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October 13, 2012

Michael asks…

18 year old Moving To NYC?

Hello, i am a recent High School Graduate From Miami,Florida. I graduated with a 3.1 GPA and am looking forward to attend Boroughs of Manhattan Community College for two years, then on too Brooklyn College and hopefully grad school for Journalism. My parents split with a bitter divorce, so i have little income from my mother, I have 2 Years Job Experience At Starbucks. And i have $20,000 in savings. My tuition will be payed with other money. I am wondering if i can survive in the city, with a 1 Bedroom apartment and minimal luxuries. The apartment can be in close proximity of Manhattan but Brooklyn,Queens, etc. is fine. Anyone can spot me the cost of living (apartments) cost of food etc. Also as an extra note, i will not have a car, but use public transportation.

Administrator answers:

Oh wow.. I just thought about doing the same thing a couple months ago.. Well I still am except I am moving to San Francisco instead of NYC. I am a high school senior and am moving out of Florida ASAP when I graduate.. I don’t want to go to college here and I am going to be paying for college myself. Ive actually lived in NYC though and can tell you about this plan of yours.

First of all.. You WILL need roommates. You can live in a good apartment with 3 other people in a nice neighborhood in brooklyn or queens for about 650-700 including utilities (your share) a month. You wont be able to live in Manhattan… MAYBE, and I mean MAYBE you could afford a roommate situation in Harlem or Washington Heights for the same price but they wont be as good of quality as in Queens or BK. But if you want to go to Brooklyn College you must live in BK because the commute from anywhere else would be too much. Plus, Washington heights is somewhat far away from midtown and downtown but it is close to City College, if you want to go there (cheap 4 year school).

Monthly MTA card is 76, its great.. Works for subways and buses and has unlimited uses for the month. Food will be maybe in the 200 range if you are single and eat normally. Food in NYC is normally priced in the boroughs, but is outrageous in manhattan.. Actually, everything is overpriced in manhattan. You will also need to budget for new clothes because the weather in NYC is in two extremes, very hot in the summer (like miami, and yes, I believe there is humidity), and very cold in the winter. I would budget 50 a month for clothes for at least the first year. You will also need to budget for savings to use on health related things.. Like saving 50 bucks a month to use on your yearly dentist visit or your yearly eye exam. You also will need to budget in at least 100 for other expenses and money you spend on extra stuff. You need to be realistic.. You may say you wont spend any extra cash but you always will. Going to McDonalds, vending machines, buying a magazine, or anything like that is considered extra. Also budget in 80 bucks a year for a PO box.

I believe all-in-all you will need to be making at least 500 a month along with your rent in order to survive minimally, so about 1200 a month after taxes.

A couple tips:

Dont live in new jersey. Establish a residence in NYC and keep your rental receipts and pay stubs. If you live in NY for a year you can pay instate tuition at colleges there.

Support yourself and take minimum amounts of $$ from your mom. If you can prove you pay all your own expenses you qualify for instate tuition and possibly financial aid.

Stay away from some of the east neighborhoods in BK. East New York, Brownsville, Flatbush, and Bed-Stuy are cheap to live in but are ghettoes! Queens and Manhattan are safe, Bronx is so-so, but BK has some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the whole city.

Be careful in what ethnic enclave you live. Some neighborhoods are so ethnic that every sign except the street signs are in Chinese/Korean/Greek/Spanish. You might be familiar with this though, coming from Miami.

Dont blow your savings if you are trying to go to school.. You have enough saved up for tuition at a college in NYC. Work as little as you need to in order to pay the bills. No more than 25-30 hours a week. It would be foolish to try to live on your own (without roommates) just because you have so much saved up.

Try finding a job as server or busser and gain experience in the serving industry. It is VERY lucrative in manhattan. 2 years experience can land you a good job at a restaurant where you can make good tips.

BTW.. I’ve heard that Brooklyn College (gorgeous campus btw), while somewhat easy to get into, has a hard curriculum so make sure you can balance work and school efficiently.

If you want to talk more, email me at

Steven asks…

Moving to NYC in 9 months?

I made the decision about 2 weeks ago to move to the BIG APPLE!!! I’ve already started my research into apartments just to get an idea of average prices on 2 bedroom apartments. I’ve also been researching safe areas of different boroughs to keep my options open, checking out the subway system, and even some safety tips to living in the city. I have two questions that I’m having a hard time finding on the internet:
1.) I have been in the restaurant business for 5 years now with banquet waitress and a la carte training in a moderately formal setting. Obviously Manhattan would be the place to work. What restaurants or banquet halls should I look into? How much would I make per hour or on an average shift a night?
2.) I am already thinking of saving money because I have a few months to get a head start! I have the luxury of living at home with minimal rent and expenses, so saving shouldn’t be a problem. Should I open a cd account to maximize my saving?
Thank you for all your answers

Administrator answers:

Hey there, ok ….so, I am from NYC ….was there for about 18 years …..I’ve just move to St Louis.
I still love NYC, I left pretty much everything ….food, music, movies, bars, life, culture, central park, 5th ave, music label and bank jobs, greenwich village, Hunter’s Point, Fort Tryon Park, DUMBO (google it), PS1,,,, off off broadway shows, time warner building, concerts, friends, bars/venues where my fav singers performed, places where all the movies are shots, ….anyway I love NYC…love to give you any inputs ….
Google the names ….you will see what I mean. Use those links…couple of my fav resturants.

2 BR will be about $1700+ in Manhattan. If you are single you are better off with a 1 big BR or studio apt, which will be $1100 or so in Manhattan. My gf’s sister lives in Manhattan (76th and 3rd), pays about that much for a studio. Manhattan will be very 3x expensive. For long as I have known and lived NYC ….all the people who are in the service industry…they tend to live in Astoria (Queens), Long Island City (Q), Brooklyn, Sunnyside (Q) Washington Hts (near columbia U) …all those Q places I mentioned….they are pretty much safe neighborhoods ….(if you want to get in to the convo about race/diversity and how it effects the neighborhood…I’d love to give you indepth details….email me
anyway, where are you living now? Why the move to NYC? You are in for an awesome adventure….
Not for me …though….I moved St Louis earlier this year …living with my gf, who also lived NYC for three years. She is originally from IL….anyway….would love to help you…so ask away.

Save a lot of $$$, CDs are good idea. You will be using the subway no matter where you are in nyc, therefore, monthly metrocard will be $80. Lunch? Noone have time to eat lunch in nyc….everyone is on the GO!!! …There you will walk into fast food places….but here in midwest …wtf ….drive thru culture….anyhow, I can go forever.

John asks…

What are good neighborhoods in NJ with decent NYC commute under $1700 for 1 person?

Looking for as suburban as I can get and still get to NYC in less than 1 hour 20 minutes. Need to be in NYC by 6AM.

I like green and quiet and it’s just me. Don’t like apartment buildings. Would consider like a 2-3 story townhouse. Don’t care about stores and other conveniences. Just a safe place to part a luxury car and get to work on time. The closer to $1000 the better. I’m expecting to pay $1200-$1300. I like Somerset NJ(too far), West Orange(no multi family). Thanks!

Administrator answers:


Donald asks…

Looking for a real estate broker in NYC.?

Has anyone had a good experience with one? I am looking for an apartment for under $1300. Most brokers I have found deal with only luxury rentals. Please help!

Administrator answers:

Loook in the news paper

Helen asks…

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Susan asks…

Moving to New York City with University Degree and Money?

I am considering moving to NYC. I have a degree in Laboratory Medicine, and was looking for a job as a Medical Examiner, Coroner or a Pathologist. This would mean I would most likely be working in Autopsy. I heard that there is an increase for medical examiners due to the fact that every police precinct needs one. Although I have not confirmed this. I was also wondering the pay of these jobs and the living cost, preferably in Manhattan or other upper class neighborhoods. I have assets at right now which I can sell to gather up about $75,000 AUD or about $68,000 USD. I considered the fact that I will most likely be eating out 3 or 4 times a week. And also the rent or cost of a one bedroom luxury/upper class apartment in the upper classed areas? Thank you in advance.

Administrator answers:

Check to make sure your degree is accepted here.

“Typically, Canada and the United States DO NOT recognize degrees or licenses from other countries. There are few exceptions.”

My relative is an RN (plus a few other letters) and when they came here to the USA, their degree wasn’t accepted and they had to go back to school. Fortunately, the hospital that they got signed up with back then paid 100% of the tuition after they graduated which was cool so they got back all that money they paid.

Do not live in Manhattan as you get here. It’s too expensive and wil drain your savings. Live outside of Manhattan first then move to Manhattan AFTER you have gotten yourself well established.

Good luck.

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