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August 12, 2013

Betty asks…

How much does it cost to rent a houseboat on Lake Havasu?

We are a family of 3 and are looking for anywhere from a couple days to a week.

Administrator answers:

It depends on when you go, they really increase the rates in the summer. The link below has a rate chart and shows you pics of their boats. They are pretty big for 3 people though. We rented with family friends and had a good time and also divided the costs.

Robert asks…

How old do you have to be to rent a houseboat in Nevada?

i heard it was 25 OR 18 and have a boating license.

Administrator answers:

No law governing this. It’s completely up to the rental company. You really need to contact them. Others are correct about credit card and license.

Donald asks…

how much would it usually cost to rent a houseboat in amsterdam for 9 days?

someone told me that this is a great idea instead of a hotel so i am looking for more info thanks!!!
and also if any knows how to arrange that with someone who is renting that would be cool!!
thanks from canada bc. vancouver island sidney!!

Administrator answers:

Http:// has a few, has a few more. It’s hardly more expensive than a hotel

Paul asks…

Where to rent a houseboat in Illinois?

Thought it would be fun for some buddies and I to rent a houseboat this summer. Are there any good lakes in IL or surrounding states where there’s a good fun lake to do it on. If you know any links with places and prices list that too. THanks

Administrator answers:

The Chain O’ Lakes is a popular boating area in the far NW suburbs. It is actually a chain of lakes connected to the Fox River. Below is a map of the area and a site with several places for boat rentals:

Susan asks…

Rent a houseboat on the ocean?

I want to rent a houseboat on the ocean for 1-3 months. It doesn’t need to be big or luxurious. Anyone know how to go about renting one on the ocean and how much it will cost?

Administrator answers:

Houseboats are for use on rivers, lakes, and harbours. They are not ocean-going craft, too dangerous. So, you might need to be more specific about where you want to take the boat, that way people can determine exactly what type of craft you require.

James asks…

Is there a lake in Oregon where a group of people could rent a houseboat for a week?

Went to Lake Shasta last year and had a great time, now we want the Pacific Northwest area. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Sure is.

Nancy asks…

Where are there houseboat communities? I want to rent a houseboat to live on, but it’s tough to find info on.?

Interested in houseboat communities in the U.S. and also abroad.

Administrator answers:

Around Portland Oregon/Vancouver Washington area there are a bunch of them.

Sandy asks…

Anyone have a great , special place they know of where you can rent a houseboat for a on the water vacation.?

hints, pitfalls, suggestions, especially around South Carolina.

Administrator answers:

A great place to rent a House boat by the day or week.
Is at Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma.
At the Lake go to Porum Landing; East on Hwy 9
They have the Modern stream line large house boats
set up for party time. Call and reserve your house boat.
I think they stay booked this time of the year.Lots of
parties going on. These are great boats.
Lake Eufaula is located in the South eastern part of the
state not far from Arkansas. Gods country.

Chris asks…

rent a houseboat on a lake?

I would like to rent a houseboat on a lake for 1 or 2 months, preferably in the southeast but doesn’t have to be. How much will this cost? anyone have experience in the area?

Administrator answers:

Try looking at providers on the Norfolk Broads. Here is a good link – I’ve known these for years and used to moor my boat there. It is spectacularly beautiful – Hickling Broad. It is the largest of all the navigable broads, up at the headwaters of navigation on the river Thurne, yet close to the Norfolk coast. Their prices will be based on weekly periods and may well be booked up, but worth giving them a call to see if they can arrange a longer let for you.

Good luck.

(Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see some of the houseboats).



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