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Your Questions About Middle Village Queens

May 30, 2012

James asks…

What is the fastest way to get to Mercer St, NY from Middle Village , queens?

What is the fastest way to get to NYC without having to take the M train that take 40-50 minutes?

Administrator answers:

Take the M train to Myrtle-Wykoff, just four stops and go downstairs for the L train. Eleven stops to Union Square where you xcan get the downtown #6 to Bleecker street. You will find Mercer one block west of Broadway.

Incidentally, the L train is the first line in the City where the Train Operator doesn’t control the train. He is there in case the automated controls of the train have to be oyerriden. Welcome to the future.

Laura asks…

what kind of diversity is in middle village, queens? italian,polish,asian,african american?

let me know thank you

Administrator answers:

The neighborhood’s population is 89.5% White and a good majority of the residents in Middle Village are Italian American. Like many of its surrounding neighborhoods, Middle Village has had an increasing number of Asian and Polish residents over the past years.

Lizzie asks…

should i move to middle village queens or manhattan?

Administrator answers:

Manhattan is really nice and so is Middle Village but if you are looking for a nice house and quiet place, may I suggest you move to Middle Village. The houses there area really nice and I assure that a month’s rent in Manhattan would cost more than living in Middle Village.

Lisa asks…

What is the street address of the Metropolitan Ave – Middle Village Station in Queens NY?

Administrator answers:

Metropolitan Av and 67th St.

If you look for sign that say, “This station was…”

Ruth asks…

Is the Glendale/ Middle Village part of Queens a good area for families?

Administrator answers:

This is a very desirable area to live in. One drawback is that the public transportation in the area is not so good.

Chris asks…

new yorkers those that live in queens( maspeth,middle village,ridgewood,glendale) how can i get to queenzMall

how can i get to queens mall ??? i want to ot go foot locker tomorrow and i need to know how to get there by train or by bus
the subway near me is a M train .buses: B13,B20,Q58 and Q38

Administrator answers:

The Q58 stops by near there but you have to walk several long blocks. Take that bus heading towards Flushing and get off at Queens Blvd. There are two stops for Queens Blvd, I suggest using the one after the bus crosses the street. Head back over to Queens Blvd. Make a left and keep walking until you see the mall.

Or you can take the M to Canal Street and transfer to the R. Take the Queensbound R to Woodhaven Blvd.

Donna asks…

outfield inn ? in middle village..

its a hotel in middle village queens but i cant seem to find anything about it besides its location. has anyone ever been there or can find me anything like a number or prices or a website. please & thankyou

Administrator answers:

I have searched the internet and can’t find anything on it. Good luck.

Susan asks…

Anybody that lives in “Queens, New York” possibly “Middle Village”?

I wanted to know has anyone been to the dermatologists on “Metropolitan Ave”, its across the street from a hardware store. & What is your review about it, The service, The doctor, & was you satisfied. Thanks. Please Answer ALL questions.

Administrator answers:

I don’t.

Sharon asks…

moving company in or near middle village, ny needed for local move?

I am looking for a good moving company for a local move about 5 blocks away from my current residence. I live in middle village, ny which in is queens.

Administrator answers:

The link below has the info you need. You coukld also try Craig’s List and find a man with a van. Sometimes people like that post ads in supermarkets or in the back of the local papers like The Queens Chronicle and The Queens Courier and the Forum. I haven’t used any of these services, so I can’t offer an opinion on the quality of service.

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