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Your Questions About Rent A House In Las Vegas

August 28, 2012

Ken asks…

House rent Las Vegas?

Any tips on how / what sites, to rent a Villa in Las Vegas?

We are 10 ppl. looking to rent a nice villa w/pool for a week, max price 6000 USD

Any tips?

Administrator answers:

I would try craigs list, rental section.
Or contact one of the major realtors, Remax for example.
Do a google search and then contact an agent to execute your request

Mark asks…

How much does it cost to rent a house in Las Vegas?

I want to rent something like a 3 bed/2 bath home in Vegas, in the nicer parts of town (like not in the north where there’s a lot of crime and poverty). Any idea how much the rent would be? I don’t want an apartment, but a detached family home. Thanks for any info!

Administrator answers:

You will probably not find anything that meets your standards below $1000 per month. I would say $1200 is a good estimate for a nice home in a nice area. You can go on and do a search to see what houses are renting for and many of the postings have lots of pictures of the home. Zip codes I would recommend are 89117, 89147, 89148, 89144 (this one will be the most expensive). 89146 is a safe area, but the homes are older. 89128 and 89129 also have nice homes, but may be a little too far NW for you. 89117 is probably the best zip code overall.

Betty asks…

Where would I go to find a house to rent in Las Vegas for a week?

I really just need it for the week-end of July 7th-9th, but would be willing to pay for an entire week. The house would need at least 3 bedrooms, and preferably 4 or 5….

Administrator answers:

Go to .. They have people who offer their home as vacation rentals

Paul asks…

I’m trying to rent a house out in las vegas. What is the best way month to month or lease?

And also how does it work with taxes someone told me if I rent my property out it is best to buy another property to live in and not to go rent one. Is that true??

Administrator answers:

Having a longer term tenant is a good thing; everytime a tenant vacates the property there is rent lost during the “clean up & showing” time. Getting a years lease means they will be up again in the summer, that’s good because a lot of people are moving around in the summer- less so closer to the holidays.
Obviously it will be better for your taxes to have more deductions of mortgage interest and property taxes for the house you will be living in. Without it, you may not be able to even file long form.
The rental income & deductions will be on a Schedule E.

James asks…

I’m in Michigan and applying to rent a house in Las Vegas…?

I am doing the entire application process from Michigan and faxing everything. Is there anything I need to becareful about? I have heard of scams. The renters have a website and they look legit..
no im not dealing with the owner
i pulled my own credit so they could look at it..

Administrator answers:

Do the renters own the property? If so, they probably aren’t trying to scam you. Check with the local tax office in Las Vegas, just give them the address and they will let you know who the legal owner of the property is.

Helen asks…

How much is a house in rent in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Hollywood or other beatiful country in California?

I would know how much is an apartmente o a little villa in a beatiful country of California. In particular Hollywood o Los Angeles o Las Vegas. And how much is a house in near country less big or important?

Administrator answers:

Um, Las Vegas isn’t in California and Los Angeles is a far cry from beautiful country, but depending on size, location, quality, etc. It will run you anywhere from $500 to tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Linda asks…

I’m going to need a house or condo to rent in Las Vegas next summer for 2 months. What’s my best way of this?

Next summer, I want to rent a house or condo in Las Vegas for 2 months. Whats my best way of going about this?
I am going to be going to Las Vegas and needing to rent a 3br house, condo, or apartment for June and July. What is my best way of doing this? Most places don’t want to rent for just a month or two, so is there a website I can look at or anything of the sort?

Also, I will need to rent a car. Does anyone know about any deals or companies that rent long-term for a lot cheaper? Thanks a lot!

p.s. If you don’t know anything about this, its fine, but if you do, in general, how much would 3-4 days a week of daycare or summer camp cost per week for a 4 year old?

Thanks a lot!

Administrator answers:

There are a couple of websites you can try:, and Most of your discount travel sites will locate deals on rental cars too. Most will give you a lower rate if you rent by the week and by the month.

Donna asks…

Does anyone know of a good website on how to rent out a house in Las Vegas, NV? Need efficient info!!!?

I am thinking of renting out my house and I have no clue where to begin and I can’t find anything online that is really helpful.

Administrator answers:

Give the source that I have listed a once over.

But, honestly, if you have no idea where to begin, maybe you should start by talking with a Property Manager. This is what property managers do. Some renters are VERY savvy and will take advantage of you if they sense that you don’t know what you’re doing. A property manager’s job is to look out for your best financial interest with regards to your rental property.

They can help, for a price. I’ve seen property managers who’ll work for 6% and some who ask 12%. It’s best to shop around.

Good luck. I think renting is the way to go. Really, is there a more secure investment than real estate (especially if it’s paid off)?

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