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Your Questions About Section 8 Houses For Rent

June 12, 2013

George asks…

can my neighbor rent to section 8 housing?

we have a quiet neighborhood where after the bubble burst we had several foreclosures which in turn turned into rental properties. after the first set of tenants moved out of my neighbors house he now intends to rent his 3 bedroom home to two adult women and 4 daughters, who are appying for section 8 assistance. can my neighbor “zone” his property as section 8 housing, and will this significantly depreciate my and my neighbors’ property values?

Administrator answers:

Section 8 is not a zoning,. Any residence can be used for section 8.

Appraisers will not know about the section 8, so value is not altered.

The only difference is you are going to have neighbors that live in a neighborhood they are unwilling to pay for themselves. YOU via your federal income tax are paying their rent.

Charles asks…

Can I list my house for rent under section 8 if I behind in my mortgage?

I have a house in Florida where I want to enroll into section 8 so people who need a home can rent it under the section 8 however I have missed a few mortgage payments already. I want to know will section 8 approve my house to be listed even if I have been missed some mortgage payments?

Administrator answers:

They won’t, you HAVE to assure a 12 month lease, and you will be foreclosed before then.

Helen asks…

Looking for houses for rent that except section 8?

looking for a house in Brentwood, Central Islip, Bayshore or any area close to brentwood that excepts section 8.

Administrator answers:

Usually your local social services department will give you a list of places that accept section 8.

Mary asks…

where can i find a website that has houses for rent on section 8 in san antonio,texas?

i’ve already tried and there always the same houses or someone has already rented them

Administrator answers:

Your case worker has a list that is updated monthly, that is your most reliable source.

Joseph asks…

What is the rate for rent using section 8 housing when the income is unemployment benefits?

Administrator answers:

If you do not have a voucher already you will not qualify, you have to work. Otherwise your rent does not change.

Lizzie asks…

What Real Estate web site list list “Section 8″ housing for rent?

How can I specifically search for property owners who accept “Section 8 vouchers?

Administrator answers:

You are going to want to contact a local realator house ( ReMax, Century 21 etc.) in the town you are interested in. They should be able to point you in the right direction. Good Luck.

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