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April 29, 2012

Maria asks…

cost of living conversion: Florida vs. London?

I am trying to compare the cost of living in London to the cost of living in Tallahassee, FL, aside from the conversion rate.

In Tallahassee it costs:
$500 to $650 per month for a very run down one bedroom or studio apartment ($700-$900 decent, $1200+ nice),
$80 to $150 pm for electricity and water service if you are conservative and don’t own electronics,
$1.25 bus ride,
$15 to $25 for a steak meal in a restaurant,
about $2 for a pound of ground beef from the store,
$1.90 per box of Parmalat milk,
$40 for classic van’s shoes,
$35-$55 Levi or other name-brand jeans,
$6-$8 for a fast-food burger with fries and a drink,
$1 for an item from the value menu at McDonald’s

How much do these things cost in British Pounds in London?
Also, is there an equivalent to Wal-Mart?
I forgot to mention that the minimum wage in Florida is $6.79, if that helps to put things in perspective.

Administrator answers:

Approximate prices of everything you listed:
One-bedroom flat: £650 – £850 pm ($1300 – $1700)
Electricity/water: £80 – £150 ($160 – $300)
Bus ride: varies… Starts at £1 or so ($2)
Steak meal: £15 – £30 ($30 – $60)
I have no idea about the ground beef.
Same for Parmalat milk, but 1lt of supermarket brand UHT milk is around 65p ($1.30)
Classic Vans shoes: £35 ($70)
Levi or other name-brand jeans: £40 ($80)
Fast-food burger with fries and a drink: £4 – £5 ($8 – $10)
Value menu at McDonald’s: nearly everything on the Pound Saver menu is £1 ($2) :)

As you can see, things cost roughly the same amount in pounds as they do in dollars, which at the current exchange rate is about twice as much. Everything on the list is about the same price everywhere in the UK, except for accommodation which is far more expensive in London. Note that I don’t actually live in London so I might be a little off with that estimate.

Despite everything looking so expensive, apparently people in the UK can buy 27% more than the average person in the US, on their respective average wages. I don’t know how true this is.

In the UK, Wal-Mart own ASDA, which is a large supermarket chain. However, the nearest equivalent is probably Tesco, which sells EVERYTHING, from groceries to computers to insurance.

Oh, and the minimum wage here is £5.52 ($10.96), although how you’d live off that in London I don’t know.

Richard asks…

Where is the best place to live in London in £800?

I am looking for a place which is safe, has good environment and if possible is around zone 3 in the tube map. The cost should be around £800 including bills per month. Do you know such an area? Also does this place has a lot of studio flats or one bedroom apartments?


Administrator answers:

Well u could give a try as most people are renting bedrooms/flats

Steven asks…

I don’t know about my father?

My father owns a business in London and when he is in New York City, he works part time as a taxi driver. He travels from New York City to London twice a year. I don’t know how much he makes, but he resigns in an unsafe area in Brooklyn, New York to save money. How much would it cost him to live in a residence that is safe in Manhattan, for a one bedroom apartment or studio ?

Administrator answers:

All he needs to do is look at cheaper hotels in the center of town. If he went to a Holiday inn he would be much better off.

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