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Your Questions About Section 8 Voucher

November 24, 2012

Daniel asks…

How do I get a HUD section 8 voucher?

I am already on the list for HUD housing but i would rather get a section 8 voucher. How do I go about doing that and actually get results.

Administrator answers:

You will have to talk to your case worker. The list for section 8 is really long – over a year where i live. Just call your case worker and ask if you can be put on the section 8 list instead of the housing. I wouldnt be surprised if you had to wait until they were taking applications and sign up for the section 8 at the bottom of the list. Isnt the government wonderful?

Betty asks…

Would Section 8 Housing be able to give me a voucher for an extra bedroom if a foster child comes into the fam?

I have a section 8 voucher for a 3 bedroom. I want to know if they’d give me a 4 bedroom voucher if I took in a foster child?

Administrator answers:

They would do that after you have the extra child, not before, and only if that child cannot share a room with your other children. You have to see your case worker to change the voucher.

Lizzie asks…

How and where to apply section 8 voucher?

As I know section 8 apartment need voucher. Where and How to apply?
Section 8 housing for renting apartment

Administrator answers:

You apply with the housing authority in your county, you can apply in two, the county you work in and the county you live in.

Most waiting periods are 2-5 years, but some cities have exceeded 5 years and closed their lists, you can not even apply.

Helen asks…

how realistic is to live in pasedena california with a section 8 voucher?

i have a friend who just had a son and she is ready to move from michigan to pasedena california, she does have family there but she’s never been, so how realistic is it with a limited income of here living somewhere like pasedena? i don’t think she’ll get a decent looking apartment there on a section 8 voucher, i think she needs to be realistic and not move to california cause she can end up in the projects. thanks for the advice in advance. godbless!!

Administrator answers:

Not too many nice places in Los Angeles county on limited income… If she has any prayer of out of the ghetto it would have to be more inland but no matter where you go in Southern California it will still be pricy compared to other places…

Paul asks…

Moving to a new city or state with Section 8 voucher?

How does that work? My understanding is that the value of your Section 8 voucher doesn’t change according to the cost-of-living in your new location – it is set at the old location and doesn’t change?

So that means you can only move to a lower cost-of-living place than the place you got your original Section 8 voucher?

Or what?

Administrator answers:

The new county or city can accept your voucher in two different ways. If they are “absorbing” new vouchers, you deposit it with them and they pay the 2/3 of the rent. If they are not “absorbing” then your old Housing Authority continues to pay the rent in the new location. If thats the case, it will be easier to transfer or “port” to a jurisdiction where the market rents are not higher than your current location. It is up to the two jurisdictions to work that out.

The voucher does not have a value. The rule is you pay 1/3 of your income as rent everywhere.

Maria asks…

how long does it take to do my background check for my section 8 housing choice voucher?

i have an appointment to submit original documentation for my section 8 voucher.They said i will get my voucher after my background check is complete how long will that take if i have really nothing on my background?

Administrator answers:

A background check should only take a few days but dealing with Housing nothing is ever done promptly. They do perform criminal background checks as well as other background checks. You’d be lucky if you got your voucher this week.

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