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July 8, 2013

George asks…

How much does my salary needs to be to live this life?

I am planning on being a bachelor, and live in a decent city, like Los Angeles. This is my hope, and I am going to list the things I want to do.
- Always have soda at my home
- Eat out 2 times a week
- buy high speed internet
- always have snacks at my house
- spend at least 5k-10k in luxury a year.
- live in a apartment in a safe part of Los Angeles
- able to by a smoothie or coffee each day

So how much should my salary need to be, if I want to do everything on my list?
Ok, perhaps I don’t need to live in LA, I need to live in a city or a suburb.

What would you recommend, to live off of a 65,000 salary?

What you say want be my life plan, so just answer if you have any ideas

Administrator answers:

Looks as though you wish to live the ” Viva Gustosa” the good life, so it is going to cost you many bucks. The figure will be closer to80 to 85 M per year. You haven’t listed savings for investment or retirement in your plan. You are not providing for your future ?

Carol asks…

Should I visit my girlfriend’s sick father in the hospital? He is in intensive care.?

My girlfriend was my fiance at one point, but the relationship is SO bumpy (fight a lot, break up, etc), that we decided to wait a little longer on that. Her parents, for the most part, would rather us NOT be together; as we are constantly fighting. At the same time, her parents have become somewhat friends with my parents from a distance. That means they have had many discussions with my parents about their daughter and about my relationship with their daughter and came to realize that they sort of like eachother. My family is educated, and live comfortably in the suburbs of Los Angeles, but her family is loaded due to the success of their businesses and live in a luxury high rise apartment in Beverly Hills. I like her father, I want him to be ok. But I am pretty sure her father hates me. Do you think it would be better to not visit him or to drop by for a few minutes just to say hello knowing the condition he is in?

Administrator answers:

I think if you went to visit him, it would show not only to him but his daughter as well how much you truly care about her and her family. He would be touched by this random act of kindness because he probably wouldn’t expect it.

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