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August 21, 2012

George asks…

What does this crazy dream mean?

OK. So here it goes:

There’s a Chinese general from a long time ago — think Mulan. He’s been put in charge of going around a part of China and inspecting the villages and roads. He’s in charge of the roads. He finds a village in the mountains, except all of the village people are using laptops and GPS. He continues on, and passes by some donkeys on this bridge across a misty valley, and he sees the queen coming. She demands that he take her to the village, so he does, begrudgingly. She calls for all the technology to be destroyed, and the general flips out. He tells the villagers that they shouldn’t be progressing so quickly, to stop and smell the roses, as it were, and tells the queen that she can’t hinder progress either.

Then I realize I’m watching a video. I’m in my high school, and the teachers tell everyone to get in line to go through this tunnel. The tunnel is a kaleidoscope of colors, and branches off into tunnels, each of a different pattern and color, that go into different directions. I’m with a friend of mine, and she suggests we go down a black-and-white-checkered one, but I have to say no, because this is the tunnel of life, and we have to find the tunnel that is ours, the one that represents our own unique destiny. So we part and I follow this glowing tunnel until I come out in the office of my middle school. I stand up and there’s a nice woman with blond hair who tells me I now need to fill out a form with the most random questions on it, like my favorite color ice cream. So I sat there on the floor behind this desk and another one adjacent to it, filling out this form. I was waiting for something, or someone, while I was sitting there on the floor but I don’t know what.

It was extremely vivid, and somewhere it happened that I was on a committee to clean up after old people bingo in this large cafeteria, except I don’t know where that happened or if it was part of the dream at all.

Administrator answers:

First of all it shows your particular taste: Technology. But you feel that you have to explore more ways, the world and at once you dont feel capable to go ahead due some obstacles. So your mind blows up thinking how many wonderful things you can do, but how would it be possible with those difficults? It seems you have a way to achieve your goals, but it has a price, it asks you to do a sacrifice, to run a risk. That dream shows you that there r always possibilities for your dreams to come true, search for what u really want and go ahead.

Helen asks…

Ok, Im creating a Anime Storyline, (Please Read) I need your opinion on this..?

Chapter 0:
The Dark Invasion

The Dark Invasion is an invasion of Dark Knights that come from the Dark World to Earth. It happens every century(100 years). The Dark Knights always plan for World Domination. Extinction always comes close for humans but in the end, they always win. Humans, Magicians, and Goblins all suffer at the hands of the Dark Knights. King Neo II, king of the world, was organizing the best warriors around the world to help defend the humans. This was 14th Dark Invasion that has happened. When the Night rose, King Zoarc, the Dark Lord, appeared with an army of dark knights. Many bodies collapsed in the battlefield. King Neo II was starting to worry. Commander Relts, the strongest knight commander and a loyal knight, was face to face with Dark Lord Zoarc, he attack the Tyrant and got killed. King Neo II told his wife, Queen Gifficia, to escape the kingdom and go to a safe village and give birth to the baby(prince) there. Later King Neo II was face to face with Dark Lord Zoarc. They swang swords at each other and both had equal strength, until Dark Lord Zoarc showed his Ultimate Power and destroyed the king. Dark Lord Zoarc gave a global warning that in 15 years, he will be back. Meanwhile, Queen Gifficia was having a baby and was stuck in the middle of a thunderstorm unable to move. She gave birth to the baby. She called him King Neo III and died. The baby was stuck in the storm for 3 days and survive. Later an old man came and picked up the baby and told him that they will train together to stop the Dark Invasion. The old man then said that his name will be Gail. Gail Taitsu.

Administrator answers:

It bore me. It doesn’t sound like an anime at all. More like an American movie that reminds me of The Lord of the Rings, Batman, and World of Warcraft.

Steven asks…

Which start is better?

I’m rewriting a story i have already written and want to know which start is better.
The story is all about a teenage girl and her 4 friends who have to travel across the land to the eneternal flames to destroy the evil queen source of power but to get their they have to go through the shiver trees , the terice waters , through the cave of neverending down the dream cliff and through the villages of carnbbal. They also have to deal with social problems too.
Anyway the first time i wrote the story it begun in the slums of the village shaslee where the girls boss shows up in the middle of the night to inform her on what she has to do . The first chapter ends with the two girls to go and find the main boys.
I thinking that this time the girl comes home at daybreak after work and has to get up 2 hours later to watch the queen take 4 girls away to her castle to make her clothes the girl decides to take matters into her own hands!
Ps. This is a fantasy story and there are heaps of monsters and poisons and things

Administrator answers:

Why are you pushing the boat out into shallow waters? They are just humans, realistically they aren’t going to survive half the things you are putting them through. I hate when you see ordinary people with no powers be put through such horrendous and dangerous stuff, yet they manage to make it through? Monsters and poisonous things? Yeah, once or twice, but without any powers to help them, then your book has already become one of those annoying, unrealistic events.

Start wherever you see fit. Which beginning did YOU like better? Which one was the most hooking? Grabbed the reader in?

And why the hell would her boss show up in the middle of the god damned night to inform her of what she has to do? Why not ring her? Or wait until sensible hours? Or is this an emergency that he just received the news?

The second start is a bit iffy too. Why would the girl take things into her own hands? What was the catalyst? Why now?

Please revise your story and try and fit some logic in there. Even though it’s fantasy, it has to be realistic in that world so that we can believe it. And when your main characters are humans, you have to make them even more realistic in order for the readers to believe them and their actions and words.

Susan asks…

Help with story, iv got writers block?

Why animals can’t talk

Just west of Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ocean sat a small tropical island. Overflowing with bountiful fruits, majestic mountains, sunshine, and delicate flower blossoms, the island was home to a tiny village named Fuji. Overseeing the village on one of the tallest mountain peaks sat a colossal castle, which was home to the King and Queen of the island and the very beautiful Princess Isabelle.
Princess Isabelle was not only the fairest of all of Fugi, but she was also one of the kindest. She was well known in the village for her compassion and generosity. Isabelle treated even the poorest with love and respect. She had golden hair that sparkled like the sun, and a smile that took the breath of even the gods away. Isabelle was the epitome of beauty and grace.
One of Isabelle’s favorite things to do was to bring all of the animals out of the village barns up to the top of the mountains and meditate. She would bring every animal from the sheep and the alligators to the mice and the horses. There she would spend her happiest hours basking in the sun and relaxing after a hard days work. She loved being with her animal friends and enjoying the serenity of nature.
One particularly sunny morning Isabelle stayed extra late on the mountaintop. She lay peacefully with her golden hair unbound and her eyes lightly shut. Suddenly she heard a huge roar like a clap of thunder. The sky turned dark and the wind began to howl and roar.

….im stuck any ideas? I want the story to tell why animals cant talk but i dont no how…

Administrator answers:

You could talk about how the animals got into a fight, and argued so much that they lost the power of speech, or how they were repressed and slowly lost the ability to talk (like in Wicked and the chronicals of narnia)

Charles asks…

From fighting Zulu’s to killing Iraqi’s and Afghan’s how do we keep getting talked into this crap ?

Tribal warfare in Africa ………. modern standing armies of highly trained British regulars — and their expendable foot soldiers which came from everywhere hunted down and engaged the Zulus in Africa

It was at about the same time Cecil Rhodes was kicking around — and had labour disputes with resident workers who had their pay cut in half by him and they all went home to their farms because they didn’t need the money all that badly …………… the government introduced a tax that had to be paid in cash and forced the workers back into the diamond mines

We killed them by the thousands

Zulus and other tribes — even European Boers

We enslaved mainland China during the active opium trades and finnally came to terms with a lease of Hong Kong until 1999

Canadian forces are now hunting down and killing Taliban and waring tribal villages of Afghanistan the US is launching drone attacks inside Pakistan on trial villages that still run around in home made clothes with sharpened sticks

We are bombing the mud huts of Afghanistan while American forces take on the mud huts of Pakistan

6,000 miles away and some guy in a cave is our biggest threat –!

Iraq is free now and US troops are not performing an occupation but rather providing security of the government — protecting it from insurgents — which is in no way a sign of a civil war or a resistance against the occupier —no no not at all —

400 yrs ago it was just plain wrong to use peasants in battle — they kept showing up with pointed sticks and having boiling oil poured on them anyway — Fighting was for Knights Lords and strong men — using the peasants to fight wars was only good for castle sieges when it became necessary to use up the other sides boiling oil on people that didn’t matter anyway

Today peasants are regularly used and encourage to sign up — The lower class has filled the rank and file for so long now it seems an unending tradition

———— Far cry from the Napoleonic battles which took place under military code rules so foreign to us that we can’t even imagine a battle being planned around a city or town — or waiting until the officers met in the middle one last time before each side fired a cannon into the air to signal it’s readiness

But all of that was merely a reaction to the barbarism of the old pagan styled tribal war — when the tribes of Britain first saw a professional standing army — The Romans Tacticus said of the Iceni’s they fought bravely but as individuals unable to cope with our lines of killing formed into one mind “


How do we keep getting talked into participating in all these wars ? Why are we in such a hurry to kill and die for rich people who amount to Lords Nobles Kings and Queens ?

They keep calling us to die in senseless wars and we keep showing up — how is that ?

Administrator answers:

Imperialism has no morals.

Daniel asks…

Which Story Should I Write?

I want to write a novel… but I have three different ideas on which story to write. I was wondering which story idea you think is best.

1) A retelling of Rapunzel. The story is in novel form, so will be longer and in more detail. Instead of a woman and a man, the woman is having a child out of wedlock, so flees her town before they can discover her secret, to live alone in the woods. There she meets a woman who becomes her friend and midwife, though she doesn’t know she’s actually an enchantress. When the woman craves Rapunzel, the enchantress brings her some from her own garden, but infuses it with her own magical powers, to create the perfect child, as she plans to steal the baby (she’s always wanted a child). When the child is a year old, and old enough to leave her mother, she steals her away, and they live in a village nearby. When the girl is 12, she becomes jealous of the girls beauty and locks her in a tower. She DOES meet the prince, when she is 18, but the prince ends up betraying her, and she falls in love with the boy she knew before she was locked in the tower. I would use the ending in which the boy is blinded when the enchantress finds out, and Rapunzel is banished, to have twins out in the desert alone before the guy finds her again.

2) A story based on the Greek gods and goddesses, in which 12 children are reincarnations of the Olympians, and the story is set in medieval times. The 12 children have a destiny to save the world from the dark creatures that have invaded their earth. I see it kind of as a mix of Greek mythology and Tamora Pierce’s novels. : ) Not copyrighting or anything, obviously, I just mean in terms of who I am influenced by…

3) A story based in a world with a magical core. Once the world was full of magical creatures and beings, and half bloods of humans and magical beings. But as the human race grew and expanded into the middle ages, they began to grow jealous of the magical powers they did not possess, and because they did not understand it and could not explain it, they feared it. So a powerful king banished all magical beings. Most fled to other lands, where they were accepted, but some remained, hiding out and forming rebel groups in the forests. One such rebel was an Elven woman who disguised herself as a human and lived among them. The king saw her beauty, and, not knowing what she was, married her. At first, everyone loved her, and she gave the king five sons, knowing that Elven blood could not be passed to a human male. Meanwhile she was gathering secrets from the king and passing them to the rebel group of mixed magical creatures and beings that had raised her. Eventually, she had a daughter, who was half-elf. Because the child could not disguise her magic, the king realized what his wife and daughter were, and sentenced them to death. The queen and the new princess fled, and the queen managed to give the princess to the same rebel group before she was found by the kings men and killed for her crimes. The princess is raised among these creatures and beings not knowing who she really is. Two of her brothers, however, do not agree with the king and his politics, and once they hear of the king’s plan to destroy the magical core of the earth (something that will kill all magical creatures and beings), they leave to find rebel groups hidden across their land, to band them together and fight back. They eventually find their sister, too, getting her involved in the battle, without realizing who she is. And thats all I have of that one so far…

So, sorry for the really long question, but which one do you think I should go with?

Administrator answers:

All three are quite good, and oh by the way…
There are no more “original” ideas left.
So write whatever you feel like and dont let other people tell you what you can and cannot write.

If there’s a book you really want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it. ~Toni Morrison

Edit: One or three

Joseph asks…

How does my novel sound so far?

The Skull Necklace

Weird Thoughts, weird events.

A young, beautiful lady, appearing to be in the middle stages of her twenties, held in her arms a precious brand-new baby. A moment ago the baby was in a hand-weaved basket left outside in the freezing winter coldness. It felt like a blizzard, but it wasn’t. The baby had two blankets on her, and toys and clothes. Someone knocked on the door politely and then left before the lady could see the stranger’s face. She decided to keep the baby as her own child. The lady had been planning a child, but not to come up on her front porch. She didn’t plan for it to happen on such a cold night either.
The lady had brown eyes, blond hair, and freckles. She used glasses for reading a book, but for cooking and sleeping and working, she kept them off. Her name was Anneliese. It sounded like royalty, but honestly, she was poorer than anyone in the village. At least she lived there in the first place. The lady had a beautiful house. It was white on the outside, and looked like a palace where a queen and king would live
The little baby had green eyes and tiny brown hairs sticking out of her head here and there. There was a skull necklace that hung around her neck. Beautiful. The skull was silver and the rest of the medallion was black. On the front of the skull was written in cursive and gold letters:


So Anneliese called the baby Serena Skull because Serena was a beautiful name and because a skull necklace was the first thing Anneliese saw when she looked at the baby. Serena enjoyed playing just like any ordinary baby, but still Anneliese knew there was something different about the baby. Something she couldn’t figure out.

After the incident of Serena being dropped off at a stranger’s front porch and being taken in as their own she became grown up. Serena was now a ten-year-old. Her brown hair grew out long to the middle of back. She still had pure emerald-green eyes. The weird thing was that when Serena was a baby the skull necklace fit her perfectly, but it still fit her perfectly. She surely had a bigger neck then a baby’s, but there was no mistake that the skull necklace was really her size. The silver and black still looked shiny and brand-new. The carved, gold letters of Serena’s name outshined anything on the medallion.
Serena stayed in her room for a minute. Then she brushed her long brown hair and put the contacts in her eyes. She turned herself around on the chair that could spin around and lean back. She picked up her book.
Serena walked down the steps and sat down in the main room. She sat down on a couch. The couch was a dark red color, almost maroon. It actually did look like rich people lived in that house. There was bookcases all around the room filled with books in all shapes and sizes. Against the wall was a plasma TV. It was very shiny. She read her book she had just got about skulls from the local library. What did skulls actually, really mean? She was about to find out. It was specifically about the symbol of a skull. It read:

The symbol of the skull is simple if you know what a skull is. The skulls are the head of a human body underneath your hair and skin. But without thinking of the skull in your head, think of your ancestors. There are very many myths about pirates having skull medallions.

Serena paused. She held up her skull medallion to her face and observed it. It didn’t look like a pirate’s sign. But then again, she really didn’t know. Serena had to read on to actually know. She put it back down again. Then, she continued reading the book.

Actually, the skull medallions come from witches and wizards, the good ones. They joined a group long ago called “The Skull Group”. It’s very obvious, yet secret. No one could get in unless the leader of the skulls allowed it. Their slogan was “We fight ‘till death!”. These wizards and witches had dragons. Dragons are mythical creatures that many mortals say are not true, but they are. They can come in many colors, but you mostly see dragons in red. Blue dragons are very, very rare. And once they have a baby they would give the medallion to the baby and the dragon goes with it‘s new owner or owners. If they have twins then the kid’s are both the owners of the dragon. If they have two kids, but one is older, then the older one will get the dragon until twenty and they will switch off every ten years.

Serena put down the book and held her medallion in her hand tightly. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She couldn’t be. She couldn’t be! Wait…if she was a wizard then where was her dragon? Why had her mother and father left? Why haven’t they come back to get her? So many questions raced through Serena’s mind. So many answers left out there in the open world. Serena finally opened her eyes and shut the book with a huge noise.
Everything went too quickly. Serena erased the thoughts fro

Administrator answers:

It is interesting but I feel like you are going to turn Serena into a Mary Sue so try not to make her too special. Like what color of dragon she has don’t make it be some exotic color no one has ever seen before. Red or blue (if she really must have it blue). I would hate to she her become some super special girl who was abonded and ends up saveing the world. The story would be nice for her to just get a dragon and try to master her training with the Skull group and try to locate her parents.

James asks…

Book with twin sisters separated?

I read this book five years ago, or more. The details are foggy but I would lilke help :)
This girl lives in a valley and her father dies and her mother died a couple years earlier. The girl goes through the house and looks through a chest to find a golden breastplate belonging to her father. She goes and talks to an elderly lady in the village and discovers that her and her father came to the valley when she was only a few weeks/days old. The lady told her to go to the kingdom.
The girl travels and along the way gets ambushed. She cries a battle cry her father taught her and the men stop dead in their tracks. They then come up to the girl and ask where she learned the cry. She tells them and they say that the cry belonged to a famous general.
They travel to the kingdom and other things happen. I forgot the middle part of the story.
At the end, the girl discovers that the princess is her twin sister. They were separtated at birth because back then, twins were a bad omen and one of them would have been killed. The queen, the mother, sent one with their father to live in the valley.
Does that sound familiar to anyone?

Administrator answers:

Nobody is answering… Have a smile from an ignorant but friendly user

Maria asks…

Help with plot and naming characters?

Hi Im writing a book and I want to know what you all think about it. Also I’ll need some names and be really greatful if you helped. 10 POINTS TO THE BEST ANSWER Thanks =D

My story is about a bunch of Japanese clowns who terrorize a Chinese village during World war 2 like the joker in batman only not really lol. the main character is a 14 year old Chinese peasant who’s also a half Australian vampire but nobody knows. Shes also bisexual. She’s a dhampyr so she has golden hair with sparkles and a silver streak down the middle, and her multicolored eyes sparkle with the effervecent glory of the sunrise. The plot is that she’s secretly the crowned princess of the Australian vampire kingdom and her real dad just died. the Japanese clowns are also spies who want to abduct her so Japan can take control of the Australian vampire kingdom and win World War 2 for them and the nazis. but they don’t know which of the Chinese peasant girls is actually the half Australian vampire princess so they have to be clowns at the circus.

In the end she beats the clowns and becomes the vampire Queen of Australia and wins World War 2 for america which was secretly losing until she helped them. She also got Stalen to turn good by showing even him love. But while she was fighting she caught cancer and died right after winning the war so its a tragic story. to keep the world stable and to keep the Australian vampires secret she said to keep her help secret on her deathbead. Stalen and Churchhill cried really hard after she died and promised not to fight again. But after her funeral Stalen turned evil again. Still he was so touched by her purity that he decided not to continue the holocaust so she didnt just save America she also saved europe.

These are the characters. Could you help name them? I might publish this so if you help name them I’ll mention you in the awknowledgements =D .

1. The main character. I was thinking of calling her Destiny Cullan since she has a big destiny (get it?) so its significant. And shes a dhampyr so Cullen is a good last name except I can’t copy Cullen from Stephanie Miers so I’ll call her Cullan. If you have a better name I might use it.

2. A gothic 15 year old boy who’s the son of the local landowner. His dads helping the Japanese in the war but he hates him so he’s good. His parents abuse him sometimes they even spank him (I dont approve of spaking or even abuse but this is realistic). He’s really emo and sensitive but he’s also really nice and brave. He has black hair because hes Chinese but he has blue eyes. Eventually he falls in love with Destiny and helps her on her journey. After she dies he slits his wrists because he has no reason to live anymore

3. A nerdy 17 year old boy who is in love with Destiny but she doesn’t love him back. He’s really smart but he can’t talk to people good so he’s austistic. He wants to go with destiny on her journey but she needed someone to do her homework at home so her parents didnt ground her cuz their Chinese so he did.

4. A 16 year old cheerleader girl who’s a peasant from the rich half of town. She’s really bitchy and evil and stupid in the beginning like most cheerleaders but she’s secretly really broken inside because her parents rape her and stuff. After she gets to know Destiny she works through her issues since Destiny was the first person to show her love so she turned good. She joins Destiny on the journey and even though she’s stupid she can still seduce people. When she comes home she falls in love with the nerdy boy because Destiny told her that love is a good thing on her deathbed.

Thanks so much =)
OK she’s not a troll she’s a VAMPIRE. Also this is tragedy it’s not supposd to be funny your probably psychotic or crazy or something.

Administrator answers:

Not very organized are you? Your plot is everywhere

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