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November 3, 2012

John asks…

Trying to remember a specific game.?

I’m looking for an indie game that I had played years ago but can’t quite grasp the title of it. The game itself was an rpg with beautiful music and an in depth story-line. I don’t believe if RPG-Maker XP was used due to its difference to other games that have used that program. Hopefully someone can recall this game or have it downloaded at the moment. To help give a clue, I’ll write down some aspects of the game that I remember.

-When you opened the game, the browser was small (i.e the game screen was similar to the size of ‘Legend of Queen Opala”, a game created by RPG Maker XP)

-The main character wears armor and is a melee class (much like any other protagonists, heh)

-He has two childhood friends, one male, one female.

-The three characters are all part of an army.

-The main character is camped in the woods with his division; at one point the main character blacks out and the player discovers that he went berserk and killed his entire division (or so they say)

-After because persecuted as a traitor, the main character is forced to flee.

-Main character meets up with a child that uses a slingshot as a weapon.

-The main character eventually goes to a village and he can go north into the woods however there is a very dense fog. That’s where you’ll eventually meet and ally up with a hunter (he’s strictly an archer)

-Instead of the conventional indie rpg combat screens where the player’s characters are based on the bottom of the screen and the opponents are directly at the top (i.e Laxius power, Laxius Force), you could see the characters on your team and you would be generally located on the right of the screen and the opponents on the left. When a character attacked, you could see their arm motion or spell animation come from the characters.

-The battle-scape in combat was based on a grid system, (It’s hard to recall the dimensions at the moment, but for example the character’s side would be a 3×3 or a 3×4 and the player could place the characters at which locations they need them to be. There would be no middle ground grid, but the opponents would have a grid the same as the character.

-Based on this grid system, the character’s attacks and spells would have different effects (such as, attack one grid spot and all adjacent spots are attacked, or an attack can only be done to all horizontal spaces in front of the character).

-Aside from normal combat, the main character sometimes gets in “wars” where the combat is similar to that of Fire Emblem, where the player controls small squadrons on a world map and the goal is to eliminate the opponent’s leader.

-Later on in the storyline, the main characters (after making multiple allies) takes over a castle to make it their main base, I believe they call it the Elysium Castle, or something similar.

-Also later in the storyline, their is a government coup.

-You also find out that the main character is from another land and has a sister.

This is most of the information I can muster up. Hopefully someone here has played this game and remembers it, thanks for your time.
Recalling more information about the game;

-The mage characters in the game seem to be based around one element (i.e dark, fire) and seem to excel greatly at it.

-On the “war” battles, at the end, you get ranked according to how well you perform in battle. If you get a perfect ranking on one of the “war” battles, you can find a new ally in a town. (on that specific battle, it was fought in a mountainous region).

-There are locked doors throughout the game, you can eventually ally yourself with a thief that will unlock them for you.

-Later in the game, if you return to one of the earlier towns with a thief and another character, you can unlock a hidden mission where you break into this mad scientist’s house. At the end of the level, you fight a giant machine created by the scientist.

Administrator answers:

Geee it remember that but can recall name. U got me more curious. Will search and revert

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