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Your Questions About Rego Park Queens

August 28, 2012

Sandra asks…

Train causing static electricity discharge?

We live right above the LIRR tracks in Rego Park, Queens. Sometimes in the morning when a train goes by, we see a bright flash of light accompanied by a tiny pop, like a static electricity spark, but much bigger. It also seems to be coming from inside our apartment, right by the wall near our radiator and air conditioner. There weren’t any burns or ozone smell afterwards, just this bright flash and pop and then nothing. And it doesnt happen every time a train goes by, only sometimes. Is it possible the train is doing this somehow? More importantly, is it dangerous?

Administrator answers:

It could be that the earth bonding of the railroad track is disconnected near you. This can cause big stray currents. It might be worth asking LI RR if that could be a possibility. Thieves have been known to steal these for the copper.

Laura asks…

Which train will take me to Manhattan from the 63rd and queens blvd station?

Going on vacation soon with a friend and will be staying in Rego Park this will be my first time venturing onto the subway system alone.

Administrator answers:

7 train will take you to Grand Central Terminal, Bryant Park and Time Square. There are a lot of connections to other subways from those stations. You could also Transfer to the N or Q train from the 7 at Queensboro plaza before you get to manhattan.

Check out this website. It will help a lot with navigating the subways.

Mary asks…

Do you know of any beginner pole dancing classes in Queens, New York?

I am looking for classes preferably in the Forest Hills, Rego Park area. Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Try a quick search in this worldwide pole dancing directory:

There are geographical listings, but you can also type your city into a search box and get instant results.

Good luck and have fun!

Lisa asks…

How much can I expect to spend on electric in a studio apt in queens ny?

About to move into my first apartment in Rego Park, NY (in queens). How much can I expect to spend on electric each month? It’s a studio. I’ll have a TV..and gas will be included in the electric bill.
Thanks, but I doubt its that high..It’s going to be more like 50-100 but I’m just looking for a more specific amount. I live in NY now and have Con Ed, but never lived in a studio.

Administrator answers:

Around 2-3 hundred a month. Con-Ed sucks.

Linda asks…


I have a ton of pets and have vets for all of them. Then my local vet closed down. I found a vet for all my pets except my reptiles. I live in Queens, NY near Rego Park and need a close vet in case of emergencies. HELP.

Administrator answers:

Here’s a few good places to find a reptile vet nearest you:

Charles asks…

where can you get colored tattoos that last up to three weeks in nyc? perfereably in manhattan/queens?

for queens- maybe around forest hills, rego park, elmhurst, flushing area?
oh yeh, and apprx how much do they cost?

Administrator answers:

Thats henna tattoo..dont know..but i know there’s a lot

Susan asks…

how can one search?

I want to find out if the Capital One Bank Branch in Rego Park, Queens (New York) will be closing but I dont want to call up Capital One. How do I find out on the Internet. Every time I search I cannot find the info I want

Administrator answers:

Google maps

William asks…

People who live in Queens- Question about the E train?

How is your commute using the E train to travel back and forth to the city? I’m particularly interested in you live between Elmhurst, Rego Park, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, or Briarwood?

Is this a decent train? Is it slow? Does it run frequently? How is the E train service on the weekend?

Bonus Question: How is subway travel in these parts of Queens compared to the Bronx?

People always tell me that commuting in Queens is really bad. Is this true (esp. if you are near a train)?


Administrator answers:

E train is not bad. It does run frequently and its express into Manhattan.

E train service on weekends tend to be slower as with every train line. Queens has many lines and the F, V train run on the same tracks towards Manhattan so it can be slow at times, but they run frequently during the week and rush hours.

Commuting in Queens isn’t that bad. I’ve taken these trains all of my life before moving to Manhattan. Trust me, its not so bad. Just know that these trains run on a schedule, so once you figure out that schedule, you’ll be aight.

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