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October 4, 2012

William asks…

Is a job offer of 45000 pounds a year too low?

Is a job offer of 45000 pounds a year too low?
Is a job offer of 45000 pounds a year too low?
A job offer of 45000 pounds a year(thats 3750 pounds per month) too low for a city like London? When you add in monthly rent of an apartment, living expenses etc? This is for a person fresh out of college with a degree in economics. The job is of a financial analyst.
I’m not from the UK so I don’t know the cost of living there…is this wage average or low FOR London? What are the rents like in London for a studio style/ 1 bedroom apartment?
Just got the offer today…haven’t done research yet! No time till now!

Administrator answers:

This is a good starting pay – 45k is more than enough in london and is way above average. Average wage is somthing like 28k

starting rent can be anywhere from 90-300 pound per fortnight. It depends if you are getting a room, a flat, or sharing with someone

my living costs were 280 per fortnight for one room in a house, on a 30k wage, and that was more than enough

do your research is my advice

Betty asks…

Advice for first time renting?

I am starting Uni in London this September and me and my boyfriend want to rent a studio/semi-studio/1 Bed apartment for the first time.
I know I won’t have to pay council tax because I will be a full time student but will he even if we split paying the rent? He will be paying by a job.
What advice do you have for a couple who don’t want a houseshare/flatshare to rent but can only manage about £500 a month rent?

Administrator answers:

He will still have pay council tax, but as he is classed as the only person living there (because you are exempt) he’ll get a 25% discount.

Living in London you won’t find anywhere half decent for two people on £500 a month – the only things you’ll be able to get are tiny little bedsits or flatshares,

Richard asks…

need advice from aussies living in london…what areas should I look to live in?

Im an aussie greek moving to london next week and am struggling trying to work out where i should look to find an apartment. M y work will be in reading, and I want to live close to the city to enjoy london. Also, I am trying to find some temporary accomodation and want to avoid being gauged by hotels at this period (Xmas etc)…

Can anyone already living in london please give some advice on areas to live in london?

Also Can anyone provide some good advice on possible ways to get temporary accomodation eg house-sit, share etc for up to 1-3 months?

What is the average monthly rent I should be looking to pay for a large studio or 1 bedroom flat?


Administrator answers:

There is a site for flatmates on line

Depending where you want to live in the London Reading area expect to pay at least £80 a week for the rent of just a room plus more to cover shared expenses such as utilities and what ever else is needed. If it is less than that be suspicious about the sort of place you will be staying in.

You have decided to be in the most expensive areas of the country, probably in the world for that matter 00

Helen asks…

i want to move to Los Angeles from England to live!?

hello, i am 15 years old and currently live just outside London. I have been planning for a very long time to move out to Los Angeles to live when i leave school (which is 16 years old, or i would gladly wait until i’m 18 if I have to). I do not plan on going to college/university in England or over in L.A, I just want to go out there to work and earn money to rent an apartment as I am an aspiring writer/director… (yes, how cynical, dumb, i will never achieve anything and need to get a grip of life. I have been told what a lot of you are going to say). I am saving up at the moment. I don’t plan on going out there on my own, i will have at least one or two of my closest friends with me as roomies (they have also been planning this life with me for a year or so). I only have one contact our there who works for Fox studios who lived in England and moved out to L.A (although i still have yet to meet her and properly discuss what i’m going to do). I would love to her anyones thoughts and for someone to tell me what i need to do and what the best choices are. I was looking at places such as West Hollywood, Manhattan Beach, Long Beach etc. I have been looking up about work visas and how you have to be sponsored and it’s very hard, and how you should visit before you move there. Like i said i do not plan on college or university! I want to get into film studios and work in them if possible. I may come across as your typical Hollywood wannabe or as someone who has no idea what they are doing and needs to get grip. I don’t really want a visitors visa where you go for 3 months or whatever, however i do understand why people say you should visit before you move out there. I want to live out there and i do not plan on coming back to England ever, or for a very long time. I need some advice on work visas, how to get around L.A, how to get started etc. like I said i just want to get a job so i can pay for my rent, which i have heard is pretty expensive. After all this being said you re most likely thinking “wow, this kid has no idea”, I am fully aware of the world today and how most things work in todays tough world. It would be very appreciated if someone could help me out (or if anyone knows any contacts in L.A that would be great, i would gladly give you my e-mail address). I am not just an average teenager with some silly dream, even if it comes across that way. Like i said I want to LIVE out there and do not plan on moving to any other country (unless i had to for various reasons) for AT LEAST 5 or 10 years, even 15 years if that’s how long it takes to get a career as a filmmaker started. So please could someone help/guide me, thank you.

Administrator answers:

I must admit you do seem very articulate for someone your age and I admire your spirit and determination.
The trouble is with countries like USA you can only get a visa if you have skill that is in high demand and that you are better than anyone at that trade.No company is going to pay from you to come over from England if they can get an equally qualified American.If you were a school Teacher,Doctor or a Nurse things may be easier.
Its good that you realise that you will need to be good at the profession and are not trying to go in your teens.Maybe if you work hard and become a famous filmmaker you might just get there,so good luck.

I will say that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side,I have spent a lot of time in LA and it isn’t always like they show in films and television.
However if are serious then I hope you make it .

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