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November 3, 2012

Mary asks…

What are the best luxury apartments in NYC?

Administrator answers:

Trump Towers about 30k a month

Nancy asks…

If you could would you like to live in a luxury apartment with a view of the city?

if so which city? for me NYC, thats my dream <3

Administrator answers:

This one is a little tough for me. I would love to live in a luxury apartment looking over Dallas which is where I’m from. I love the city I live in and being able to see an extraordinary view of my home every night. But if I had to choose some place other than Dallas it would be NYC. I don’t know what it is about New York, but I have always wanted to live there. Such a fast paced and lively city. I honestly think I would love it there…

Joseph asks…

where can I find an apartment similar to a college/university dorm?

I am graduating from university soon but I dont think I am ready to transition/move into an apartment by myself. I am just really nervous and I don think I can handle the responsibility of a light bill, water bill, maintenance, pest control, extensive daily cleaning, worrying about being safe, parking…etc

Its not that I am lazy because I always clean my mother’s house when I visit her and I am also good with money, its just that I am so accustomed to my single room here at the dorm that living in an apartment seems like a burden.
At my university we pay a monthly fee of $700. That gets you a single room, free wifi, all utilities included, parking spot, maintenance, cleaning services, public toilet&baths for every community (there are 20 people in a community and 10 toilets&baths so it works out well) pest control 3 was rooms per community, gym, pool, music room…etc. Basically all I have to do is cook/buy my own food and come up with $700 per month. I have been doing it 4 for years and its been the easiest thing ever, and we even have installment plans if we cant pay monthly.

Living on your own may be different since the rent is gonna be more than $700, plus you have to pay your own utilities and fix anything that is broken. I just dont think I am ready for that yet since I dont even have a full time job, I cant possible afford the average rent which is around $1000+ in NYC where I live.

So does anyone know of any apartment complex that are similar to dorms? I know I wont find one exactly like a dorm where they do everything for us, but it would be cool to find one with ‘utilities included’. I am also looking for the dorm building style where I can have neighbors and lots of floors. Kinda like a hotel design.

Does anything like this exist outside the college, military and hotel world? Or am I SOL?

BTW, I am not good with roommates hence the reason i live in a single room at the dorm right now…lol. If I was good with roommates this whole thing would have been easier because I would have just shacked up with some of the other dudes graduating with me. I just want a cheap single room with my privacy, but it must be similar to dorm life where I can still go out to the loft and hang out, where we share a kitchen, where we have cleaning services that come 3 times a week…etc.
Now I know you are probably saying to yourself that having a roommate/ roommates in a private home is similar but its not. Thats actually more personal since you see the same person/people everyday, and its not really private ESPECIALLY if he/she is the house owner. Plus you dont have the luxury if security, cleaning services, meeting new people…etc

I am just addicted to that lifestyle…lol (my brother just got discharged from the NAVY and he hates apartments as well since he lived in a barracks. He says the barracks is just like a dorm and he loves it because its a easy way of life. He lived in a single room as well, so he got his privacy but if he wanted some social time he just had to step outside his room into the loft.
So where can i find a place like this in the USA without them charging me like $3,000. I already checked craigslist and the prices are ridiculous! I saw some lovely complexes but they are overpriced and you still have to pay your own utilities; who could possibly afford these places?

Administrator answers:

You can look for a room in a private residence,preferably one with a separate entrance and bathroom. This type arrangement should be close to what you have now but would not include a cleaning service.

Steven asks…

Do conservatives think public parks are socialist?

In my city there’s a large park over 600 acres near the beach that is both a community park for the people and a wildlife estuary for birds.

However, it’s very valuable land due to its location — it’s in an affluent area, near the beach, near a marina, near a university, and near luxury condos & shopping areas. And a lot of land developers are itching to build on it.

Environmentalists (“liberals”) were the ones who prevented it from being built on so it could remain a bird estuary. It now belongs to the state government of California. But capitalist land developers are still trying to override this so they can destroy the estuary and put up condos, retail, and restaurants.

Which led me to ponder how it represents an allegory of the ongoing ideological struggle between nutty capitalist conservatives and the “socialist” liberals.

The park – a public, not-for-profit area to be shared by the community, which is run & owned by the government to be shared amongst the people.

The other side are the capitalist land developers – private enterprises that want to place businesses there for profit, which would compete amongst each other and grow the local economy, providing jobs & services for the people.

Ideologically speaking, wouldn’t conservatives be against the park since it is run by the government and “socialist”, and be in favor of condos & shopping malls placed there instead?

Ultimately this just reveals the ridiculousness of conservative ideologues using the world “socialist” or “government” as a scare-tactic, and feel they always must be against government-anything or any social service that is shared amongst the people.

Imagine if only capitalist conservatives oversaw the layout of NYC — government-owned Central Park would not exist… in its place would be more private hotels, bars, apartments, strip clubs, and restaurants.
Vidar: Does it matter if it’s state or federal? It’s still anti-capitalist. Secondly, why not use “federal” in place of “state park” for argument’s sake. How does that change my argument at all. A federal park like the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone prevents capitalist land developers from building casinos and high-rise condos & apartments there.

Administrator answers:

If Socialist means I care about my fellow man and think that the government should help those in need, than I’m a Socialist. There is much more to life than dollar transactions. I only wish Cons would understand this.

Robert asks…

I can’t stop blaming my dad..?

I know its long but please, I need advice

Well I’m a teenager, i have a sister who’s 18, and a baby sister. My mom is a stay at home mom, and my dad works Mon-Fri from 12 P.M to 4 A.M, so that makes it 16 hours. We have an income of about 3000 a month, we’re always arguing about money, we live in a small apartment, its been like this for ten years, I’m so sick of it.
Well we were once the wealthiest of the wealthy, my father and his brothers owned about four Dunkin Donuts stores, he married my mother at a young age.. 18, promising her that she will resume her education after the marriage, but of course he lied. Well up until i was about four we were living in a beautiful rental apartment in a highrise building in NYC.
All that time my dad was a heavy spender, he would spend on luxury furniture, designer clothing, everything, but he would never save up money to buy a house, hell he didn’t need to save up, all he needed to do was go to the bank for a loan, but he didn’t because all his life he made bad decisions and he never thought of his family’s future.
Well the day came when it all ended. my uncle began arguing with the Dunkin Donuts Company and so we had to sell the stores, well of course the four stores made about 1.2 million dollars. My Dad has four brothers, so they were supposed to divide equally, so what happened was the my uncles divided the money evenly and left my dad with nothing, and he said nothing about it, and barely asked for his share even though he’s the one that worked hardest in the business. (The four stores were under my grandfathers name),
Each one of my uncles lives in a huge beautiful house now and we’re stuck in a small apartment. My mother couldn’t resume her education because of my father, therefore we’re on one income, my dad has a bachelors degree in business, but he couldn’t work in it because he has no experience, and he’s now stuck working as a pharmacy technician, with about 3000 a month as I said, with no hope of ever buying a house.
Everty time I look at him I blame him for what he did, and what he didn’t do (ask for his share and fight for it, and go and buy a house while all the money was pouring in, the heavy spending and the lack of saving)
And now I’m stuck in a small apartment two siblings and two parents, cramped and small, I never lived a life where i could be proud of my own house and play in the backyard and invite friends over. All because of him, all my other friends have a house, a feeling of safety of stability, not the feeling of the landlord can kick you out any second.
What would you do in my situation? How would you feel? Please no mean answers, put yourself in my situation, we didn’t start out like this, but my dad’s poor decisions got us here, my die a million times when I see my cousins living in OUR money and my dad acts like nothing ever happened even thou they robbed him, and ruined his credit

Administrator answers:

Man, sometimes I feel like my life is bad with a mother who hates me. Idk what’s worse??? Well if I were in your situation I would just stick with him and appreciate what he’s trying to do for you. I mean if that’s the best he can do than that’s good enough. Sure he made a few mistakes, but now he’s saving up. (Everyone makes mistakes) This is what I would do:

I would stay at the apartment, try to get a job to help out my dad and bring some more money in. (Even if it’s just for yourself) Then, after my teenage years and high school years I would try to go to a college. Even if it’s just a cheap college. Education is key. Go get a better job and make money and save up. Try to learn from your father’s mistakes. Don’t do the same things that he did. Do it right. Live your life differently.

Please take this advice. Don’t do anything that will get you in trouble. Get good grades and then some. Stay on the right path.

By the way I’m 16.

Ruth asks…

The place where I recently moved is wonderful (Newport in Jersey city) I worry that my in-laws will never leav?

Its so beautful, sweeping manhattan views, waterfront boardwalk and our asian community all over. Lots of people from my community and lots of things to do. I keep worrying that when my in-laws visit they will be mesmerised and will not want to leave soon or will think we can afford too much. We pay 2000 plus for this one bed apartment but they visit us every year and the last few times they visited from India we were living in boring states and less posh areas and now look at this.
This is a real problem so plz dont call me mean or make fun of me. Only women in my shoes would know wot its like when you have an irritating often visiting greedy mom in law from India.
Should I move from here or should I go to a quieter place so that she does not enjoy as much or should I stay and keep worrying.
There are some apartments closeby with almost the same luxuries that are in a less crowded, less pretty area. Should I move? Should I move to NYC?
Please give me honest advice as I worry everyday.
Ya I know I am crazy but please do help.
I cannot totally avoid them or cut ties, I wouldnt want to cut ties even, because in our culture, (India, China etc) the husband’s parents are very important and we cannot ignore them, they should be welcomed and they should be supported financially if required.
By never leave I meant will want to stay longer. They stay for at least a month now but seeing this place they might want to stay for months together..which is common and normal in our culture..when parents visit they visit for 3-6 months at a time and we cannot ask them to leave or else we are dead meat.
Please more replies

Administrator answers:

Oh, I live close to you!

I think when they come and if they are impressed, you have to explain to them that you got it for a good deal, so you didn’t pay that much. If you have to, lie about how much it is.

Maybe you can arrange to be out of town a month or so after the visit, so if they want to stay longer, you can say, we’d love to have you for longer, but we have to be somewhere for a month or so. I don’t want you to be alone here. What if something happens, etc?

Or you can rent a smaller place when they come to stay so that they remain unimpressed and will want to return sooner. That’s kind of elaborate, but it’s better than moving for their sake!

That’s all I can think of. If they want to stay for longer, I think there isn’t a whole lot to do about it expect be welcoming and tolerant! Family, you gotta love them, right?

David asks…

Moving to Mexico City … and scared to death… ?

My family is originally from Mexico City and even though I have visited many many times, I have never really lived there and have no real grasp of what is like to work there, salaries, living expenses, etc. For reasons beyond my control I have to move back with my family at the end of this year (aka. Nov-Dec) and I’m scared to death of what I may find in regards to job / living situation / etc.

Everyone tells me I should be ok, since in Mexico companies are “malinchistas” and would definitely hire a perfectly bilingual, Ivy League educated individual. Ok, fair enough. But they also tell me that salaries are laughable and I have been quoted ridiculous sums as low as $700 dlls per month for a director level position at an advertising / media agency (my industry). As you can imagine, I am very fearful of finding myself in a situation where I’m working for peanuts and not being able to pay rent for a decent apartment, gym, etc (things that seem more of a luxury than a necessity here).

I apologize if I sound too ignorant, but the truth is that when it comes to living in DF, I haven’t the slightest clue.

I would very much appreciate it if anyone could clue me into what the job market is really like, what salary I could expect given my good credentials and 3 years of solid experience working in advertising in NYC as well as a diverse background and language skills. Any other insight into DF living would also be very much appreciated.

I’m scared. :S

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

There are hundreds of multi-national corporations with a presence in D.F. I am sure they don’t all pay their employees less than some long time maids make in Ajijic. I think someone is exaggerating a lot. There is also a very large, very comfortable middle class in Mexico City. That being said, the salaries are less than they are in the US, and unemployment is high. The cost of living is lower so it almost balances out.

I would make a list of a dozen corporations where your specific expertise would be especially valuable. Then go to their corporate Websites and see how many have a presence in Mexico City. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Send the head of HR an inquiry letter and I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a few nibbles.

You might take a look at CraigsList – Mexico City and see if you can get some idea of salaries from that.

Go to the Website Mexico Connect and you’ll find a wealth of information.

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