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January 30, 2013

James asks…

looking for a house to rent for one night in the dc maryland virginia area?

im 17 and i would like to host a house party. my house is to way to small are there any houses that i could rent out for one night without the expensiveness

Administrator answers:

No one with any sense is going to allow you to rent their home to throw a party, especially since you are not even an adult.

There is too much risk of damage and theft , or of the homeowner being sued if someone was injured

Michael asks…

Does anybody know a house that I can rent for a night to throw a bachelorette party?

I am looking for a house to rent for a night. My friends and I are throwing a bachelorette party and a hotel is our last option. We need more space to accomodate about 20-25 girls. Plus, we’d hate to get kicked out. Please … if anybody has any answers for me … Let me know. Its for this coming September 13.

Administrator answers:

Rent a large or adjoining suites at a hotel.

Charles asks…

Any house for rent for 1-2 nights only?

We’ve tried looking, but we can’t find any 1-2 nights houses for rent?

My friend and I are planning on throwing a party at the end of the semester because most of us friends are transferring to different universities soon, and we’ve been looking for a vacation or regular house that we can rent for 1-2 nights for the party.

Our budget can go from 500-850 bucks (we can afford 100-500 refundable deposit if applicable).

And we’re looking in the Lakewood and Long Beach area, California. Or anywhere in the LA County.

I looked on Craigslist, and NOTHING!

We’ve been planning and saving up for this party since this summer because we know we’re all going away to different universities next semester. And we seek your help so we can have a wonderful going-away party. Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Here is a LA country rental websites:

Good luck and have a great time!

John asks…

Does anyone know where I can rent a house in the Philadelphia area for one night for a post prom party?

There are going to be about 15 couples and we need a place to rent for one night. We are over 18 so we can legally enter into a contract. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Sharon asks…

where can i rent a beach house for one night on long island?

it cannot be in the hamptons, long beach, or fire island.
we only would like it for one night, as cheap as possible and close to the beach.
thanks :D

Administrator answers:

There are Many online rental’s house web sites.but you should choose best and cheap website who provide best services…


Paul asks…

I want to rent a house in DE for one night?

I’m looking to rent a house for only one night in Delaware. We want it to be located around Bethany Beach. It’d be six of us, we’re all 18 and over. It’s from June 22, 2012- June 23, 2012. It’s really hard to find anything. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:


Daniel asks…

How much would it cost to rent a were house for the night to throw a party, Please help thank you :) ?

Administrator answers:

You don’t want a were house since it would only be a were house during the full moon; at other times it would just be a regular house, probably too small for your party.

Oh, wait, did you mean WAREhouse? In that case you probably need to call a commercial realtor (in other words, someone who sells and rents properties to businesses).

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