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Your Questions About Rent A House In Las Vegas

July 27, 2013

Robert asks…

I live in Las Vegas and rent a house which is in forclosure now> Do I have to still pay rent?

Administrator answers:

Legally yes.

The risk of course is that you pay for June and get told by the new owners to get out by the 15th.

I’d tell the landlord that I’d pay by the week.

Steven asks…

I am overseas and want to rent my house in Las Vegas, NV but my husband is inside and is making my life hell?

We are legally married and I found out he is living with a guy inside besides using utilities, my car, all! I want to send my sister there with a power of attorney to rent it. The utilities are in bouth names myne and his name. Can she call police and with the power of attorney, get my car back, take out all my belonings, and rent the place out. The house was bought by me, before I got married to this freeloader from Michigan (Er nic Cash DeBord) and we have a prenuptial agreemente mine is mine, his is his. Please help were I can found my rights, a phone I can call from`4 overseas or better right to them and a free power of attorney sample. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I guess the first question would be is that if you feel that way about your husband then why are you still married? But with your sister as power of attorney she still needs to start eviction process through the city. That’s the legal way to do it it’s very hard to get someone to just leave. But if you have concerns your sister might want to get your personal belongings that are left. Next day air the keys to your car so she can get it without having to try to get them from him. After your things are gone let her inform him he needs to be gone because the eviction process is happening. When it’s time the police will evict him. But do not start eviction until your things are gone because he will get a notice of the process and if he’s that bad he could destroy your things and run off with everything else. Your sister might go to your house scan the situation and mark everything in her mind that you want and then just have guys show up in a truck and put your things in storage it should be safe until you get home.

Ken asks…

Where can I rent a house for about a month in the Las Vegas, Nevada area?

Any good deals on renting a house or a condo in the Las Vegas area? I have one dog also. I will be needing two bedrooms. Any suggestions helpful.

Administrator answers:

Actually Craigslist does have listings but you should look up “sublet/temporary” on their site. These will be fully furnished and usually provide utilities.

Also maybe consider They have a “Name your own price” catagory which I have used before for great deals. I’ve booked one and two star hotels for 20-25 dollars a night (and Priceline is picky so even the one star hotels are nice and not the seedy dirty joints one might expect for such a good price).

I just enter what area I would like to stay in then name a really cheap nightly rate and enter my credit card info. I specify how many days or nights I’d like and Priceline comes back and tells me if anybody took my offer or not. If not then there’s no charge. If my offer is accepted then I receive directions and accomodation info and my rooms are paid in full.

Good luck!

David asks…

What are some good websites to look for houses for rent in Las Vegas, NV?

i am looking for a house to rent but cant find good websites. Plzzzzz help me.

Administrator answers:

Just find the Las Vegas section.

Susan asks…

i am looking for a house for rent in las vegas nevada zip code 89108?

Administrator answers:

Look up Clark County Rentals they have a website of the same name. lists rentals by zip

Carol asks…

Is right now a good time to negotiate rent in you’re renting a house in Las Vegas, NV?

I am looking to lease a newer house in Las Vegas for one year. It was advertised at $1200 and I offered $1100 (I am expecting a counter-offer around $1150 or so, which I would take). When I was finding tenants for my house, they negotiated (in Phoenix, AZ), but for some reason, I feel weird asking for less than what is advertised. What do you guys think?

Administrator answers:

Ask, all they can do is say no.

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