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Your Questions About Section 8 Prejudice Xbox 360

May 30, 2012

Robert asks…

Section 8:Prejudice Vs BulletStorm XBOX 360?

Administrator answers:

BulletStorm looks awesome

Ken asks…

What xbox 360 Arcade game should i buy?

I have 1260 spare microsoft points that i want to spend on a good arcade game, but im not sure if any of the newer ones are really worth the money. I have always enjoyed RPG’s like oblivion, also sci-fi sorta shooters like halo. Ive given Section 8:Prejudice a try but wasn’t that impressed

Administrator answers:

I like Castle Crashers and Shadow Complex, Go on and look up what titles have good reviews.

Laura asks…

What xbox 360 theme should i get?

the section 8 Prejudice theme

the halo reach noble team theme

both the same price, what should i get?

Administrator answers:

Halo man, peace :)

Donald asks…

My xbox 360 arcade game freezes in te main menu. why?

i bought section 8 prejudice a few months back and it started to freeze on me so i just gave up on it. recently i tried to play it again and the problem still exist, even after i cleared my cache and checked for any corrupted files. this is the only game it happens on.while trying tofix it i noticed that it worked on an alt. acc. i had with no problems but when i changed back to mine it started to freeze again.

Administrator answers:

Slap it and try again.

Sharon asks…

What game should I buy for xbox 360?

Section 8: prejudice
Sonic generations

Administrator answers:

It depends on your preference. For a shooter get section 8. For a classic all around fun game select sonic.

Richard asks…

Xbox 360 games with survival/horde mode(s)?

I’m looking for games with a survival type mode/endless waves of enemies. I already know about Halo firefight, modern warfare 3 survival mode, gears of war horde mode, left for dead survival mode, section 8 prejudice swarm mode and resident evil mercenaries so please dont list any of those. I am looking for something I havent already played.

Administrator answers:

Resident evil operation raccoon city

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