Austin. You will need to contact an apartment locator to help you find an apt. Near the bus line for The University.

There are many, many computer related companies in and around Austin. You will have to apply for a job to find out their salaries. Your income might present a problem. Not much, so be prepared to downsize your lifestyle while attending the university.

There are a variety of ethnicities in Austin. This is a very diverse city. While not Europe, you will often hear another language spoken fluently, usually Spanish, but it can be anything. Everyday I work with people who are fluent in French, Spanish, Vietnamese, Indian, Philippino, Russian, Czech, German, and some others. There is also a large gay community in Austin. There is a “gay” phone book so consult that.

Right now we are having a heat wave and drought. It is ungodly hot everyday. It is very dangerous so always have water with you in the car.

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