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Your Questions About Section 8 Houses For Rent

February 13, 2013

Maria asks…

section 8 houses for rent in macon georgia?

Administrator answers:

First you and your family personally have to get approved for Section 8 contact Ga Dept of Community Affairs

They can tell you when to call for an application in your county. They can give you info about Section 8 housing too.

Daniel asks…

how d I find a house for rent through section 8 housing authority?

I want a house in Illinois, somewhere in the south suburbs. 3 bedrooms and fenced in yard.

Administrator answers:

Start searching for what you want in your price range,then call the landlord and ask if they accept section 8.The section 8 office should also have listings there of potential landlords for you to call.Good luck

Laura asks…

I am thinking of buying houses to rent out for section 8?

I would like to hear from anyone that owns properties that they rent out to section 8. How long does it take to find a tenant, do they destroy your property? Is this a good investment. Any advice that can be given will be greatly appreciated. Am I able to get mortgages on the properties.

Administrator answers:

These will be investment properties and treated as such by the bank – meaning credit requirements will be higher than if you were living in one of the rental units.

I have not rented to section 8 but have a friend who has. He says they are ok, however they do require the property be up to standards so expect to spend some dollars on repairs and upgrades if they are older or in poor shape.

Richard asks…

On section 8 housing, rent increased?

So we moved into a two bedroom, and then received section 8 housing while i look for work… We were here for months before housing kicked in, and you have to renew the lease when housing begins. our original lease was voided and we were told our rent would not change, so we stayed here instead of moving (because with housing you can break an old lease) we were told nothing about increase on rent… not even when we signed our new lease… they didnt give us a copy, so we didnt know. The managers said at first, that everyone in two bedrooms rent raised. i found out this is not true…. then they said housing said the original price was too low… but housing says it was the apartments that did it… WHAT is going ON????? we went after arguing with them to see the new lease again and it states the new amount in tiny letters, that i swear WAS NOT there before. they sent a copy to housing. HELP????? our new lease has been going on for two months and i am just NOW hearing about this. We wont be on housing forever, and this place sucks… so you can see my dilemma… if we knew we could have moved to a much better place for the price

Administrator answers:

You should have asked for a copy when you signed the lease. You can move at the end of the lease.

Steven asks…

looking for a great web site to look for a nice section 8 house to rent in columbus ohio?

Need a house to rent with asection 8 voucher.Which is for 720.00 and its a 2 bedroom voucher.and i live in the columbus ohio area.looking to move at the end of july when my lease is up and its up on 7/31/2007 so more like move on 8/1/2007.

Administrator answers:

Try the website for HUD. Maybe

Ruth asks…

How do you rent HUD housing section 8?

I have a house and I would like to rent it though section 8. What do I need to do? How would I attain the paper work to qualify? Do you have telephone number for that government agency?

Administrator answers:

They will not even inspect until you have a potential tenant with a voucher.

Call the housing authority first to find out how much rent you are allowed to charge, you may not be able to afford to go section 8, they only allow low rent.

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