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October 29, 2012

Thomas asks…

Will Democrat Charlie Rangel share a cell with Democrat William J. Jefferson?

Suspecting Jefferson of bribery, the FBI raided his Congressional offices in May 2006, but he was re-elected later that year. On June 4, 2007, a federal grand jury indicted Jefferson on sixteen charges related to corruption.[24] Jefferson was defeated by Republican Joseph Cao on December 6, 2008,[22] being the most senior Democrat to lose re-election that year.[25] In 2009 he was tried in Virginia on corruption charges.[26] On August 5, 2009, he was found guilty of 11 of the 16 corruption counts.[27] Jefferson’s lawyers have promised to appeal, a gesture which New Orleans former U.S. attorney Harry Rosenberg told the Times-Picayune may work in Jefferson’s favor because the jury failed to convict him on all 16 of the indictment counts.[28] Jefferson was sentenced to 13 years on November 13, 2009, the longest sentence ever handed down to a congressman for bribery or any other crime, though in many circles it is agreed the sentence is not nearly long enough for such a crook.[3]

Rangel, first elected to the House in 1970, has been hit with a 13-count “Statement of Alleged Violation” by the ethics committee after a two-year investigation into his personal finances. The charges include allegations that he improperly solicited millions of dollars from corporate officials and lobbyists for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service at City College in New York; failed to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars of income and assets on financial disclosure forms; maintained multiple rent-stabilized apartments in a luxury Harlem apartment building; and failed to pay income taxes on a villa in the Dominican Republic.

Hmmm lets see 13 years for Jefferson and 13 counts against Rangel, lucky number 13, hopefully Rangel will serve the same 13 years.

Administrator answers:

I hope so. This underscores the need for term limits, because otherwise you have these entrenched “permanent politicians” who continue to be reelected because their constituents are blind sheep who are too delusional to see the truth.

Sandy asks…

Will you guys donate money to my Wall Street cause?

All throughout New York City, Wall Street financial firms and their employees are hitting the skids. Times are tough. They’re cutting back. Obama’s cutting back. Paychecks are getting smaller and smaller everyday.

The problem is, Park Avenue apartments still need to be paid off. Association dues are late. Children don’t have the money to go to private schools like Spence and Dalton. Piano lessons are being pushed aside. Dinners at Le Bernardine are shunned in favor of nights out at 1-star restaurants. Trips to Paris are being put off.

Financial firm employees everywhere are suffering. Obama, the Communist, refuses to give them any relief. That’s why I’m asking you, the common people that fix our roads, unclog our toilets, work at McDonald’s frying nuggets, to donate money towards the wealthy poor. They are people too, just with luxury cars, apartments, houses and boarding school fees that need to be paid.

Don’t let them get thrown into an upper-middle class life. Donate now, and help an investment banker out.
250,000 is not enough to live on. It’s inhuman!

Administrator answers:

Great satire

William asks…

Charlie Rangel: 50 years of public service or 50 years of self service?
“My reputation, 50 years of public service, has to suffer because you have concluded that this matter has to end before this Congress ends,” Rangel said.

Rangel has been hit with a 13-count “Statement of Alleged Violation” after a two-year investigation, including allegations that he improperly solicited millions of dollars from corporate officials and lobbyists for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service at The City College of New York; failed to disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars of income and assets on financial disclosure forms; maintained multiple rent-stabilized apartments in a luxury Harlem apartment building; and failed to pay income taxes on a villa in the Dominican Republic.

Read more:

Administrator answers:

Damn good way of putting it. 50 years of publicly serving himself.

Donna asks…

Rangel: Will he get by with a mere slap on the wrist?

Democrats, why so silent about this?

With some House insiders suggesting the Rangel probe had already bogged down in a partisan stalemate, the latest announcement by the ethics committee means that Rangel may face weeks, or even months, of added scrutiny.

Under House ethics committee rules, investigative subcommittees, which have subpoena power, must approve by a majority vote any finding of an alleged ethic violation. The full ethics committee would then have to take final action on the matter.

The ethics committee first voted on Sept. 24, at Rangel’s request, to create an investigative subcommittee to look into the New York Democrat’s personal finances, including his use of rent-stabilized apartments in a luxury Harlem building, his failure to fully pay taxes on a resort home in the Dominican Republic and his use of official House stationery to solicit potential donors for the Charles B. Rangel Center for Public Service in New York.

It’s a particularly vexing situation for New York Democrats, who know Rangel well and have benefited for years from his campaign contributions and his advocacy for the state – particularly on the powerful Ways and Means Committee, which he chaired before stepping down from the post last March.

To criticize Rangel would look politically expedient for these Democrats and could risk the ire of the Congressional Black Caucus and the many influential black activists in New York. But staying silent leaves them vulnerable to Republican charges that the party is not sufficiently tough on the ethical lapses of its members.

Administrator answers:

The Obama press will report one thing but he will actually just get a slap on the hand with a large bonus

Lizzie asks…

How much in general is a nice apartment in the following places?

How much in general is a nice apartment in the following places?

Sydney, Florida, California, Miami, New York.
Also, I would like your opinion on where is best to live, and if you have a recommendation perhaps add other cities. :)

Also, if you are going to recommend something, don’t worry about price, I want a nice apartment, not luxury or anything just nice perhaps border line Premium.

Furthermore if you are feeling up for it then even add in the general costs for electric, water, gas etc etc

Ahhh also, if you want best answer then you can even add “to buy” and “to rent”

Looking forward to all answers!! :D

Administrator answers:

1 room 2 rooms 3 rooms
Florida: $186,334 $215,008 $271,596
California: $396,095 $453,897 $521,490
Miami: $253,072 $331,523 $396,264
New York: $1,852,414 $2,032,167 $2,645,845

these prices are all “to buy” and not “to rent”

Mandy asks…

What do you think of this story?

Secrets of a Principal

Chapter 1
It was a normal day in New York. Just an empty apartment building full of boxes with an aqua blue room. A girl with dirty blonde hair and blue green eyes walks in to a room carrying her red sidekick cell phone. “What kind of ocean dump is this?” snarled Leslie.
“Well what do you expect?” argued Ryan. “A suite in a luxury hotel, well I’m your brother not a millionaire.” Leslie went into her room and looked out the window. The streets were filled with traffic and the sidewalks were filled with people just like any other day in New York.

Chapter 2
The next morning Leslie got ready for school. She had to walk on the sidewalks infested with people. The school was built with red bricks and painted a subtle gray. The name read Lakeview Junior High. She wondered why it was called Lakeview if there was no lake. A group of 3 girls were snickering at Leslie. Leslie gave them a fierce look then walked off. A boy with brown eyes and brown hair with the hair combed of to this edgy look and walked up to Leslie. “Don’t worry about those girls no on likes them anyways.” Reassured the boy
“Thanks I guess….my names Leslie.”
“My name is Max!”
“Well anyways I have to get to class… bye.” lied Leslie.
Leslie thought to herself why do all these weird people talk to me. The day before she heard weird rumors about Max and how to avoid him. Leslie headed to class and before she knew it she bumped into someone.

Chapter 3
“I’m sorry …. I’m Jacob by the way.”
“I’m Leslie by the way.” Leslie blushed because Jacob had such beautiful eyes of green and all of the girls were all over him and the others were giving Leslie mean looks.
“I haven’t seen you here before are you new?”
“Well I did just move here.” said Leslie.
A girl with a smirking look quickly pushed Leslie out of the way.
“Jacob we should go to a movie Saturday night.” said Andrea provocatively.
“Um I’ll think about it.” Jacob.
Jacob started peering looking for Leslie but she had already left before he knew it.
“Class has started students please take your seats.” ordered Mrs. Smith.

Chapter 4
After school Leslie took a shortcut through the woods right near the school. On her way she found Max. Leslie saw him and hid behind the thin narrow tree. She peered out and took a peek. No one was there. She turned her head back only to find Max right infront of her face. “High Leslie” yelled Max.

“Oh hi” mumbled Leslie. Leslie speed walked as Max chased behind her. Leslie bumped right into Jacob. “Hey Jacob, well I was just…oh well he’s the truth I was just running away from that weird kid Max because he’s kind of scary” said Leslie.
“That’s cool Leslie your cute.” Jacob said.
“Thanks” Leslie smiled back.
“I was wondering if you wanted to go to the woods by the school 7 maybe” Jacob said I’ll meet you here.” Jacob walked off. Max came up running Leslie to wait. Leslie ran all the way home as fast as she could and locked all the windows and doors. She collapsed on the on to the red leather couch as her brother walked into the room in his pajamas. “Jeez Leslie your panting like crazy. Did you run a marathon or something.” her brother said. Later that evening the clock struck 7. Leslie got ready and wore a plaid shirt and brown shorts. Leslie walked to the school and waited by the entrance of the woods. Jacob came behind her and then tried to scare her but she didn’t move an inch. “Leslie you’re like a statue aren’t you scared of anything.”
“I’ve been watching scary movies since I was 6, I laugh at them now.” pronounced Leslie.
“Let’s start walking.” said Jacob.
“Well why did u pick the woods.” asked Leslie.
“What can I say I’m an outdoors man” Jacob answered.
“Oh so now you’re a man.” Leslie chuckled.
“Well I got the looks.” Jacob said.
Leslie laughed as they were getting close to the end of the forest. It was a full moon that night and the trees were glimmering. “Wait what’s that?” questioned Leslie.
“I think that’s a person.” Jacob said.
“Let’s get up close but be quiet.” whispered Jacob. There was a black silhouette of a woman in her 30’s pulling 3 cart loads of books and lodging them into a van. “Whoa that’s strange.” wondered Jacob.
“Well not really she’s probably a janitor or something.” Leslie nagged.
“A janitor doesn’t throw books like that.” Jacob exclaimed.
“Don’t be smart with me.” Leslie barked.
“Hello is anyone there?” said the mysterious lady.
“Oh crap run she’s coming with a flash light.” Jacob screeched.
“Don’t yell just run.” whispered Leslie. The lady started walking and saw a shoe under a pile of leaves. The pile curled. Was this it for Leslie and Jacob? The woman picked up the pile of leaves and underneath it was a squirrel eating a pile of converse shoes. Meanwhile Leslie and Jacob ran all the way home.

Chapter 5
It was another day of Lakeview Jr.High. The school bell rang as Leslie hurried to Language Arts. There was a portly police man. “The books t
The note that the lady left him said I hate you for what you did. “I guess that girl was the principal’s ex wife or girlfriend.” Leslie said.
“Talk about getting attached.” Jacob nagged.
“Well we have to catch her.” Max said proudly.
“Are you insane we have to call the police.” Leslie said.
“You know I’m tired of being no one and I want to be noticed. Who’s with me?”
Jacob put his hand in.
“Come on Leslie we can catch her.” Said Jacob
“Alright.” Leslie said.
Chapter 5
It was another day of Lakeview Jr.High. The school bell rang as Leslie hurried to Language Arts. There was a portly police man. “The books they were here last night but now there gone” yelled Ms.Lockhart.
“I’ll see what I can do.” said the police man. Leslie and Jacob stared at each other. The day flew bye in the blink of an eye and it was the end of the day.
“We should have said something.” Leslie regretted.
“Well what if the lady comes back.” Jacob worried.
“We will make a plan? Or have a stakeout. I’ll text you later.” Leslie said.
Chapter 6
“Hey Leslie!” said Max.
“Oh hey Max. You know what can you just leave me alone I don’t like you.” Leslie said. “What’s there not to like about me.” Max questioned.
“Because I heard a lot of rumors about you and they told me to stay away from you.” Leslie said truthfully.
“Well at least give me a chance.” Max said.
“If I do will you leave now.” Leslie said.
“Thank you. You won’t regret this.” whispered Max. Leslie shivered at the smell of Max’s cookie breath. Leslie pulled out her phone. She texted Jacob stakeout tonight school you me. Max crept out behind Leslie. “Oooo can I come to. I like that boy Jacob his hair smells nice!” said Max.
“Yeah sure I guess.” startled Leslie. Leslie went home and crawled into her bed with her silk satin sheets to take a nap. She turned her head and blew her bangs out of her face as she noticed the binoculars sitting by the window sill. She took the binoculars and put them in her bag and texted Jacob cant wait lets go now. It was nightfall an
and she texted Jacob then because she didn’t want Max to come. Max came anyways. “Hey guys so what are we doing cause I will be quiet and listen I promise.” Max said.
“Did you tell him?” Leslie asked
“Yeah…sorry.” Jacob said
“Its fine but I think I see something.” Leslie whispered.
It was the lady again. This time she walked into the building leaving it open.
“Guys I’m going in.” Leslie said. Jacob and Max followed as they followed the mysterious lady into the principal’s office. Leslie crawled behind the file cabinet. Jacob hid in the small closet. No one knew where max was hiding. The lady took out a needle and pricked her finger with it. The lady started writing a note with her blood. Jacob was almost going to gag. The lady left the note on his desk. But then she noticed the tips of a converse shoe sticking behind the door. Leslie and Jacob were both praying that it wasn’t Max. She looked behind the door and ……
Chapter 7
The same converse shoes she had found yesterday the chewed up squirrel ones with a short note. The odd women left the room and the building.
“Gosh that was freaky.” Max said.
“We should read that note and search to find out who she is.” Leslie said.
The 3 of them searched and searched threw every inch of the room. “I think I have it.” Jacob pronounced.
“It was a picture of her and the principal next to each other with a note on the back saying I love you hope this keeps memories but I’m sorry this relationship is not going to work out.
Chapter 8
The next day school was closed because of the incident that someone broke in the school. Leslie texted Jacob and told him the plan which he told Jacob. It was plan time. Leslie, Jacob and Max knew that she would come back to the principal’s office so they left a little something extra. They took all the pictures of the lady and the principal and ripped them across the room and took all the pictures of the principal and other women and drew hearts all around them. Leslie hid underneath the desk. Jacob hid behind the file cabinet with a phone. Max hid in the small supply closet with a video camera. Now they had to wait. About a half an hour later all of the janitors locked up.
The women fell for the trap she opened the lights. Only to find pictures all over the room. She picked each one up.
She was screaming. But when she got to the desk she ripped the picture and screamed and threw everything off the desk. Then she started kicking her legs only to feel something hard. She looked underneath only to find Leslie staring each other in the eyes 10 seconds straight. The lady trashed the desk as Jacob and Max coming out. The lady yelled “WHAT ARE YOU DOIING HERE ARRRRRRGHHHH!!!”
“Um…well um….. RUN!!!!!!!!” Leslie screamed. They were all running as the lady was threatening to kill them or come to there house. They all ran back to Leslie’s house closing every curtain and locking every door. When they got to Leslie’s room with the phone the principal’s ex-wife was pounding at her window on a ladder. Max ran and closed the curtains. Hello 911…..
Chapter 9
It was a bright and sunny day in New York just any normal day. Leslie had to explain everything she that happened to the police the principal and her brother. The principal explained that the lady was Regina Hoffman. A woman he had married and then realized she was crazy and divorced her. She had told him that she would get him back. As for Leslie, Jacob and Max they all became best friends and crazy adventures. But today they are starting high school. Who knows what they’ll find out about there new principal?

Administrator answers:

You’re off to a decent start. (:

The characters need emotion; it looks like you’re trying to have Leslie and Jacob have a close friendship/romance. If so, you need more of a process. It’s not likely that a boy will meet a girl and ask her out next time he sees her and tell her she’s cute. People don’t fall head over heels like that. Personally, I think it would be more interesting if you showed him being in the process of dating other girls, trouble with family and school work and whatnot. Mix other conflicts with each character; every person has quite a few. Plus, a simple ‘Hi, my name is..’ and the girls hate her? Even if she was blushing because of his eyes- who blushed because of a cute kid’s eyes?

Also, another thing I noticed, was how Leslie gave some girls a fierce look but blushed moments later? She either glares or blushes. At the very least, make it a process; First she doesn’t care, but eventually when she talks to him more and gets more hate she begins to become very uncomfortable and blushes. Process meaning through out the story, not in the first and second chapter.

At first I got a rude, b!tchy feel from Leslie and then later she was sweet and blushing. Make the character’s personalty…cleaner? I suppose you could say? More defined, not all mixed up. It seems…messy.

Your sentences are a bit choppy as well, and not nearly enough detail. Not that I’m saying you need to describe how the girl’s hair blows oh so gently in the wind that made her look sooo soft and weak, but how she feels. What sort of mood does the school give off?

Again, it’s a nice start and got me interested nonetheless. I hope to read more.

EDIT: My advise remains the same. Not nearly enough suspense or details. The characters are very 2 dimensional-not very life like. You’re off to a good start though.

David asks…

Do you basically have to be rich/wealthy to live in Tokyo?

Since it has been documented for another year in a row Tokyo is the worlds most expensive city to live in I was just wondering who even lives there?!
I love Japan jopefuuly will learn some japanese sometime this year and respect japanese things.
But, they have such a large popultation of people living in Tokyo like New york has despite the price of living but it cost more so what type of people are living there?!
I heard they say a luxury 2 bedroom apartment is like $5,000+ in Tokyo.
I know the typical japanese in Tokyo live in very small spaces to say the least but how do they afford cost of living and buy up all the latest technological advances from videos games , cellphones,clothes and shoes and prance around harajuku dressed as anime characters?
Someone help me understand this…………….

Administrator answers:

>I heard they say a luxury 2 bedroom apartment is like $5,000+ in Tokyo.

This is true for the most expensive area in Tokyo. Most ordinary workers live in suburbs. And it’s like 2 bedroom apartment is $1,000 for 1 month in suburbs.

>how do they afford cost of living and buy up all the latest technological advances from videos games , cellphones,clothes and shoes and prance around harajuku dressed as anime characters?

Salaries are high, too. And Japan is in deflation economy after 1990. So product prices are declining since then.

James asks…

How much would I have to earn per week to live in NY?

All my life It has been a dream to move to New York, I am Australian but in my heart American, when I turn 18 (REALLY SOON XD) I am moving to the states, so for a single person with no kids, how much money do you need to live a comfy life in New York? For instance: Having an Apartment that is in the heart of New York (Manhattan for example)
Being able to live alone
Being able to eat out 2-3 times per week.
Being able to afford a cleaner 1x per week
Not having to watch every nickel and dime
Going to the Cinema once a month
Having a big screen TV and decent white goods
Having a circle of friends that you can go out with regularly
Being able to make a year-end donation to charity
Taking foreign holiday 2x per year (not luxury)
Being able to contribute to a pension or savings account
Having a gym membership

Also, What kind of job would I need to earn that income, I am very skilled in anything computers?

Administrator answers:

About 3k per month (minimum) !

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