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Your Questions About Section 8 Prejudice

October 4, 2012

Daniel asks…

Just bought section 8 prejudice ps3 and online battle is down is this for good does anybody know?

Administrator answers:

PSN Servers were down last night

Susan asks…

Which is better Greg Hastings Paintball 2 or Section 8 Prejudice on ps3?

Im 12 (almost 13 in 2 months) My buddy is 13 we want a FPS that’s not M rated or borderline M rated etc. Battlefield 1 that’s the reason why I want one of the two which should I buy

Administrator answers:

Greg Hastings’ Paintball 2 is insanely fun, and has all the fundamentals of paintball. It can be frustrating, but in real life paintball can be frustrating. Have fun :)

Steven asks…

Are there any other downloadable contents besides the blitz pack for Section 8 Prejudice on the xbox 360?

Also are there any coming out?

Administrator answers:

No but some may come out

Donna asks…

Does Section 8 Prejudice have custom soundtracks for PS3?

Just wondering if you can listen to your own music from the XMB with this game?

Administrator answers:

I don’t think so!

Carol asks…

Should I get Section 8: Prejudice for Xbox 360 or PC?

I thought this game looked pretty cool for $15, and I was wondering if the PC version or the Xbox version would be a better buy. The steam version is 10% off because it’s still in pre-purchase (comes out in May for PC), but I thought that the Xbox version might have a bigger following. Are their any obvious advantages to either version? Opinions please.

Administrator answers:

I bought it a couple of days ago. For 1200ms points, it’s awesome. I got it on Xbox, simply because our PC is being a bit odd recently. No real advantages to each one, as far as I can think.

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