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Your Questions About Section 8 Houses For Rent

July 28, 2012

Susan asks…

How do I find Section 8 houses for rent online? ?

I am helping my sister in law find a house that accepts section 8 in Raleigh, NC. She has 5 daughters & is a single mom. Can anybody help me?

Administrator answers:

Craigslist, add “section 8 ok” to the search.

Ken asks…

What website can i go to to find section 8 houses for rent in the Fremont or Union City area?

i need a house in the fremont or union city areas. need before december if possible please. just need a website or a number of a local home renter.

Administrator answers:

Call your local section 8 office they should have a listing for the cities you are looking for good luck

Ruth asks…

Admas County, Ohio Section 8 Houses For Rent?

At this current time I am interested in a Section 8 approved house for rent. Is there one in Admas County with a place for rent with at least 2 bedrooms or where can I get a list of homes for rent in my area? The Section 8 office isn’t offering any help.

Administrator answers:

Your case worker should be giving you a list. They have the only real list.

If your voucher states 2 bedrooms you can not have 3, you have to go by the voucher.

Steven asks…

section 8 houses for rent?

give me a list of section 8 houses for rent in fulton county

Administrator answers:

You can look it up on the internet by the county and the state. There will be a listing for it.

George asks…

Are there a lot of section 8 houses or apartments availible for rent in miami, fl?

I am planning on transferring my section 8 voucher to florida in the next month and I was just wondering if they had a lot of availible section8 houses or apartments somewhere in the miami area.

Administrator answers:

No there are not.

You may not be accepted by their HA, do not count on it. Unless you are already in the state of FL they tend to deny transfers.

Maria asks…

does anyone know of a website in sacramento for section 8 houses for rent?

Administrator answers:

Your case worker can give you a current list. It might be online, but only valid for a short time, there is no public website for this.

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