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Your Questions About Section 8 Housing

October 28, 2012

Michael asks…

How do I get my rental house to qualify for section 8 housing?

I have a rental house and know someone that has qualified for section 8 housing – what do I need to do so that my house will qualify for these renters?

Administrator answers:

Contact section 8, they will give you a pamphlet and some paperwork to qualify.

George asks…

What will happen if you take over a relatives section 8 housing because of health reasons?

What will happen if you take over a relatives section 8 housing because of health reasons? Now you want to stay and take over the original cost of rent, because they want to take their section 8 certificate to another location.

Administrator answers:

Like I said before….

It does not work like that. If you want to live there, you will have to negotiate renting with the landlord after your relative moves out.

Once the section 8 tenant has left, section 8 has nothing to do with it-unless the landlord plans on renting section 8 again.

Section 8 cannot be transferred from person to person.

YOU must be determined by section 8 based on your financial circumstances. If you need section 8, you must apply on your own, and take the voucher where it is accepted.

If you play with the government, and hide facts about your living status, you may lose section 8 for life and receive criminal punishment. I have seen people loose section 8 permanently by simply being stupid. They will never be eligible to get it again.

Go about things the right way. I told you the last time, but you deleted the question…..

Best of luck to you!

Charles asks…

What is the penalty for not reporting occupant to Section 8 housing?

Someone I know lived alone and received Section 8 housing assistance. Now they let a friend move in for the past few months and the housing for some reason did not pay the last months rent, but hasn’t given a reason. What might be going on here and what is the penalty for not reporting a change in occupancy?

Administrator answers:

Someone lied.

Section 8 will give a reason.

Fraud would mean that the person is no longer eligible to receive housing benefits.

They can force past monies to be repaid (only possible if the cheat has a job).

Lastly, if the landlord knew about the fraud the landlord can face legal problems as well.

Sandra asks…

How does one go about getting section 8 housing in the Chicagoland area?

I am really trying to find out what I need to do to get section 8 housing.

Administrator answers:

Contact the Housing Authority in your area. The wait time is anywhere from 2 to 10 years for section 8 housing in Chicago.

Richard asks…

How can I start investing in Section 8 housing in Houston, TX?

I am thinking about partnering up with a friend of mine and invest in Section 8 housing. What’s the process and how long does it take?

Administrator answers:

Don’t do it. You don’t want the kind of riff raff that uses Section 8 housing in anything you own.

James asks…

Where in the United States is section 8 housing not waitlisted?

I qualify for section 8 housing due to disability/no money. Anywhere in the US I look, it’s full or waitlist is closed.

Administrator answers:

You can only apply where you live, so it does not matter.

All have wait lists. Atlanta does it by lottery each year, there is no traditional list there, you could wait 6 month, you could wait 16 years. You have to live in Atlanta for an entire year before you apply and you have to stay for each yearly draw.

Chris asks…

How to apply for section 8 housing in California?

I was wondering is it possible to apply for section 8 housing before I move to California?I live in Chicago.Can I do it over the internet?

Administrator answers:

No, you can only apply in 2 counties in CA. The one you already live in and the one you work in. Since you are neither you will not be applying.

You have to go into the offices to apply.

Lisa asks…

How does one go by getting section 8 housing in Atlanta, Georgia?

My sister is considering moving to Atlanta from Memphis. She has lived in Memphis her whole life and is the only one in my family not to leave, so she is sort of isolated there. She is a single mother with 4 kids. Currently she is doing everything on her own, even paying $600 rent for a crampy three bedroom. She is not on section 8, however I want her to move to Atlanta and get Section 8 housing. I know that there is plenty, I think?

Administrator answers:

She would need to apply and if approved…get on the waiting list. Currently Atlanta’s waiting list is approx. 4 years long.

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