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Your Questions About Section 8 Application

August 27, 2012

Chris asks…

can i fill out a free section 8 application online?

i live in nyc and im looking to get section 8 for an apartment

Administrator answers:

NO!!! You have to go to one of the New York City Housing Authorities in the area. Goggle them to find where they are located.

Donald asks…

can I fill out a section 8 application online?

can I fill out a section 8 application online

Administrator answers:

You can’t. You have to sign the application and submit all of the necessary paperwork and identification. If you are disabled and home bound your social worker will come to you, but you have to meet in person.

George asks…

Can anyone tell me the Do’s and Don’ts on the section 8 application and interview?

What don’t they need to know about you; On the section 8 interview. If I am serparted from my husband will that affect me getting it? I really need to know what to do or aspect.
For those who don’t know:
Section 8 is for a housing voucher program. (for anyone)

Administrator answers:

You don’t have to disclose your marriage status during an interview. Even if the interviewer requests your marriage status, you still can decline to disclose it.

Since the section 8 program is designed to help people with difficulties to purchasing home/paying off rent, it’s unlikely you will have trouble getting it because you are serparated.

If you try to give extra information it might misled the interviewer, therefore, only answer the questions asked. If the application doesn’t seem to be going well, inform them about the situation (That you are serparated from your partner)

Lizzie asks…

how do i find out the status of my section 8 application?

i applied for section 8 back in February of 2010 i have not heard anything about my application

Administrator answers:

Thanks to Jack Bauer, I checked your status, you’ve been denied.

Ken asks…

how i can check my la section 8 application status?

housin authority of los angeles section 8 program

Administrator answers:

For online questions about your section 8 application, use this link:

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