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Your Questions About Section 8 Application

May 27, 2012

Betty asks…

What is the process for section 8 application in new jersey?

I’m need assistnace in applying for section 8. This is for a senior citizen. He is currently receiving social secuirty benefits (peanuts). He has gone to Social Services and they told him he is elligible for assistance but he needs to attain an apartment first. WHICH of course, he can’t do without the assistnace. It’s a No Win situation and I want to help him. Please help me – where do I get started?

Administrator answers:

Call community affairs division of housing.
They will assist with security and first month rent.
As long as your 65 and older you should be eligible i am not sure what state your in but if you in NJ the tel#609-292-4080.

Thomas asks…

Where can you get a section 8 application forms?

a co-woker of mine is trying to get section 8 but don’t know where to look for the app so i told her i would try to look online but i cant find the form to print it out.

Administrator answers:

In most areas, applications for Sec 8 assistance are not available online, There are income requirements, as well as a host of other criteria which must be met to qualify for Sec 8 assistance.

You do not indicate in what area your friend is located, but DO be aware that most larger metro areas have lengthy waiting lists for applicants for Sec 8 assistance. Contrary to popular view, Sec 8 funds are not unlimited, and there are waiting lists in many areas. Some extend as far as five years.

James asks…

Question about Project Based Section 8 Application Denial for work?

I am a leasing agent and I denied someone’s rental application for drug related criminal activity. They appealed the denial and brought proof of drug treatment counseling. Do I have to overturn that denial?

Administrator answers:

As long as they were convicted of the crime and your property has a no felony policy then no. They cannot claim their drug problem as a disability if that is what you are asking. You can deny them housing based on past criminal conviction. Criminal histroy is not a protected class.

Sandra asks…

What doe’s inactive mean for a section 8 application?

I checked the status of my housing application and yesterday it was saying pending, but today it say’s inactive.Can someone please help me understand

Administrator answers:

Sounds like its no more pending because they made some kind of decision.

Doesn’t necessarily always mean denied.

Call them and find out.

Sharon asks…

What website do i go to fill out an application for section 8?

I would like to fill out an application to apply for section 8 housing assistants.

Administrator answers:

You can call the housing authority for the county you live in and they should be able to give you info on section 8 in your area.In Illinois they handle applications and vouchers.

Joseph asks…

how can i get a section 8 application for the state of florida?

Administrator answers:

Do something completely insane.

Donna asks…

How can I find out the status of my section 8 application?

Administrator answers:

Call them up. They should be able to give you an update.

Paul asks…

After i have submitted my section 8 application will they send a letter saying they received it?

Administrator answers:

it is possibly!

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