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Your Questions About Section 8 Voucher

May 26, 2013

Sandy asks…

how can I find an apartment section 8 voucher in nyc?

how can I find an apartment in a decent area if I got granted the section 8 voucher? seems to me that nobody accept this, a lot of prejudice. I am a decent, educated person and haven’t been able to get place yet.

Administrator answers:

You have to make it appealing to a home owner or manager…the difference between a voucher holder and a non-voucher holder is money; if a non-voucher holder loses their job they have no income to pay rent, but if a voucher holder loses their job a owner/manager will still get 60-70% of the rent from Assisted Housing (something is better than nothing) & if you qualify for S-8 and this happens sometime AH will pickup the entire amount depending on the circumstances. The owner will get Free Annual Inspections (depending on area this could cost up several hundred dollars).

Contact your Case Manager I am sure they can give you more suggestions.

Charles asks…

What is a good city to live in, in San Mateo County (California), using a Section 8 voucher?

I am not a hoodlum. I am 26 with a bachelor’s degree. Clean criminal record. I have not been able to find work and am eligible for a Section 8 voucher. I will receive it soon.

I am looking for a nice place in San Mateo County. This is the only place I can use the voucher in. Which city would be nice for someone like me? Perhaps a nice place with close proximity to available jobs.

Administrator answers:

You can use your voucher any apartment that will accept it. There are so many cities in San Mateo county. Get the list from the Housing Authority. Any private landlord who agrees to participate in Sec 8 program can rent to you.


David asks…

What are landlord’s responsibilities regarding section 8 voucher?

Do landlords need to rent/lease a unit to a family that has section 8 voucher? If they don’t, would that be considered discriminatory against that family?
Do landlords need to rent/lease a unit to a family that has section 8 voucher? If they don’t, would that be considered discriminatory against that family?

Dear Lalenia,

What does your answer has to do with my question? Please clarify, I’m confused.
Thank you, WCHS 1970!

Administrator answers:

No, Section 8 recipients are not a protected class. It is completely at the landlord’s discretion whether or not they choose to rent to section 8 recipients, UNLESS, the property was specifically purpose built as a low income only property.

Maria asks…

Can I transfer my section 8 voucher prior to the 12 months requirement due to stalking/domestic violence?

I moved to a rural area due to my ex boyfriend (abuser) and was able to get section 8. I have to live in the county for 12 months. I want to know if I would lose my voucher if I had to move due to him finding me or stalking me again. Or would they understand that it is a life threatening situation and grant an early emergency transfer.

Administrator answers:

No you would lose your voucher.

Robert asks…

How do I apply for a Section 8 voucher in Texas?

I’m in need of affordable housing. However, when I went to a complex that is supposed to be affordable, her idea of cheap was $680 for a 1/1. I can barely manage $630 at 3x the rent!!!

Where can I apply for a Section 8 voucher to make the cost of living cheaper?
That’s fine 6 months to a year you think? I’m expecting but KNOW I’m going to have to get OUT of my situation

Administrator answers:

Go to social services, they can probably give you more info…
But you will more than likely be on a long waiting list…

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