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Your Questions About Rent Studio Apartment London

September 10, 2012

Sharon asks…

We are two boys and in august we are going to London.?

What can you advise me for working and renting an apartment?
What is the cheapest way to rent a studio with two beds in london?
What is the easiest way to find every kind of job in london?

Administrator answers:

The best place to look for rooms or studios to rent in London is on…they also advertise lots of jobs there too. If you want a cheap room you will probably be looking in Zone 3…Acton is somewhere I have lived an its really cheap and also has good transport into the city and airports, so i really liked it there. Theres also lots of pubs in the area too!

Some companies offer placements at pubs where you can both live and work..this could be something to look into.

There are loads of rooms and jobs in London so you will have no trouble finding either!

Charles asks…

How much is it to rent in the UK?

When I am 18 years old I would like to leave my home and rent an apartment or someone’s spare room. I would like to rent a 1 bedroom apartment, nothing expensive or cheap but something not too small or big, clean and to make sure everything is working like the boiler and tap and to not have any damp. I was wondering how much is it to rent a 1 bedroom apartment, flat or studio or something in England, I live in London, where are suitable places to rent and live that has bus stops, tubes, shops, etc near by. Would I be allowed to at my age or is it better if I rent someone’s spare room or something. How much would that cost?

The reason I would want to leave home is because I have a huge family, there’s no room or space and I feel claustrophobic, I am very independent and I would like to be on my own and I have been thinking of and sort of dreaming to leave home since I was 11, I don’t get along with my parents as well and they don’t give me freedom. I know it will be difficult being on my own but I can do it.

Administrator answers:

Not too bright are you?

Susan asks…

To any UK people here, could you help me with the current prices of things in the UK????

I live in the US, and am wanting to compare the prices here to those in the UK.

I am wanting prices not for really expensive places like London , but just average town prices.

Please, could you tell me the price you would expect to pay for the following items ?????

Small Studio apartment with utilities (rent for one month)?

Modest groceries for one person (for one week)?

cheap bottle of red wine ( 1.5 litre) ??

pint at a average pub (Guiness for example)???

pack of cigarettes ????

petrol per litre???

anything else basic you think you would need to buy to live on to exist?

(clothes for example)

Administrator answers:

£400 a month is average for a studio apartment per month,Groceries about £30 as for the wine well it is mainly sold in 750ml bottles but you can get a cheap white in a 1.5 litre bottles for about £2.50 but red for a standard bottle is about £3,Guiness is about £2-£2.50 a pint,Cigarettes vary from about £4.25 to about £5.40 a packet and uk petrol price’s again varies from 96p to about £1,08 per litre,Jeans unbranded between £5 to £15 shirts cheap ones £5 shoes cheap one £10..gas and electricity will cost about £70 a month..council tax depending on value of property and this has to be paid if you are renting or buying varies big time from one place to another but you would pay about £180-£200 a month for a cheap property..local bus fares £3 or an all day ticket ,,Milk is about £1.05 for 2 litres bread is about 90p oh and dont for the tv licence at a whopping £135.50 a year for a colour licence..this has to be paid even if you dont have a tv and just have a pc..if you have any equipment capable of recieving a picture then you must pay..a uk sailor on a submarine had to pay a tv licence because he had a tv on the submarine..he was unable to get a reception but because his tv was capable of getting a picture then he had to pay..This is rip off Britain

Carol asks…

Does anyone know of any Landlords or estate agents that will allow a 17 year old to rent a place?

Hey, I live in London and home life has become gradually worse over the years to the point where I feel forced to move out. I am a very mature 17 year old, so I have been told, but I doubt this has much affect on the leasing of houses lol

I am looking to rent a studio flat or a 1 bedroom apartment for under 150 a week. I have found a couple in the kilburn area, though that would not be my desired place to live. ATM I live in East London. The prices have ranged between 115 for a one bedroom apartment a week in kilburn area to 190 for a studio flat in brick lane (which looks beautiful lol).

I am thinking on working evenings/nights and weekends as I am still at college. I have done my research and know that it is legal to leave home with your parents permission at the age of 16 -18, that I need to get round too!

Does anyone know anywhere or anyone that would accept me as a 17 year old?

Administrator answers:

The first answer says that contracts with under 18s are not enforceable. This is not strictly true, and is not the problem here anyway.

Under English law someone aged under 18 cannot own a legal estate in land. And any form of tenancy or lease is a form of legal estate in land. Therefore you cannot be a tenant in your own name, regardless of the general enforceability of contracts.

The only way around this is for the tenancy to be in someone else’s name, which is not likely to be acceptable to many landlords.

Linda asks…

Cost of Rent in foreign countries?

A friend of mine wants to know about the cost of living in London and Paris. She’s interested in decent studio/one bedroom apartments. I appreciate any help you offer.

Administrator answers:

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Donald asks…

Living on a boat?

Hey, I’m 19 years old and I’m planning to move to london soon.
I though about buying a small boat park it in the marina and live there instand of rent a small ugly studio apartment in soho and pay 600Pound (1200$) a month.
Anybody here lives on a boat?
In london climate it will be okay living on a boat?
How much a small sail boat with a room I can live in and a small mini-bar should cost? How much the electricity, the water bill, and the rent should cost monthly?
Rain won’t get in ?
Is that strange to bring women to the boat you live in ? ^^
Do I need boat license or something?
Another importent question: there is a big chance some one will breakin to the boat? or the door is strong like an apartment door.

Administrator answers:

…600Pound (1200$) a month.

At the current rate of exchange – a bit Pricey…

Anybody here lives on a boat?

I have lived aboard off and on the last 15 years… Great at times. But a Boat is Real Work. Sometimes more than a house. In a marina you have to consider your dockmates too. Some docks are “Parties” and some are not.

Check out the Yahoo Group, Canals-List. It is a group of Brits all over the UK. They may be better at some of your questions. There is also a European canal listed group. While your search the Groups look at liveaboards. There are several listed.

Also seach for “narrow boat” on You can select the UK and see the price of boats with pictures in London or all over the UK. They will list the broker and location with phone numbers and email. Also check out the Princess mentioned. It is a very good boat. There are some fine steel boats in Europe too.

Also seach for cruising guides. They will list marinas and tell you about the area. Some of the major UK ones from the British Gov’t Printing Office are on the net in PDF format. Sorry but I can not find my bookmark for them.

Rain … A properly caulked boat is very dry. But leaks do happen. A boat flexs and joins do open up

Is that strange to bring women….
A boat will give you a “handle” on how All your friends operate and how flexable they are. Some do better, others not so well…. It is a “thrill” for some and a bit too small for others.

I personally enjoy the “boat community” better than the land, but I keep my foot in both.

Fair Winds, Big Blocks, and learn the Weather

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