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Your Questions About Section 8 Housing

June 18, 2013

David asks…

How do I get approved for Section 8 Housing?

I am looking to get more information and an application for the Section 8 Housing in Jackson, MI…Does anyone have any helpful information on it?


Administrator answers:

Go here:

301 Steward Ave. Building C
Jackson, MI 49201
(517) 787-6426

Bring you social security card and birth certificate, as well as for your children. You will also need bank statements, your last 2 pay stubs and your child support order.

Steven asks…

What to expect at housing (section 8) appointment?

Hi I have applied for section 8 housing and received a letter in the mail for an appointment.
What should I expect at this appointment and what kinds of questions do they ask?
Thank You.

Administrator answers:

You will fill out forms are present evidence of your family size, need and your income documents. You will sign permission to them to verify everything and do a criminal back ground check.

Betty asks…

How do I apply for section 8 housing in Martinsburg,West Virginia?

I need some help on how I can go about applying for section 8 housing? how can I get approved for section 8 housing? do they help people faster depending on the situation? do I need to have an eviction notice or something?

Administrator answers:

You apply with the housing authority in your county.

They do move a few people ahead of the line, disabled senior citizens living in a shelter do come up first. Everyone else has to wait their turn. It will take more then 2 years.

They do not need an eviction. They need birth certificates, social security cards and proof of income.

Donna asks…

What happens if you get HUD or Section 8 housing and then earn too much?

Suppose a person is eligible based on income – and is admitted to HUD or Section 8 housing. Then, once they’re in, they start earning too much money. Do they get evicted?

Administrator answers:

You would not get evicted. Your section 8 would be lowered or no longer help you pay your rent. You must report a change in the amount of income your receive within 10 days.

Lisa asks…

How do you go about turning a rental property into section 8 housing.?

I’m looking into buying a couple properties in lower income areas, and i hear they are in areas with section 8 housing. Ive been told, its a good program, So I’m curious about it. Also do you know of where i could go to find some info on the program. Thank You for any help.

Administrator answers:

This is the first I have ever heard it was a good program.

It is government paid housing for the lazy. The problem is the lazy have no regard for your property and will destroy it. And as they will never have anything in life you can’t sue them. Not a great deal for the landlord.

But if you are a gluten for punishment all you have to do is advertise you will accept the voucher and wait for one to show up. Once you have that the housing authority does its first inspection and you are good to go.

The HA will limit the amount you can charge for rent, roughly 80% of fair market rent.

The voucher holders tend to move around a lot, once they screw up one house they move on to the next one, so you will have one for at least a year.

Mary asks…

What are the requirements for section 8 housing for two kids and 1 adult?

I was just wondering what the requirements are to get into section 8 housing.i have a 16 month old and i am pregnant and single i was just wondering any questions feel free to ask.
yes i really am single the father left me over 6 months ago…and thanx for all the info

Administrator answers:

You have to work at least 35 hours a week and you are required to collect child support for both children.

Carol asks…

How can I learn about Section 8 housing and the LIHTC?

I need to learn about Section 8 housing and the LIHTC for my new job. Is there anyone who can help me?

Administrator answers:

Check the government’s Housing and Urban Development site:

Joseph asks…

I applied for Section 8 Housing in Cali and I’m on the waiting list. How do i transfer to a different state?

I applied for Section 8 Housing in Cali and I’m on the waiting list. How do i transfer to a different state?

Administrator answers:

You don’t. You apply again in your new county after you move.

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